Still standing moments, metaphors of magic...

Silently seeking the matter which is constantly forming while forever transcending time, place, space, continuously knowing what was, what is and what will be. Holding an immeasurable freedom with the absenteeism for the need of knowledge as to why.
Evolving constantly with only a divine awareness as to how, when and what.
There simultaneously it; emerges through, forms part of, individually creates, and dually destroys. Consequently, creating the universe along with its evolutionary process, which manifests in each realm: the physical, the spiritual and within the unique encryption of our soul. Evermore evolving in a higher state of consciousness.

As you, I, we, create what is- transmitting energy from the depths of the soul which hold one’s true intent; moving from the souls plain, into ones spiritual realm of consciousness to that which ultimately creates the path our lives take on in the physical world, through means of a thought, a memory, a gut feeling, all mastered by the souls wisdom of divine grandeur.
However the never- ending burdens of society, its many restrictions and the persecution combined with an instilled fear of the unknown, is causing the human race to forget its souls unique celestial language thus ceasing communication and access to deeper levels of the human consciousness. This has lead to a pandemonium never before witnessed within the physical world.

The energy matter made up from our soul’s true intent along with the encrypted map to our true destiny is greatly misunderstood by many, while the rest of our race exist ignorantly to the mere thought of something more, suppressing the instinctive force within us which yearns to reconnect to the very link which defines one to this most intimate and individual energy of the soul- seeking no answers to life as they hide behind the artificial reasoning of coincidence and a shear moment of luck. Failing to recognise that it is this unique matter of your, my, our, energy which creates the all to what is, as we know it, through the mysterious mechanisms of the souls personal intent.

You, I, we are the sole architects to our incredibly unique world. This means that we are autonomously (freely, originally, unconventionally), interpreting, experiencing, creating and imitating each complex aspect that surrounds us. For a better understanding of this concept, close your eyes and in your mind design a large structure that could accommodate for numerous functions, much like that of a large shopping centre, having the capacity to host a vast number of smaller shops which cater for various goods and services. Now make provision for; security systems, various weather conditions that may occur and allow for convenience with every function, adding lifts, interactive maps and the latest technologies.

In reality the structure on its own signifies our physical bodies- our flesh and bones. The systems placed within your structure signify the human beings key elements, for example the immune systems acts as security against illness, our natural instincts which lead our actions in spontaneous events act as the convenient lifts, stairways or distinguished maps of the structure. Through these elements we are able to progress.
The human brain with all its intricate processes portray the role of the modern technologies within your organization- as this feature enables constant communication within the walls of your structure as well as between your structure and that of another which may surround it, so does the brain- communicate through radio wave like signals. This is how our legs and arms move on impulse (communication within the structure) and how we are physically able to communicate with other people and with the objects around us (communication to surrounding structures).

Then move on to decorate your structure and get creative, with various colours of paint, all sorts of furniture, water features, ancient sculptures, any element that may appeal to you. This step is straightforwardly the defined action which decorates our very lives; the houses we live in, cars we drive, the scenery we encounter on a daily basis. It is our deepest level of consciousness which supplies all these items, from a vault which holds every object our eyes have ever come across.

Now once this is done imagine how you will populate your structure, as that of a shopping centre, think of what shops will reside within your structure, seeing as without these enterprises there would be no point of having this construction. These various shops relate to our diverse personality traits, they are the elements to which establish our very being.

The last feature to be added would be your consumers; however realistically one cannot determine detailed shoppers as their free will decides whether or not your shopping centre will suit their specified needs. Ultimately it is through these people that your shopping centre is given purpose and value. Now in real life our worlds are populated in a very similar manner, in reality we are not in control of the people we meet. In a lifespan we come across and connect only with those who will play a role in our history or in turn we will play a role in theirs.
You can understand this by linking up your past, think of significant events or outcomes that took place in your life and try relate them to specific people who played a role in establishing the end result and how if not for them the outcome would have altered.
Focus on how your life has evolved over the years and establish the chain of events which had to take place as well as the individuals needed in order for you to exist in the world you now define as your reality.

The lesson here would be to never take the people around you for granted, acknowledging that each one serves a unique and vital purpose in your history.
Later on I will make reference to the above mentioned scenario, as we travel deeper into the mechanics of how all this works. So memorize the structure you created and build on it as we go. By doing so you are training your mind to create through imagination, this lesson in essence is the fundamental base one must master in order to transform your reality.

Some people however subconsciously allow others to determine the events and outcomes which take place in their lives. This leads them to experience unsettled journeys through life. Hence a subconscious intent to be unhappy without having to claim responsibility, giving room to blame- the boss, husband, kids, friends, parents and some may even blame God. My advice to this misconception of life and its mechanics would be to not only grasp a better understanding of it but to then place this knowledge into context with your past, present and future. Start with your past, by taking an indefinable step back to a mental depth which allows you to view your life, day in and day out, as if you were a guest to a movie cinema.
Concentrate on specific feelings to specific scenarios, in a holistic manner. So don’t think of how you felt angry when Tom yelled at you, instead take note of reoccurring similarities within various scenarios which trigger the same feelings. For example think of recent conflict situations which lead you to feel immense anger. Paying close attention to things such as the reason for the conflict arising, personal details of the person with whom the conflict took place and what role they may play in society, in their own lives or in yours.
You may find that your disagreements are mainly with either people whom are superior to you or perhaps threaten your superiority. This could mean that your soul’s true intentions of being in a position of power are raising subconscious insecurities, this would be due to a lack of faith you have in your own ability to deliver in such a position and so the energy you manifest is that of doubt.

Picture a seed being planted in soil and think of how frequently it should be watered. This water then supplies the seed with the necessary energy, enabling it to grow into a beautifully bold Tree.
Human beings manifest their feelings through a similar process.
What does all this mean, well firstly one must accept that all energy is linked yours, mine, and ours. Inanimate objects with animate object matter exist concurrently as one unit and so communication between energies is constant and without default.
You are part of me as I am part of you. This means that subconsciously each person’s energy is constantly interacting and functioning with the energy surrounding them.

Furthermore as the seed of doubt within you grows, the people surrounding you act as the pot and soil in which your uncertain feelings are planted. The more you focus on these feelings of doubt, the more people begin to pick up on them. So by keeping your focus on this issue you are in turn acting as the water which enables the growth of doubt within others regarding your abilities. This is all done subconsciously through inter-linking energies.

We all have the ability to pick up on and determine the exact feelings of another person as well as the atmosphere of certain situations, yet most people live oblivious to this ability, while others don’t quite grasp its full power.
Society speaks of a 6th sense, an intuitive feeling or lucky guess however dear readers these occurrences act as solid evidence to a moment of heightened awareness. In such moments you are consciously picking up on the energy waves surrounding you; it is here where your spiritual sphere wilfully links with your physical world and leads your thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly.
Once you have learnt to pick up on the various energy flows which surround you, from a point of danger to that of opportunity or even the feelings of another person, you move to a higher consciousness and become aware of the limitless architectural power you hold. Allowing you to custom design your world, moving from the standard perception of having to merely accept unfavourable circumstances to the point where all your needs, dreams and wants are manifested.
It is at this point that creating your perfect reality becomes a definite possibility, while you test the ability of your unique key, one by one unlocking each desire you ever whispered.

You may be sceptical at this point, consumed with phrases such as, “yeah right” or “I wish”, but listen carefully readers the primary and largely significant secret in this process is to embrace a firm faith and acceptance of the unique capabilities you hold within

Having said this one must keep in mind that the universe works with the larger scheme of humanity and therefore certain events are out of our control due to a chain of events that consequently must take place.

To Be Continued...

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