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The Divine Plan Posted: 27 Jan 2014 11:51 AM PST

At the start of last week, January 20th to be specific, we (those in my home) felt a very definite shift energetically.  It was positive, creating a feeling of “all is well”.  Just four days later there was another emotion that seemed to descend on us from somewhere else and it was exhausting, “done”; an “I can’t do this anymore” sort of energy. 

This roller coaster ride brought up wonderings of “What the heck is going on?”  This did not emanate from us, but rather TO us, to create a reaction. This post contains some thoughts on what may be going on.

This time is marked with a strong attempt to oppress.  We sensitive ones may be feeling that in spades.  It stems from the god of this planet – it is not subduing its addictions well and is in fact ramping them up.  Sort of akin to the “final push” before any big race or contest is over.  It is desperate for a “fix” and this extreme show of contrasting emotional energy yields more of the energy it craves. The end of this life means for it the end of what it has based an existence on – hierarchy, dominance, power over, ownership.  These cannot continue on a world of sovereign beings.

Think about an addiction such as alcohol.   Once you decide to stop, everything in your world changes.  Activities, friends and thoughts must be altered to support the process of cessation.  It is not a simple thing, and must be accomplished with thought in order to guarantee success and minimize withdrawal. 

The being posing as god is no different, yet what must be altered is not the life of one person, but an entire world of them.  This planet is constructed within a framework set up to serve this power/worship/ownership addiction.  A world.  Billions of beings, thousands of religions, governments and institutions – all set up to follow its “divine plan”.

This truth which is now becoming evident is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  As each moment there are more of us making the free will choice AWAY from the current system, this poser god feels it.  It cannot do anything but attempt to compel us to return. This is a free will zone.

Surges of energy like the one felt last week are part of that attempt.  These are felt in some fashion by all of us, and will create in many a perceived “need”.  That “need”, will be satisfied by prayer, medicine or some other form of subservient behavior. 

To be clear, any level of ownership is subservient and disempowering for the beings involved.  You can imagine yourself “owned” by a behavior, drug or food source as well.  This is equally disempowering for you alone.  Until you are able to consider the thought that everyone is where they are because of their own free will, you will imagine “need” and “power over”.

There is no dominance inherent in the role of caregiver.  Supplying food, shelter, care, information or protection for adults, children or animals does not necessitate or allow lording over them.  It is an honor to care for any life form, and one to be cherished and appreciated.

You are your brother’s keeper in a very literal sense.  Gentle, firm and loving are necessary components of anyone entrusted with caring for others. 

Understand which emotions feed you.  Those that seem to be coming from someplace else just may be attempts at continued control or subservience.  You are the only one who knows how best to proceed when they show up.

This game isn’t over – there will be challenges still.  As they occur we will need to remain focused on the goal – freedom.  We are looking forward to a world where agape, and not control, is the underlying force motivating all behavior.  With clear vision, this will be the world we’ll create.

We are the Ones we are waiting for.

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