Ten Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Ten Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

If you're like me, well, you're a cranky pants so to speak when the temperature reaches past 30 Degrees Celsius or 86 Degrees Fahrenheit. When that happens, you have two options. Get emotional, or get creatively thoughtful.

Here's 10 tips on how to do both, without breaking a sweat.

First, jump in the lake. Now I know what you're thinking. And, this isn't a suicide message. It's, something else. Water (not humidity) but pure water, preferably still water is the best conductor for being effected by the temperature outside. So when it heats up, lake water is even more refreshing than river water, because of how calm it is. Add to that, the warmth of the sun as things slowly heat up as it shines upon the forest or surface underneath, making lakes the best choice outside of hot springs to bathe in because still water keeps the active temperature regulated the most depending on what changes it frequently.

Second, don't go for extreme heat or extreme cold to feel refreshed. The last thing you want to do, is go extreme. Your body is designed to want to gradually get used to temperature changes. So the more you decrease or increase the temperature of the water or air conditioning if that's your thing that you submerge yourself in, the quicker you have to shock your system into accepting the new temperature in order to not overload your brain with pain signals.

Third, to sweat or not to sweat. That's the question. And here's the answer. Sweat less, breathe more. Breathe less, sweat more. When your body expires its own moisture, that's when you know to breathe deep to help assist your body to keep the water inside of you to not get dehydrated. The less you hold air in when you breathe, the more you sweat and the greater a chance you have of facing both disease and increased chance of a failed immune system. The Yogi's were totally on to something with their breathing exercizes during meditation.

Fourth, don't tell a friend or family member you're hot as often. Save your energy to turn how hot you are into something productive. Go on the computer, read a book, watch a video. In fact, the more you are active, your brain shuts down the subconscious signals of distress you're under, to focus on helping you complete the active task at hand. Do use caution, for anything that can trigger a temperature change, will bring back those feelings of sticky uncomfortable internal fire that is bound to bring changes in apetite and other stomach problems.

Fifth, laying down makes you conserve the energy you do have. Do this at the heat of the day, and I guarantee you symptoms of insomnia. If you need to rest, by all means, snooze away. Let your body cool through deep breathing and regulated temperatures. This is a fail seafe method for you to conserve energy, just in case the heat does get to be too much. The best way to find a cool spot to lay on during this time, is at the corner of the bed or underneath blankets that are made of silk or satin.

Sixth, let the sun in. Don't just open the window, go fully out in it. Get a little bit of a burn, but not too much of one. And allow the warmth of the sun to touch you, until you feel fire. Repeat the process until you have turn fully in a circle. Then go back inside, and try doing steps three through five. You will immediately notice that your mind has welcomed the temperature change, and has allowed you to think clearly to continue on with your day.

Seventh, don't drink or eat a lot. Doctors tell you to keep constantly hydrated. I'm telling you, that hydration isn't necessary. As a matter of fact, the more you drink, the more your body has to process the incoming liquid. Making it a quick in and out of there kind of experience, I'm sure you're all familiar with. Sticking close to a bathroom is one way you will notice yourself losing the battle with both the heat and the will to stay awake. Your body when it's hot, needs to conserve the energy it already has. And this is what the sun is for, to instigate that process. You're not meant to clens yourself until the sun has gone down. Which is the exact same thing as fasting. If you need to eat or drink, do it with light foods and light amounts of it consistently throughout the day. Snack portions specifically, once every hour should keep your stomach happy. Repeat every three to four hours, depending on the heat to warmth ratio. Generally speaking start this diet after 22 Degrees Celsius or 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Where one degree higher equals a twenty five percent reduction in food consumption.

Eighth, no sexual activity. Extreme temperature causes extreme conditions for healthy foreplay and intercourse. A study once done by a scientist concluded that the best time to have sex, is when daylight hours sit around 12 per day. The temperature of the day rests between 10 - 21 Degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 21 Degrees Celsius, 69.8 Degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. And that you are financially sound to carry offspring. Any deviation from these guidelines loosely contributes to statistically lower birth rates, and higher miscarriages the further the change gets. Suffice it to say, hot temperature is all about conservation efforts and frequent releases may initially feel like tention is going away. But this is soon replaced with the need to conserve more energy, with a direct increase risk of tiredness and hunger afterwards. So just be sure to note that with insatiable desire comes apetite after relaxation.

Ninth, you have limits, and this is how they show themselves to you. Pain, rest, hunger. In that order, the cycle continues on and on. When you ignore pain, you feed hunger. When you ignore hunger, you feed rest. When you ignore rest, you die or crash. When that happens, the cycle starts again, only in reverse order until it repeats, once again, in a reverse cycle of unconsciousness, hunger and pain. Avoiding this cycle means replacing or substituting pain for pleasure, hunger for satisfaction or rest with relaxation. The sun will give you pleasure until it becomes painful. This also gives you satisfaction in place of hunger because of the high energy rays your body feeds off of in terms of storing energy, rather than consuming it via the digestive system. The sun also gives you the ability to relax, by avoiding it once the pleasure turns to pain or a fire like burn on that particular part of the body facing the sun. So everything in moderation equals balanced happy people beating the heat with cooler solutions to its otherwise lengthy devastating effects.

Tenth, look out for life around you. Once you have yourself sorted out, focus on who needs to manage the heat the most. It is important to have your neighbour care for you in return this way. All life is prone to suffering the effects of ignoring the signs that come with long heat waves or other forms of natural eruptions for that matter. Which is why it is so important to know what your body is saying, rather than how you necessarily need to react to it if the messages you are getting confuse you. This can be done by looking within yourself to find the source of the disturbance that is effecting your overall daily life. Be it resulting in emotional, physical, mental or spiritual turmoil. All can be solved, with a little bit of patience and tender loving care.

Eleventh, bonus tip. The absolute reverse is true when facing colder temperatures. When this occurs, be sure to swap out hot drinks on a cold day, for cold drinks on a hot day to conserve and store energy respectively.

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