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Geoff West: University Will Not be Able to Hide the Truth Much Longer





"Geoff West is a graduate of the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, with a Master’s Degree in peace Education (2006).  Acording to him, the university claims to educate for ‘peace’, but his experiences of Geoffrey during that time and since have reflected very little to do with the holistic peace that most are claiming to want in the world at this time.
In light of this, Geoff sent an email to the administration, selected staff, alumni and others connected directly or loosely to the university. I’m tempted to say that there comes a time in everyone’s life where they feel tempted to speak out. But few actually do.
Geoff did and his email to the staff is attached below.
I remember in 2007 sending a letter to every Member of Parliament outlining the conspiracy below 9/11. Kiss goodbye to re-employability in the well-paid federal-government job I’d had before that.  In sending his email, Geoff has undoubtedly faced down the same considerations.
You may agree with Geoff on all particulars; you may not. But one has to admire the courage of his stand. The email follows." - (Steve Beckow)


Namaste and greetings to all,
I suspect that the administration of UPEACE will not be able to go on hiding the truth much longer.  There are numerous sources in the world right now indicating that disclosure of our galactic family will soon take place.  I am  including links to several sources here, including one that says that an event has taken place at the UN where the last-remaining Illuminati holdouts will be given their opportunities to relinquish their power and enslavement of humanity, lest they be held in criminal tribunals.
The energies of love and light are willing to forgive those who have been guilty for so many years and let them quietly live out their lives, so long as they stop their greedy actions and continued enslavement of humanity and our planet.   The UN has allegedly been in some kind of ‘session’, even as recently as 21June.  There are also groups at work now who are on the verge of pulling the curtain down on the dark entities that have been controlling the global economy and enslaving humanity.The University for Peace COULD have been an institution for the future, perhaps even the first galactic educational facility of its kind.  This was part of the vision I had for the institution.   The administration, like many within Illuminati circles, has attempted to hang on to their power and prestige, and maybe even believe that they were thinking and acting for the highest good of humanity and our planet.
Our current legal system is now being proven to be a fraud, and does nothing to contribute to peace and, in fact, prevents it.   There is now a legal precedent set in a UK court that invalidates the monarchy and thus it also invalidates all judges and lawyers under the B.A.R.  ANY country having a B.A.R-affiliated/recognized legal structure, including the US and Costa Rica, is thus invalidated.  Please see the article below for this:
The truth is now becoming known about the ‘Empire of the City’, and how the three sovereign territories of The Vatican, London City and DC have been collaborating to enslave humanity.  Each having its own flag, constitution, laws and tax-free privileges:

