The Awakening Of Thoth

Today was the March 17th, a very special day for Persians, its Charshanbe Soori, a pre-celebration for their New year, March 21st, called Nowrouz. Its a festival marking Spring, in which they shout, "Sorkhiye to az man, Zardiye man azto (Give me your redness and I will give you my paleness)" with which they celebrate by jumping over the flames. This ancient Zoastrian rite was done for a happy New Year, and to cast the previous year's hardship away.This year's celebration, the revolutionaries entered the streets defiantly dancing publicly, burning pictures of their dictator while his guard watched them in some places. The celebrants, the greens, the night before had struck public places where there were walls, spray painting "Death to Kohmeini". The regime was not happy, had been telling people the days before not to practice this rite as it was not Muslim. Persians are Persian by their blood and kinship to each other and their land. Forced conversion cannot undo blood. I know the Persians will get their land back as they are thirsty for freedom.

The day before on Tuesday, in Bangkok Thailand, the red shirts another group of revolutionaries had gathered from all regions in mass flooding the streets. Their quest was the resignation of their Prime Minister and dissolution of the government who they see as a dictator who came to power through a military coup. They had given a twenty-four hour ultimatum, which the government rejected. The situation is complicated is not every Thai like the Persians agree with the protesters. On the 16th hundreds of red shirts donated a pint of blood, for today's symbolic protest. The police let a hundred of the protesters through to the main government's office at about 5 PM to pour all the donated blood along three gates.This group was represented by United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) leaders Nattawut Saikua and Jatuporn Prompan. Nattawat told reporters by cell phone that "We are not simply throwing our blood. We pour our blood on the land sothat motherland knows these are the blood of commoners who did not get justice and fairness." From there they went on to the Democrat's lead party building and protested there as well.

There was a small quake on Tuesday in California, and Fiji was battered with a deadly cyclone, and Chile with more aftershocks. The storms in Northeast United States were violent, and flooding danger had increased in many states. Meanwhile in the land of the free and the home of the brave, unveiled in some courthouses and airports, new body scanners amid privacy protests.

Meanwhile economic disaster predicted for the EU (one of many in days):

In the land of Israel, a Hamas senior leader announced the need for a new "uprising" which sparked the worst
riots in Jerusalem in years. Meanwhile Washington and the Israeli government was trying to overcome the worst rift in years in diplomatic relations.

Amid all this in Egypt, in the southern, ancient temple city of Luxor, a thirteen foot statue of Thoth, the God of Wisdom was unearthed by archaeologists. There was another statue found, but my focus is on Thoth. According to Wiki Thoth was considered the most important God of the Egyptians, the heart, the tongue of Ra the Sun God. The Greeks adopted Thoth as Hermes who was to become the father of Alchemy. The world is in turmoil, the ones that run it have no wisdom and are blind in their power, but there is a force greater than them. Blood may be spilled, people freed in the future, but I see those who are spiritually attuned this time as becoming like gold, as the wisdom of the ancients will emerge, bringing a new age into this dark world. Its not a time to be fearful, but to don the clothes of light and love and celebrate.

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