Pay particular attention to what has been said regarding awakening and ascension...All that is needed to ascend has been told...Farmers, get out of the Monsanto grip...Sell to conscious consumers directly when you can...Most of you are not willing to live without your cell phones...consider how they are effecting your nervous system...Remove yourself from destructive, money oriented deviations...Turn off the TV and game consoles at least once a day to delete their effects...Give more attention to human contact



***From today onward my dear channel will only deliver messages twice weekly. No particular days will be designated. When I want to contact her we will create the time.***



The messages now are only describing the mastery that all of those who ascended must take to their hearts. Next we will discuss how they are contributing once the details can be named. All who did not yet ascend may go back and read the earlier Master Messages* books and this blog from the beginning. Pay particular attention to what has been said regarding awakening and ascension. For some, the instructions on how to change things were not followed, so the desired results could not be delivered. All that is needed to ascend has been told. Calling me on deletions is not an appropriate attitude to take. Asking yourself what conditions still need changing in you can open your hearts and enable you to continue developing your mastery.


No more messages will address these contract completion topics. Serving others will be the next direction to learn from. Will you do this? Not by visualizing the mind's choices. Acting on the master within's choices and a direct love conveyance will do more than closing your eyes and imagining someone else providing the needed assistance. All countries have needy people who can use your help.


Farmers, get out of the Monsanto grip. Give the food chain more care. Add natural, chemical free fertilizers to the crops you grow instead of degenerating contaminates and constructed GMO carriers. Form co-ops to market food. Sell to conscious consumers directly when you can. Feed animals non GMO grain. Your food makes the conditions of your dream continue. Your minds are controlled by the lack of nutrients contained in what you eat. Say NO to these things because your feelings and your mental choices are effected by them.


Most of you are not willing to live without your cell phones, so consider how they are effecting your nervous system. Getting good nutrition and adequate ambiance are needed for you to get healthy and maintain good health. Remove yourself from destructive, money oriented deviations from natural maintenance activities. Absorb no chemicals or electro magnetics that you can avoid. Turn off the TV and game consoles at least once a day to delete their effects. Unplug all appliances when not using them.


Your mind's activities are not as important as your ability to deliver caring, so don't make your day only mental. Give more attention to human contact. Cherish the ones who have an interest in your wellbeing. Give that level of caring to them.


Fighting in the collective consciousness about how and when to grab or let go of money making contraptions will cause more chaos in the future. Be grateful to those who are giving their attention to man's care instead of their own money driven ideas.


Can we create a caring, control free day at least once a week that allows the body to be rejuvenated? Fasting is good once the body is healthy enough to be without food on an occasional basis. Pure water must be consumed during these cleansing days.


Free yourself from contaminates as much as you can. Spiritual freedom does not stop when the mind gets quiet, it also needs a body that can care for those needing aid. Free attitudes do not criticize or manipulate the minds of their companions. Accept them with the love of the highest awareness―in your natural condition. Be alert to what drains that love.


Ascended Master Saint Germain



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  • Turn off the TV and game least once a day? lol Gee, how much are people actually using these things!

    I don't play video games, and I don't watch any TV at all, and I haven't for many years now.  Just CNN from time to time. I don't even watch movies. I find all these things disconnect me from reality and are just distractions. Every spare moment I can muster, I spend studying something, or being alone in my own space where I can get in touch with my inner being. There's no point in being distracted from my growth by seeking "entertainment", if it serves no purpose in my growth, I just won't do it. 

    And also, people apparently can't live without their cell phones? lol My girlfriend is one of these people. I remember once she lost her cell phone, and she became like depressed lol I tried to tell her to just get rid of it, and she was like....but I need it to contact my friends lol Oh lord. I never owned a cell phone and never will. It's a waste of money. Same thing with all these new gadgets people use, like blackberry and things like that. I'm very old school, and primitive...give me a computer with internet, a vehicle, and an mp3 and I'm happy.

    It's really amazing how much people waste their time and energy. I can't believe people actually spend hours watching TV and playing video games, or watching movies. It's just a huge distraction. I understand people come home from a hard day at work or school, and want to unwind and be entertained....I just can't get myself to do that. There's just so much better things to do with your time. Start a creative project, develop a talent (no becoming adept at shooter games doesn't count as a talent), study something, get in touch with your inner self. Do something constructive for your growth.

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