Dear Lightworkers,


I think I have stated the truth very often, that there is but one official GFL update report and although there are parallel "channels" competing to be heard, the one true update is presented to you by our official conduit, namely Sheldan Nidle..and I have also furnished you with snippets of data, which are in support of PAO...Albeit I am not a "channel," but rather a telepath contactee, in a Ground Crew sector of England, who is not responsible for updating you on a regular basis, on behalf of the GFL and Ascended Masters...But has other duties.. However I will fill in the data cracks when confusion abounds, as it does over the date of 4th August..... The real GFL have not officially mentioned any type of mass landing at the 2012 Olympic Games....and you will have to understand intuitively, why such an event, though logistically possible, would cause mass panic among spectators, most of whom have not made themselves aware of the GFL and First Contact.... There would be a mass panic and many would be hysterical....So it is not going to happen as Mike Quinsey, Metatron, et al, describe it...At the Olympics in London...


BUT, we are hoping to increase the number of fly overs accross the globe and to change this realm politically and economically....Prior to official contact. Note that Barrak Obama's birthday is the 4th August and this date has nothing to do with the GFL...and thus will not be used as a time marker for announcement...

Thankyou for your understanding...



Commander Drekx Omega,

GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector.)



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  • obama-admin-has-63-drone-launch-sites-in-us.jpg

    Does anybody know how many drone strikes have been made since Obama's birthday, last year and his 2013 birthday, tomorrow...??


  • Does anyone remember the disinfo put out by false channels, last year, about President Obama's birthday, GFL mass landings and the London Olympics....?? Claiming that the 4th August was a special time for First Contact...?? LOL

    As I said then, the GFL had never made such a claim and I'll repeat it for this year....The 4th August has no special status....

    It is ONLY young Barrack's birthday and a time for him to get custard cream and icing sugar all over his face, as he greedily eats his puddings and birthday cake...LOL

    And that is all it is.....!!

  • To ACC skeptics of the GFL:

    It's now 21.11 BST and as predicted, we have not deployed scoutships for terran touchdown at the Olympic village and refuse to, as the whole idea is preposterous and not of the GFL's own making...

    Blame your fake "channels" and CIA psyops people....who seek to disappoint and divide lightworkers..

    There will be future mass landings, but not today and not in London......

  • Well, it's 18.34 BST on Saturday the 4th and as stated, not a single GFL vimana has landed in the London Olympic village.....

    WAIT FOLKS.....The latest reports from London are coming in....see this vid for an urgent briefing:


    Hehehehe...!! Told ya so...!!  :-)

  • Well it's the 4th August and President Obama's birthday.....Not that I particularly care, but many Lightworkers do, so I'll mark the event here on this blog:

  • Thanks for this message dear brother... just like I sensed it!

  • well i love you Dreks very much , i mean this ,i respect and trust you way more than most and we both been through a lot of crap and you still shine bright in my mind as a true friend;but they , the illuminaughty dark cabal what ever,are killing us by the 10,000s down here daily, and this is a fact ,and if they won't help us stop this by giving us all some thing ells to consider, then i gotta wonder any more

  • Our job is to evolve ourselves and raise consciousness, where possible and we should focus on that......The Olympics is the biggest brainwashing spectacle on the planet....So why would some assume that the GFL would grace it with a mass landing...??

    The GFL is not a circus show of performing artists, here to entertain the crowds....The GFL is here to midwife mother earth's ascension....People really must realise the seriousness of First Contact...It is not a soap opera on TV.

  • this one landed and set up shop next to the base i was stationed at

  • oh darn ,i was hoping it was them,i do not think they must or need to land at the queens party, the games ,i do not like the games myself, but the excuses the GFL have are not making sense to me, with all there might and wisdom they should do some thing that they are not afraid of and soon or i feel all the work they have done will be for not ,they need to throw us a bone ,have a real alien drone craft  land some where like time square or some thing to give us some leg to stand on ,how can we spread truth with so much doubt among average joe citizen

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