The Awakening of Humanity. by; Mike j Hughes

As we advance in life ,man begins to gain more clarity and ,and many of them move on to things of a spiritual nature and find peace with themselves and with the creator.Each and every moment of their lives.One of the most beautiful things about the coming World Teacher,in who many know as Maitreya ,the World Teacher for those of all religious backgrounds,and as well as for those of no religion, for he is a teacher of all people everywhere no matter what that may be.Within the depths of the human soul there sits a divine being that is ready blaze forth and to transform our world.When we see more of this sort of phenomena then we will know that Maitreya was the one who is stimulating and galvanizing all of humanity into more sane ways of living good healthy and productive lives..

A time is coming my dear friends, when the whole greater bulk of humanity will see the face of Maitreya on their television,but for the first few moments he will will not say a world ,but will overshadow the entire human race with a love that will turn the hearts of millions all over the world.Maitreya will ,in part ,speak to all humanity in by the employment of a heart to heart telepathic message to all of humanity about the needs for great changes,and the need for right human religions. We just cant have untold millions of people who are starving to death for want of food that sits and rots within the great store houses of the world,not to mention the amount of food that is wasted with each and every day within the confines of the developed nations around the world. One of the most and needed action from humanity is to learn to share the resources of the world which in fact belongs to everyone.There is coming a time when all humanity will enjoy universal health care,education,shelter,and as well as a chance to really be some body and to have a positive impact within the world. As Maitreya overshadows the entire human race without even saying a world is the method he will use to overcome the language barrier so all may have an understanding of the very simple truth that humanity will understand clearly the task of rearranging our world so that a measure of justice may enter the hearts and minds of millions all over the world.

Humanity today have come a very long way in its evolution when it comes to the understanding that we all must work together if we are to have a new civilization constructed by the advanced units of the human race who will be the first to pass through the Gates of Initiation and into a life more abundant .It seems as if some people are so ignorant ,and perhaps retarded that they have no concern for anybody but themselves ,and who see no unity with their own species. The facts are very clear now as they hide in plain view for everybody to learn a simple law of survival.The facts are so really clear and are so simple indeed.It only requires seeing the great divine being within us all ,and to treat all human beings the part of a deeper self awareness and a high respect because that is the divine nature of the human soul .On the day of declaration the hearts and minds of people all over the world will know beyond all doubt that something amazing has taken place.After this rather unique experience people all over the world will feel as if a heavy load has been taken of their backs .After Maitreya has overshadowed the human race there will be a sort of peace and joy on the faces of men and woman all over the globe .People will smile at each other ,knowing something very incredible has happened to them all, as a warm blanket giving comfort to the entire human family .It will be as if Maitreya embracing the entire human race with the love of the cosmic Christ .On the Day of Declaration many millions of people will receive many spontaneous healings all over the world,{within karmic limits of course{ ,and for the first time in all of recorded history Maitreya,the World Teacher,will be able to reach the masses everywhere through the media television within the homes of billions through out the world and thus fulfilling the Bible prophesy that states that when he comes again,all eyes will see him,and- :coming in the clouds- is referring to his descent from his ancient retreat in a small aeroplane. On that day the sad and gloomy agony of mind will be lifted off of many millions of people ,giving a warming and soothing healing to the masses who have known only pain and suffering for countless incarnations,and thus a global turning point will reveal itself as peace ,brotherhood and sharing as the norm for better human relations.

