Surfacing the Shadow Self: Instated Division

WeAreOne.jpgI’d like to comment on the current apparent “chaotic node” we’re experiencing, as first discussed by the Hathors through Tom Kenyon. (1)

Steve Beckow outlined the symptoms of the time we’re in and the reasons we may be feeling low or caught up in turmoil and volatile emotion, (2), and his article as well as the ahead-of-time warning from the Hathors has helped me to understand what I’m personally experiencing.

When I first read the referenced Hathors message (I’ll admit I only glimpsed it), I was on far too pure of a cloud to believe I was about to enter a period of emotional turmoil, but I have to admit that I’ve felt the effects of the “chaotic node” we’re in currently.

Personally, I’m learning to sit with and examine the feelings and emotions that have surfaced in me in the past couple of days, and this surfacing reached a peak point in the middle of the night last night and today, August 5th.

I’m learning about the aspects of myself that, once initially employed, would keep me unhappy forever by having me feed into and proclaim unhappiness as much as possible.

I’ve been able to examine the traits I employ when angry or distressed that only trap me in such anger, and in recognizing what I perceive to be personal shortcomings regarding remaining in my center and leaving volatile emotion behind, I’m able to work to become a more understanding, more “evolved” so to speak, version of myself.

I recognize that if I’m angry or distressed, I take to an argumentative mindset and let the issue affect my emotions for as long as possible. I recognize that I tend to keep an issue I perceive to be unfair going, and that it can cause unnecessary strain.

I recognize that even though I don’t enjoy feeding into anger or existing on a low vibration, once on that vibration I tend to feed it by just not letting it go. Trying as hard as I do to avoid conflict, on one of my worst days I can certainly tangle (though I don’t necessarily agree with it).

In fact, I used to “tangle” on plenty of the known spiritual forums against individuals who, for one reason or another, didn’t agree with much of the spiritual or channeled material I did or who seemed bent on reminding me as much.

I allowed myself to exist in the “camp” of pro-everything I believe, and in doing so, I unknowingly fed into what could very well be orchestrated divisiveness on the part of employees of “private corporations”, the owners of which don’t agree with the spiritual and unity-based progress being made on our websites and forums.

It’s known by plenty of people that employed, divisiveness-spreading individuals are camped out on many spiritual and alternative news websites (sometimes with various different profiles and aliases), with the aim not only to misinform, but to cause and feed arguments, hatred and polarity.

These people have been called “paid shills” or “paid trolls” but I prefer the less vitriolic term “disinformation commenters”. (3)

Though it isn’t as relevant to this writing (or maybe it is), those individuals can be “spotted” by the volume of infighting or arguing they start or feed on various forums. One of their greatest tactics is to proclaim deceit on the part of the person or group they’re fighting against, which, in this case, would be as many people who believe in spiritual or liberation-based ideals and are willing to argue them, as possible.

I thought I was doing a justice to the awakening public by fighting against employed disinformation commenters and offering my energy up for vitriol-sacrifice in doing so, but in reality, I was only hurting myself and empowering the divisiveness that’s been their ultimate goal all along.

I thought I was diligently helping to diffuse propaganda and awaken the public, but in the end, it boiled down to me endlessly arguing my stance as if I was the only right person in the world.

And that’s exactly what an individual bent on fighting or smearing someone’s “image” would want: for the person they’re fighting to seem too in their own head or convinced of what they believe to the extent of condemning the beliefs of others.

From there, a whirlwind of accusation can come forth.

The target can be accused of egoism, subscribing to personal dogma or even not allowing others (i.e., the disinformation commenters) to have their own opinions or beliefs. People arguing for their beliefs can be made out to look like closed-off zealots who don’t allow for the beliefs of others, and from there, accusations of what they believe being “no better than religion” or “no better than a cult” can easily come forth.

And it can all stem from the decision to argue one’s beliefs and what one feels and knows to an individual bent on keeping the argument going and the resulting division fed.

For me, this is very relatable to what I’m experiencing with my personal surfacing of anger and the perceived need to argue my stance with those around me on various different matters, as if my very survival were at stake.

To be quite honest, the survival of the lower, ego-centered mental frame that teaches me to argue is what’s at stake, and that’s probably why I tend to fight so hard if my vibration dips. The lower ego-mind is fighting as hard as it can through me, having been given an unexpected breath of fresh air in the form of being fed anger or turmoil.

Getting that fresh breath, it then fights as much as possible for its survival because it feeds off of our energy when we allow it to.

I see how I fed into this lower-mind heavily when I chose to argue against disinformation commenters, and again, getting us all to feed into separation and argumentative states of consciousness seems to have been a big part of their goal all along.

Because of the writings and messages of a few different people lately, I’m coming to understand that the real battle we’re fighting is a spiritual one; an energetic one; an emotional one. Centered and positive emotion equates to a joyful experience, and spiritual awakening leads one to understanding secrets that many of those in power have already discovered themselves and don’t want us to discover.

I understand that words like “battle” and “fighting” are very loaded and filled with connotations most of you likely don’t resonate with, but the good news is that our form of defensive battle against those who’d keep us down is, quite simply, not to be kept down.

We’re not tasked with arguing our beliefs against a perceived other side that we feed into duality when believing in; we’re tasked with not letting any bit of volatile opinion, emotion or accusation dip our vibration. If we can successfully argue our beliefs but then feel spiritually drained or as if the world we face is one of pure condemnation or judgment of said beliefs, than the energetic controllers have gotten what they wanted.

In the same vein, we’re tasked during difficult times that see us surfacing negative emotions to remain in our center and examine them, as we prepare to release them to sacred energetic/emotional transmutation. The importance of not letting our surfacing convince us we’re losing our way has been expressed, because it’s expected as we continue to shred and transmute the lower aspects of our Earthly selves that we’ll falter now and again.

