Teleological Explanation For 'Time' Dillation

A teleological explanation is an explanation of natural phenomena using the purpose it serves. Upon the experimental failure of the Supersymmetry  (SUSY) theory in LHC, physicists should, once again, consider teleological explanations. The SUSY theory was inspired by the rejection of teleology in the fundamental universe, not by any compulsion from any data ever observed! It was 100% concoction based on what some humans think the universe must work! So its unprecedented collapse when it met the real world should not be too surprising! An alternative to SUSY is to simply accept that some natural phenomena are so because of the purpose they serve! If otherwise than how some phenomenon works would result in a non-functioning universe, we don't need to try to figure out how the universe attained such ability through some cosmic accident or some 'law'. I will illustrate this using 'time' dillation.

Strictly speaking, it is not 'time' that slows but clocks. So it is a physical phenomenon that involves atomic interactions.  There is no such a thing as time. So why do things slow when they travel? To summarize it, the atoms slows down to prevent objects from exploding. Without this slowing down, objects would be too unstable so that every object would be worse than uranium, exploding as an atomic bomb upon even slight motion! So 'time dillation' stabalizes atoms. In different words, the universe is 'fine tuned' and part of the parameters such tuned is the speed of light. This is inscribed in the so called 'fine structure constant'.

If a charged particle moves, it creats a magnetic field that surrounds it. Remember that electric current is due to movement of charges. A conductor with electric current through it has some magnetic forces that curls around the conductor. Also, when a charged particle moves in a magnetic field, it is deflected in a direction perpendicular to the field. So if the field is pointing nothwards and a positive charge is moving eastwards, the charge will be deflected upwards. The negative charge on the other hand will be deflected downwards. The vice versa is the case if the charges were moving westwards or the magnetic field was pointing southwards.The force that does this is called 'Lorentz's Force'. Now, if a positive charge is moving eastwards, it creats a magnetic field that curls around it so that it points to the north beneath the charge and points to the south on its top. So if there is yet another similar charge below it, moving synchronously with it, it will be deflected upwards by the magnetic field of the charge at the top, and the charge at the top will be deflected downwards by the magnetic field of the charge bellow. So the two charges will be drawn closer together. This phenomenon, when it happens in plasma, is called 'z-pinch'. When current flows through the plasma, it 'pinches' the plasma together. If, on the other hand, opposite charges moves synchronously, they will deflected away from each other by the Lorentz's Force.

Now lets come back to atoms. Atoms contain a positive charge at the center and is surrounded by negative charge. The negative charge on the periphery is prevented from crashing into the nuclear by the centrifugal force created by its ever motion around the nuclear. (You can ignore quantum mechanics for a moment, because it is not important in this case. You can just think of the 'planetary model' of an atom). But what does it happen when the atom begins to move? The answer is that the electrons and the protons will begine to be pulled apart by the Lorentz's Force, like we saw above. So we can see that the atom is potentially unstable due to lorentz's force. To prevent this, the electrons will have to reduce its centrifugal force, hence slow down in what we will measure it as 'time dillation' of the atomic clock. The reduction of the centrifugal force will serve to ensure that the electrostatic attraction between the electron and the nuclear cancels the Lorentz's Force that is trying to take the two charges apart. We will calculate to check that this is indeed the case .


As seen from the above link, the force between two parallel, current-carrying conductors is given by:


F/L=(uI1*I2)/ (2*pi*r)





I1=current in one conductor

I2=current in the other conductor.

r=distance between the conductors


In our case, we have I1=I2=dq/dt, where

dq=change in charge

dt=change in time.

So electric current should be understood as 'change in charge/change in time'. It is 'charge velocity'. Picture a given point along the conductor. As current moves, the charges are crossing this region , like the way water crosses a pipe. After some short time, call it 'dt', a certain amount of charge has passed through the point, resulting in the charge extending for a small distance, dx, away from the point. so we can write:


where v is the charge velocity. With these notes, we now rewrite the force between two conductors as:


For this to ballance with both the electrostatic force and the centrifugal force, we need to consider Cuolomb's Law:

Fc =q^2/epi*r^2



then Fc-F=the centrifugal foce(C). So we have:


Divide through by Fc, and asume that l=r=dx (since they are all 'small'), and we get:



from Maxwell's theiry, we know that ue=1/c^2, where c=speed of light.

so C/Fc=1-(v/c)^2

Now, when the charge is not moving, the centrifugal force, C must ballance the electrostatic force. So Fc=the centrifugal force when the atom is not moving, and C=the centrifugal force then the atom is moving. But the centrifugal corce is given by:



m=mass of the charged particle 

u=the rotational speed of the particle.

This means that:


where u'=the rotational speed of the particle when the atom is not moving. So we have:

u/u'=sqrt (1-(v/c)^2)

This is the formular for 'time dillation'. And so we see that indead for the centrifugal force to balance the Lorentz's Force, the movement of the electron must reduce by the same amount as 'time dillation'!

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