This shows how the space people sometime changetheir plans...............................................................................................................The true interplanetary craft, the Ventlas of ourforces, will appear to your optics with a manifestationof colored lights, usually green, red and white. Theywill sometimes appear constantly red and green, othertimes they will appear to be flashing.Questions have been asked why there are not morespace ships seen in the skies. We would like to answerthat by saying that they are there. It is not necessaryfor them to be seen in such great numbers at this timefor their work. The time will come when great fleets ofthem, vast armadas will be seen in the skies, and thatwill tell you, who are drawn so close to our hearts,that another phase of our work has begun. At the momentwe expect the conditions to be propitious for thetaking of those who are inwardly prepared, on shorteror longer journeys. We know you are all longing forthis. We hesitate ever to cause disappointment in anyheart, and yet we must say that in some cases, thephysical body could not take such a flight. It must bea body in perfect physical health, in a certain type ofs-iritual attunement, in a certain degree of s-ule-olvement and in a state of mental alertness andreadiness.It has to be remembered that at the time thesemessages were given, in the years leading up to the endof the last century, it was expected that there wouldbe a great cleansing upon Earth. That cataclysmicevents would occur, such as an axis tilt, massive earthupheavals and that in some areas it would be necessaryto take people off the Earth for their safety.This period passed without these happenings takingplace, and it was put down to an increase in the massconsciousness of the people upon Earth. It alleviatedthe need for such dramatic action, through so muchnegative energy having become transmuted. Thiscontinues right up to this present time and with thecoming of an open First Contact, the Earth will becleansed with the help, of our friends from outerspace. It is anticipated that it will have beencompleted by the end of this cycle, in the year 2012.With these messages it shows the willingness of ourspace friends to help us through our Earth changes.Although their mission will have altered, currentmessages do nevertheless indicate how they haveadjusted to our requirements, and are prepared to puttheir vast resources at our disposal.Part 2 of 2.John Winston.
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