In the thickest stage of our growth, we’re not expected to be able to act and feel Angelic in every moment. Nobody’s asking us to behave like Masters to the extent of suppressing negative emotion, because that’s not the way of a Master.

The way of an up-in-coming Master is to gracefully go about their growth and learning, and to understand that they’re forever Divine beings of spirit if their surfacing causes expressed anger or difficulty. This is what we’re tasked with.

Personally, knowing that I’m forever Divine, forever Loved and forever meant to feed into happiness, bliss and security regarding myself and my beliefs, makes this period of time much easier than it could otherwise be.

That’s not to say I won’t still feed into anger or turmoil, but I can recognize that it’s all a part of the process and that at my core, the vibration that resonates with me is not one of anger, fighting or separation from any soul. The vibration that resonates with me is one of joy, bliss and unity consciousness.

We’re all One Creator comprised of various unique Godsparks with our own emotions and vibrations, and it’s only natural that our vibrations occasionally dip so that we can learn as much as possible about our ever-fading shadow selves.

I don’t plan to argue against employed disinformation commenters as I used to, but I recognize that the time spent feuding with them was necessary for a deeper understanding of myself.

Wes Annac – Sharing what I’ve learned in a time that can be difficult, if we let it be.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


(1)- “A Hathor Planetary Message via Tom Kenyon: Orchidium” at:

(2)- “Just When We Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water: Weathering the Emotional Storm” by Steve Beckow at:


(3)- There are plenty of links to back up the existence of disinformation commenters, and I’ll post the most relevant here.

The first is the confession of a paid disinformation poster, or “paid shill” as the writer refers to it:

The second is an article entitled “Truth Has No Agenda” by Stephen Cook, which discusses various disinformation methods:

The third is another confessional from a different disinformation poster:

And finally, we have an article by Giordano Bruno, entitled “Disinformation Tactics” (Notice some similarity between the tactics discussed by Bruno and those discussed in the confessionals above):

I’ll post the most relevant material from the article regarding disinformation commenters on the internet, but I’ll warn you that it’s long:

“At first, it appears, the government and elitists ignored the web as a kind of novelty, or just another mechanism they could exploit in spreading disinformation. As we all now well know, they dropped the ball, and the internet has become the most powerful tool for truth history has ever seen.

That being said, they are now expending incredible resources in order to catch up to their mistake, utilizing every trick in their arsenal to beat web users back into submission.

While the anonymity of the internet allows for a certain immunity against many (…) manipulative tactics, it also allows governments to attack those trying to spread the truth covertly. In the world of web news, we call these people “disinfo trolls.” Trolls are now being openly employed by governments in countries like the U.S. and Israel specifically to scour the internet for alternative news sites and disrupt their ability to share information.

Internet trolls, also known as “paid posters” or “paid bloggers,” are increasingly being employed by private corporations as well, often for marketing purposes. In fact, it is a rapidly growing industry.

Trolls use a wide variety of strategies, some of which are unique to the internet, here are just a few:

1) Make outrageous comments designed to distract or frustrate: An Alinsky tactic used to make people emotional, although less effective because of the impersonal nature of the web.

2) Pose as a supporter of the truth, then make comments that discredit the movement: We have seen this even on our own forums — trolls pose as supporters of the Liberty Movement, then post long, incoherent diatribes so as to appear either racist or insane. Here is a live example of this tactic in use on Yahoo! Answers.

The key to this tactic is to make references to common Liberty Movement arguments while at the same time babbling nonsense, so as to make those otherwise valid arguments seem ludicrous by association.

In extreme cases, these “Trojan Horse Trolls” have been known to make posts which incite violence — a technique obviously intended to solidify the false assertions of the notorious MIAC report and other ADL/SPLC publications which purport that constitutionalists should be feared as potential domestic terrorists.

3) Dominate Discussions: Trolls often interject themselves into productive web discussions in order to throw them off course and frustrate the people involved.

4) Prewritten Responses: Many trolls are supplied with a list or database with pre-planned talking points designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. 9/11 “debunker” trolls are notorious for this.

5) False Association: This works hand in hand with item #2, by invoking the stereotypes established by the “Trojan Horse Troll.”

For example: calling those against the Federal Reserve “conspiracy theorists” or “lunatics”. (…) Using false associations to provoke biases and dissuade people from examining the evidence objectively.

6) False Moderation: Pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious and defined sides in an attempt to move people away from what is clearly true into a “grey area” where the truth becomes “relative.”

7) Straw Man Arguments: A very common technique. The troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if he does not, and then attacks that point of view. Or, the troll will put words in the mouth of his opposition, and then rebut those specific words. For example: “9/11 truthers say that no planes hit the WTC towers, and that it was all just computer animation. What are they, crazy?”

Sometimes, these strategies are used by average people with serious personality issues. However, if you see someone using these tactics often, or using many of them at the same time, you may be dealing with a paid internet troll.”

This concludes the most relevant “disinformation commenter” information being passed around.


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  • Amazing Wes I too am feeling this node it's a real powerful one and I'm seeing things in me i thought were long gone emotions etc resurfacing. It's pretty crapy in one way but in another I'm so much more aware and know when it's my issues now. I offer them all up try and rebalance and work through the mud lol. It's going to challenge many this one all if us maybe if we're totally honest but one things for sure I love the Hathors <3
  • Thanks Wes for sharing your experiences and insights. And for the heads-up.

  • I think this is a well written and well thought out article. I have often thought when looking at the posts under some YouTube videos why some  people spend the time to watch the video when it is obvious they hate the topic and do not want to know anything about it. They are only there to rag on it. If people lack sincerity on a subject no good can come out of discusing anything with them.

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