The Crystal Traveling Body

We have been exploring our capacity to visit and exist in parallel worlds. Not much is known about parallel worlds except that science believes that we live in a multi-verse or meta-verse that simultaneously holds billions of worlds that are merely inches away from the world we now perceive. Why does this have value to our Ascension journey? Why are the Avatars strongly training us to be fully present here and yet travel to parallel universes?

In our work, we have been shown how to gather energy from the Dream and from other universes that are close at hand. This energy may be used for your 3D life or in fact is best used for accelerating your Ascension process. Energy gained from these extraneous sources is palpable and powerful. It can be used for healing yourself and others as well as intending unity and harmony in the world around you.8108777483?profile=original

CAD MA, SORE CHI DREY, COLE YA NAY, SRI (Activate crystal sphere around the Heart)

CAD MA, SORE CHI DREY, COLE YA NAY, CHI (Activate crystal sphere around the Chi Center)

CAD MA, SORE CHI DREY, COLE YA NAY, ZA (Activate crystal sphere above the head through the Intensities)

CAD MA, SORE CHI DREY, COLE YA NAY, MA (Activate crystal sphere below the feet through the Densities)

Connect all the spheres with a crystal channel that flows through them and upwards into Avatar Frequencies and 7D and then downwards into the heart of the Mother.

We were given the mantra of protection to assist us in doing our work in an expanded manner without draining our energy bodies or being vulnerable to frequencies that do not serve us. Yet in truth, this mantra has assisted us in building the Crystal Traveling Body, which allows us to store energy that we call in from the Dream, the Avatars, the Mother and the 5D's. It consists of four crystal spheres that surround four major components of the 5D energy body. Two spheres are located in the body at the heart and the Chi center, one is located above the body as protection from the Intensities or the membrane of limiting beliefs and the fourth is located within the Densities which is the accumulation of all suppressed negative human emotions. The latter two allow a free flow of energy from the 7th Dimension and from the Divine Mother without the impedance of these negative influences.

The SRI crystal surrounds the heart area and it is from here that we  broadcast the triple Love vibration (self, others, the Divine) withe the simple mantra of Love Love Love.

The CHI crystal surrounds the lower centers and is a storage for 5D essences (the Plumes) as well as personal power.

The ZA crystal is the uppermost crystal and protects the practitioner from the effects of all the negative programming on the planet, such as limiting beliefs (I am powerless)  and destructive mandates (you will die). It also stores four 5D  frequencies streaming from the AD ZA, the generator of four specific 5D energies: Blessed Holiness, Divine Inspiration, Conscious Evolution and Streaming Love.

The last sphere is the MA crystal, which penetrates through the Densities,  a membrane of negative unexpressed human emotions that may well up without this protection from the collective unconscious. As we open the channels to the Divine Mother, we must release our own shadow emotions. As we go deeper, we often encounter emotions that are not ours and are part of this membrane the Avatars call the Densities. The MA crystal gives us free passage to the Divine Mother and Her beautiful flow of energy.

Once constructed, this becomes the perfect traveling body of protection to go to parallel universes that may not always have the optimum qualities of high spiritual energy. This configuration can be constructed by a group and left in Universes that we may need to work in to harvest energy and to do higher spiritual work.

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Blessings from the Avatars,

Dr. Valerie Girard

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