For thousands of years Maitreya has been dwelling at his ancient retreat some 16 thousand feet up into the vast Himalaya mountain ranges, along with the spiritual hierarchy of Masters who have been over seeing the slow spiritual evolution of the human race from behind the scenes .Each and every time they deem mankind ready to receive a further revelation as to the next step on the ladder of spiritual evolution. The classic mode of return of a great spiritual Teacher is to overshadow a disciple, such as for example how Maitreya overshadowed his disciple Jesus 2000 thousand ago from the baptism to the crucifixion.There is a stage in the Master disciple relationship that is known as the ``Sonship to a Master` where the disciple is in a direct moment to moment telepathic contact with the Master. When Jesus was being baptised it was Maitreya`s voice who announced ;~-This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased{ -as the consciousness of Maitreya descended and entered the disciple Jesus in the form of a Dove ,a symbol for the- Prince of Peace – . For three years the disciple Jesus became the vehicle for his Master, the Lord Maitreya, until the crucifixion when he took the fourth initiation.

.Being only a fourth degree initiate, Jesus did not as yet have the entitlement and merit or the status of a Master of Wisdom. Jesus became a Master of Wisdom during his next incarnation as Apollonius of Tyanna . The next incarnation of the Master Jesus was the teaching of the North America Indians ,and stayed with them for some time as a spiritual teacher until his work with these people came to an end.The only religious group who seem to know of this fact are the Mormons . Today the Master Jesus is residing in the outskirts of Rome ,and is now in a Syrian body that is some 960 years old,and is now working with a group of initiates who are very silent as to his true status until the Day of Declaration when Maitreya and a large group of the Masters of Wisdom will reveal themselves to the common people.Thus the divine Instructors will once again walk amongst us all as they did so long ago during the Atlantean root race which lasted for about 12 million years.

For the first time in 95 thousand years the great divine Masters of Wisdom will begin to come forth from their ancient retreats in the mountain and deserts of the world and will begin to work very close to the sons of men,and will share with the race of that time the next great step in its spiritual evolution towards becoming Masters themselves, which of course is the destiny and goal of the more advanced units of the race of men.So many people think that if these Masters,with all of their power and influence to perform miracles, come and end the human suffering ,and agony of mind that so many people are now suffering and going through?.
The answer to this question lies with the fact that if they did this, then they would be infringing humanity`s free will ,and would be robbing from us the ability to solve our problems on our own ,and thus our ability to grow and to gain true wisdom from our own mistakes There are however times when they can help,but only within the laws of karma,and this can be very rare in some cases . Both Maitreya and the Master Jesus work very close with each other, and are helping and healing when permitted to do so. They can alter their appearance to look like a beggar,a child,a woman,or as themselves.There are countless times when they have helped many, and have performed healings to many all over the world. One such case in L.A when a homeless man was digging through garbage for something to eat when a man appeared before him right out of thin air,and the homeless man could sense that there was something very unique about this man that caused him to weep about his situation ,and that he was dying of cancer, and only had a few weeks to live . The stranger then approached and embraced the homeless man with compassion and told him that every thing was going to be fine,and then vanished.The next day the man went to his free clinic ,and to his doctors amazement found no signs or evidence that he had any kind of cancer at all!!!.Later it was found out that the man was no other than the Master Jesus who did the healing for this man who now since that event is now a missionary and social worker for the homeless. There are thousands of cases like this all over the globe,so many indeed that I can not go into them all as space does not permit me to write about all of them.

Over the last decade or so there have been so many increasing reports of the Madonna all over the world along with spontaneous healings of every type,and many all over the world are now making pilgrimages to where ever these visions are appearing .These apparitions are being created by a Master who was the Madonna two thousand years ago and who is now in a male body and is a high ranking Master of Wisdom and specializes in many forms of phenomena .such as the apparitions and so on. Soon the curtains shall rise and show us the way into the new time.With the growth of technology ,computers,texting ,and so on.we can see that a very dangerous situation could be set into motion.All of this fast growing technology really began during the Industrial Revolution many hundreds of years ago.All of this is was the result of a very short but powerful incarnation of the fifth Ray of -Concrete Science-. which has ,and had stimulated mans mental body``,thus there was a very powerful events that are now in motion which will lead to many human being to grow and to escalate.The Lord of the fifth Ray is no other than the Master Hilerian who was ,2000 years ago was no other that ST Paul, who is now a Master of Wisdom. The Church to day along with many thousands of denomination,and are very confused ,and the reason for this this Is that we have many millions of people reading only the dead letter.. .Saint Paul was a real fanatic about Jesus ,as we as being a kind of extremist .One interesting point here is the fact that ST Paul never personally met Jesus ever,not to mention his over zealotness,and making the Master Jesus something un-natural,placing him on a high level.and in a rank that is beyond any other religions.

