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  • I'm a firm believer, in fact it's clear....all of our personal problems can be solved, with these two and power. And alot of times, they go hand in hand.

    Like for people feel "homesick"....because they're not used to how this world is, and they don't want to be apart of it....what's the remedy for that......empowerment. Inner strength.....not letting the ways of the world, and ways of people....get you down. To learn to brush things off....not get upset.....not feel down and out....that's all inner strength.

    And it's also, love. Loving yourself enough, to be true to yourself...and if someone says, or does something to you, with the intention to get you love yourself enough to say, no. I love myself, I'm worthy of love and respect.....and nothing anyone can do will bring me down, or make me feel less of that, for myself more than anything.

    So, again, like alot of things, love and power go hand in hand.

    But, there's also another issue involved....that's the issue of judgment. Judging others, for their being so wrong...that it gets you down, and makes you think, what am I doing in a place like this, with all these horrible people....I don't belong here, I want to "go home".'s normal at times, for everyone on the path, but eventually you accept things as they are. Accept that things just are the way they are, people are just how they are....and you judge and condemn it as little as possible. Instead, the focus changes to, what can I do, to solve this problem, and make the world a better place.

    I think that's an issue most people, or "starseeds" need to work on a bit more. Not judge the world for how it is....instead, accept it, and then try to change it. No need to let it ruin your inner peace....or your own good vibes.

    And, also, despite all the negativity, there's also alot of good in the world....and it's better to focus on that, and have that be the default perception....with the negative being sidelined as blights, problems to be solved. That's what I've done at least and my world is much happier and peaceful place.

  • Well Ma Nithya Sudevi...I was homesick but watching you I now feel at home
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