The Vatican has been controlling the messages of spirituality, London City controlling the global financial structures, and DC controlling the military structures.   At the very least, the current banking and legal systems are being shown to be criminally fraudulent at best, and all people supporting such structures will be held accountable unless they move forward into agreement with the forces that are soon to replace them.
Humans will no longer live under the influences of these negative structures.  This information is being shared globally, and more and more are awakening to lies, frauds and crimes being perpetrated by leaders and institutions of leadership.   The administration of UPEACE has also been perpetuating these systems, and thus a time will come when the administration WILL be held accountable for what it has contributed knowingly or unknowingly to the enslavement of humanity.
One source, the Galactic Federation, speaking through Sheldon Nidle in his message last week, indicates that agreements are already in place for transitional governments to take their places:
The Federation’s message for this week via Sheldon proves even more enlightening, as he relays info about accountability and about the changes of governments and the introductions of new technologies:
Earlier in the year, business leaders were given an informal presentation by experts on UFO’s and extra-terrestrial life and how to prepare for the near future.  Very shortly after this, an historic meeting was called in Washington when ALL US Ambassadors were recalled, and allegedly though not publicly listed among the topics was the same.  “The meeting was first reported ( 6146.html)  by the Associated Press on January 31, less than a week after the conclusion of the Global Competitiveness Forum (  where world business leaders were given an informal briefing about UFOs (  and extraterrestrial life (  by a panel of experts.”
A message from Suzanne Spooner recently indicates that announcements on disclosure are imminent, and that events are now taking place at the UN to prepare for this:
I would gently advise following Mr. Beckow’s website closely, as it will inform you of much of what is happening at this time.  How to begin preparing either yourself or those around you?
As a graduate. it had been my sincere and honest desire to bring a deeper understanding of what true holistic peace means and why the people of the world have not been allowed to experience it.   My experience, background and research prepared me to offer something unique to the institution.  The choices of the higher administration have indicated their desire to think only for themselves, and not for the Highest Good of all.   A wonderful opportunity to create an institution of ONENESS, holistic peace, and galactic education has more than likely been missed, so long as the current choices of the present administration continue.
Numerous messages and ‘official’ sources are now supporting that disclosure is soon to come.  Whistle-blowers from The Disclosure Project ( and other sources such as Robert Dean who has the highest security clearance in NATO (cosmic clearance) are revealing all they know and have been a part of.  The mainstream media has also been complicit in the cover-up since they are also controlled by the elitists.  There is also an abundance of videos on YouTube now, showing the appearance of ships from our galactic families.  They have indicated in the past that they would be ramping up their appearances, and from what is now on YouTube, this appears to be very clearly the case.
For a small sampling:  More and more countries are now opening their ‘X’ files, and recently the FBI released a document outlining more info about the ‘mother’ of current UFOlogy:  The Roswell Incident.
It is a process that cannot be stopped.  There is a possibility that it may be delayed a little longer, as it has been for some time now, due to criminal free-will choices of the dark energies to create earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, other weather-related storms, as well as radiation scares, pandemic scares, vaccination scares, GMO-foods, flouride in water, chemtrails, and so much more.  All of these are designed to keep people in fear, debt and separation.   All of this is now being exposed.  Mainstream education, including that offered at UPEACE has merely been a tool for the perpetuation of a dying paradigm.  Peace was never possible within that paradigm, at least not the kind of peace that most are claiming to want.
The ‘peace’ that the administration has been claiming to support is a lie that was used to perpetuate continued states of peacelessness and fear, to justify the continued marketing of courses that claim to prepare people for a kind of peace that is impossible within the current (collapsing) paradigm.   The administration has profited from the perpetuation of these lies and thus a time will come when they will be confronted with this.
Leaders all over the world are now beginning to face this grim reality.  The energies of darkness are no longer being permitted to control humanity.   As part of the ONENESS, I do not seek to condemn any of you, lest I also condemn myself.  All I seek is for the truth to be made known, that the higher administration at least resign, to allow a change that can truly prepare people for the world that is rapidly forming.
It was my desire and vision to bring more light, love and galactic awareness into UPEACE, and see it become all that I knew it could become.  I also know however that the administration is fearful of these changes, and thus has sought to keep me and my work separated from the institution officially, despite my repeated requests.  I gently emphasize that this does not make them ‘wrong’.  They had to be this way, in order for everyone to begin awakening to what is really going on.  I am merely one voice (of a growing number) among the students who have begun to realize that UPEACE is not what it has been claimed to be.  This led to my request to have the administration buy back my degree, because they did not deliver a program of peace that I expected when I attended.
Having said this however, in awakening to the duality of humanity’s existence, I was able to learn more what peace is, through the experience of what UPEACE is not, and thus this is why I am remain grateful to the souls of the higher administration for what they have done.  However, the coming future has no place for their kind of ‘peace’.   It cannot and will not survive in the higher vibrations of love and Light that are now sweeping the planet and awakening human consciousness!
As a representative working for the Light and for greater love in the world, I will gently advise the administration that the kinds of policy and academic decisions that perpetuate the old paradigm will no longer be tolerated by awakening people globally.  It would be wise for the administration to consider resigning, and allow new representatives to replace them who understand better what is now happening in the world and who are not seeking to glorify themselves in the perpetuation of a paradigm that is far from peace-oriented.   In fact, it is the exact opposite, under the illusion of ‘peace’.
Such has been the same for ‘democracy’, our global banking and legal systems too.  Those within the circles of the Empire of the City have done a grand job exploiting, controlling and enslaving humanity, but this time is now over.  With the help of courageous souls who have risked their lives, their careers, their reputations, our galactic families are now working in tandem to bring in the information, the knowledge and the technologies that have been kept hidden from the world by those hoarding power and wealth.
Souls around the world are speaking up for peaceful change.  I speak up for those of UPEACE who truly desire to be a part of the coming future, and who recognize the changes now taking place on our planet.  I speak for those who are wanting to speak, but have yet to find their courage.  I speak for a love that is awakening within millions around the world, a love that is fuelling the rebellions, the truth movements, the whistle-blowing, the spiritual movements and most importantly the reunion with members of our galactic families that are lifting all of humanity into a higher vibration of love and Light!
To the administration, I offer my gratitude and love as I recognize the part of you that is me, and the part of me that is you.  I forgive you for not awakening and remembering who you are, to help create a truly magnificent institution for the future.  It would have been my profound honour and vision to have had a chance to contribute to UPEACE so that the university would have been better prepared for the times that are coming.   You have contributed (perhaps unwittingly) to making my work and my message stronger and I thank you for this!
However, I understand that people were fearful in 2006 of what my work represented.  Many are now seeing that all I have talked about is now coming to pass.  Just imagine where UPEACE could have been now – on the forefront of a massive wave of awakening in service to humanity, our planet, and our coming galactic families!  May it all be for the Highest Good of all!

Namaste, peace, love and light to all!  May you all find that space within you that acknowledges all that is no happening, and guide you to your highest service to LIFE at this time!

Geoffrey “Geoff” West, LIFE Counsellor, Lecturer and Writer – A Greenprint For LIFE, Galactic, Global, and Inner Peace/Healing
M.A., Peace Education, UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica
B.A.A., Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
A Greenprint For LIFE — Galactic, global, and inner peace/healing begins with a simple choice ~ a choice made by YOU!!

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  • you are loved, and not alone, we are here to support you! much blessings on your path!
  • Namaste, love and greetings to all of you who have kindly shared some of your valuable time read what I have written:

    I THANK YOU ALL, profoundly, for your kinds words, support and energies!  I would never have guessed that it would be a letter like this that would help open the door for my work at this time! 

    I SEND TO ALL, much love and Light for the BE-ing that you all are contributing to the ONENESS of LIFE, and the message of disclosure that will move us forward at this time! 

    May you all find blessings of love, Light, peace and abundance on all levels at this time!


  • indeed...I can definitely appreciate when things are well said...and this my friends and WELL SAID!

    Kudos Geoffrey


  • WE MUST FORGIVE, and help heal them, but yes, this post should of happened eons ago. TO THE LIBERTY OF INNOCENCE, TO THE END OF SUFFERING AND TO THE EMPOWERING OF LIGHT
  • Magnificent!!!

    Someone needs to make this into a youtube video, for all to see.

    or use whats left of facebook as the last nail in the coffin (=

    The world has enough other problems to deal with,

    Much love, and thank You,


  • i dont have the words for how awesome this is
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