As I have said before there is no such being through out the entire cosmos who can save people from the reactions of their own actions.This invention of having your sins washed away ,and as well as a clean slate to give another chance and so one.For example we have cases where there are baby killers out their who rape 9 year old girls and then disembowelled them .for his own pleasure,and then they think Their are Christian groups who actually Think that they alone,as a cult, are the only ones who are going to heaven ,and every groups of the fundamentalists Christians groups that exist in the world today.The Christian groups ,and its many denominations are each arguing that there church is the one and only way for men to tread,and there are even groups out their so biz.That they will kill each other with their endless debates. Therefore it began to dawn upon me that the Christian Churches are all divided against each other ,hence the confusion,and if a house that is divided against each other then surly it will fall. Suffice it to say that one day the Church ,which is will fall.for it is now in its death throes. as we are now moving out of Pieces and into that of Aquarius.The Teacher for this new phase in human evolution is no other than the Lord Maitreya who has kept working within the Sons of Men for untold eons of time,and will be with us always .At about 2000 years from now Maitreya will move on to higher work as he will tread the cosmic path leading to Absolute Sonship to the Solar Logos ,then will return during the end of the seventh root race during the seventh cosmic round as the Cosmic Christ when humanity as a race achieves the highest initiations that can be possible within this solar system, at which time the greater bulk of liberated humanity will be treading the path of higher evolution towards the system of Sirius ,and thus achieve states of cosmic awareness that are incomprehensible to our finite minds.

As it stands now there are millions who are now ready to take a great leap in their spiritual evolution ,and to become leaders amongst us all, and will galvanize and inspire humanity to create a civilization such as never been accomplished before during the entire history of the human evolution .Before such this can be ,humanity must learn to share the resources of the world,and as well as to co-operate with each other for the well being of ourselves if we are to have peace in the world,along with the brotherhood of all of mankind. These are not simply pipe dreams my friends, but a living reality that is the nature of the that Divine Being that sits within us all as the great cosmic witness of human and spiritual evolution.The Christian Fundamental church as it is today is divided into so many denominations such as the Catholic ,JW,Baptist,Pentecostal,Mormon ,Lutheran,Christian Science ,Church of God, Greek Orthodox,and so many others who often think that their doctrines are the only path to God,and that all others are going to hell ,including all those of other religions. Thus we can see the confusion,and as well as the divisions amongst the `Christian religion`,and a house that is divided against itself will fall. The `Christian Church `,and its doctrines are now in their death throes ,for many are now learning about all of the theological abuses that have taken place over the last 2000 years, not to mention the fear that it has spread upon the masses about hell fire for those who think for themselves ,and for those who drift away from the church and its evil greedy stranglehold upon the masses using fear and ridicules threats to enslave the common people of that time. There is a big misunderstanding amongst many groups that Maitreya is going to be the leader of some coming`` World Government`` .Nothing could be further from the truth. Maitreya is here simply here as a Teacher in the broadest sense of the word,,a teacher for those of all religions and as well as those of no religion .but not as a political leader,or as some kind of dictator

As a Teacher Maitreya is here to inspire us towards a vision of a more happier ,just, safe,and sane world .Humans will judge and fear that which they do not understand,but in time people will come to trust and love him as the spiritual Teacher he is,who is very concerned about the human family ,and who comes to teach the art of self realization,brotherhood,sharing ,and right human relations.Take your brothers need as the measure of your action,and solve the problems of the world.

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