Spiritual awaking? or am I crazy


Hello everyone.  

I have some questions about things I am feeling and things I have been experiencing in the past few  months and I have no one to talk to about this that would know  about what I am talking about.  So If anyone has any answers or comments or maybe you are feeling the same things then perhaps someone can shed some light on these questions I have.  
I started meditating a few months ago and reading about ascension and spiritual awakening.  Since then I have been feeling different in a gradual process.  as of today I have weird feelings like strange sensations throughout my body sometimes it feels like something is touching me but there is nothing there.  I feel warming feeling throughout my body too and sometimes it feels very cool next to my arm or foot.  my feet and legs sometimes have a very subtle humming or feeling of vibration to it.  Sometimes my head feels the same way and sometimes I have body aches that are pretty bad in the joints.  I also get strange sensations on my hands and my face.  I am also sometimes terribly overwhelmed with fear, which isn't the norm for me.  Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure on m brow line and at the top of my head and sometimes it becomes a bad headache. Also different parts of my body go numb often too.  I have been having beautiful dreams as well and often if I close my eyes while awake I see beautiful places but I have never seen them before.  I am really not understanding whats going on with me and I think mainly where my fear comes from is not knowing what is happening to me.  I think if I could hear from other people that can relate or that no more about ascension and spiritual awakening it would really help me understand more.  I would rather hear from real people on here than read about it on a website that can't engage in conversation.
I appreciate anyone listening and commenting.  I am really in search of some answers


Much love and light to allNamaste

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  • Sarah, 

    Thank you for your comment and for sharing.

    What do you mean am I processing the light that is being beamed down?  Can you explain that because if  I am not doing that I would like to know how.


    Love and light to you

  • Those odd sensations, they'll come and go.  Your third eye is opening up and you are becoming more receptive, which is why you might be feeling emotionally funny and having pressure between your eyes.  I think you are definitely on a spiritual awakening.
  • Here you go for the answers...

    1) As far as the touch on your body goes, it would be the touch of an angelic being. In normal circumstances, you can't feel it but if you are going through the transformative process, you would. It normally senses like you put a cobweb on the face and try to remove it.. same feelign is what you get. Do you get the same feeling?? Sometimes, the touch runs across the face.

    2) Cold sensations: The transformative energy runs through the body and creates these feelings.

    3) Vibration in feet and legs - Actually the whole body vibrates at a different frequency than normal. Check for your entire body and you would feel the same.. You can sense the vibrations in your palms. Give a shake kand to some one and you and the other person both can feel the vibration in a couple of mins.

    4) Joint pains: Very common in the transformation process. Heavy joint pains especially in shoulders. You can't lift even 5 kgs of weight comfortably!!!

    5) Body pains and flue like symptoms - Very common and last long... Fever will not get recorded!

    6) Pressure on brow line - This is because of your brow chakra getting activated slowly. It  feels as if some one is pushing in between your eyes right above the brow line.

    7) Headaches - Very natural. It is because of the entire body getting rewired. The headaches are pretty bad. More than migrane!!!


    You have been going through the spiritual awakening process. The entire DNA would change in the whole process. Spiritual awakening is very physical and mental also. Ofcourse spiritual too. It woudl be the most difficult process that any human being will ever go through on the planet! You get to loose lot of things. Your financial situation will go bad as well. Your mental thought patterns will change. You

  • Hello, it is nice to see that you are in the process of your own unveiling.  I am in the process of mine as well.  The feelings that you are feeling are real.  As stated from other people.  We have been asleep for many different cycles.  We are coming back to our true nature within.  YOU NEED to start white lighting yourself for protection,  You are in a very pivitol point where negative entities are trying to keep you from the truth within.  Thats why you feel things brush up against you, touch you and fear comes in to play.  The more you become concious the more you become aware of these things.  Also, you seem to be a clairvoyant.  These visions that you are having are real.  Your dreams are really the spirit world.  These visions you have when you are awake and you close your eyes are real places, and real people.  Continue on your gourney and remember LOVE is the only real thing in this world, everything else is an illusion.  It is a very fun and exiting time. 

      Peice be with you, Much Love, Heffe1

  • I have had the same symptoms these past 6 months and have researched SO much about ascension.  To the point that I am over saturated -at times- with info.  There is a lot of different info too so now is the time to be discerning on your own and if it feels right then it is okay FOR YOU.  Dreams are amazing, I feel like I wake up not tired but like I had been working hard  while asleep so I ask my guides to just let me sleep through-or take the night off.  What am I working on at night? At this moment I don't know but it all feels good so I know I'm on the right path.  I'm also not needing as much sleep as I used too. The analogy that I like is this: when first on the road to ascension it's like being in a plane at take off.  You really feel the g forces and the pressure but once in the air cruising along you feel normal again.  Make no mistake though, you are still in the air and cruising along, your body has just acclimated to it that's all. So it is with you.   I would like someone to talk to about it too, it does feel a bit lonely but I'm sure as the yibes keep coming down to us we will be the seasoned ones that will reassure  others on this path.  As far as meat goes, I'm not worrying about it as long as I'm not supporting the mills that supply the adrenaline pumped meat of these poor animals.  Animals have incarnated for this purpose and on a subconcious level they know this but it is we humans who have lost respect for them. I think in a short while every thing, including our bodies ,will change and we will lose the need for that kind of fuel.  I may have upset a lot of people with this opinion but I do think that there are different body types who need different fuel types.  This has been part of our 3D lesson and if we go back to the indiginous people we see how it can be done with respect and love.  I wouldn't beat yourself up over it please, this is about self forgiveness and love, no judgements.  Namaste
  • Beloved all dear ones, during this Stellar Activation Cycle energies are draging from bouths sides, the old program and the "new" (actually pri-ancient eternal timeless/blueprint) program.

    It's an exciting time, for celebrating the inner krist consciousness and the return of true omni love

    "True Love saves no space for "I hate you" and never makes rom for selfishnes or blame, onec you felt it's bliss there will be no shame on me to play games unless there its tribulot presuit or scrambel. Love is never a battle, nor those it stand next to hate with a thin line between them. It can only be described as a realisation of knowing that we are a infinite expanding expression of god source that steppd down to an individuation of consciousness in the third dimensional frequency bands to stare into the eyes of another and hope to remember ourself just for the fun of it. Staring into our own reflection and recognise the beauty we choose to forget, and then admire. Love can only hold the posture of grace and for that it is greater than anger and envy. Love knows no enemy couse it can be friend the darkest of men causing them to remember what they are truly made of." by TraNaTAe

    Lava Blessings,
  • Love and Light back to you :D.
  • you are very welcome :D.   Maybe this story you are writing is some memories from past experiences you are remembering, if so you should definately keep writing.  If not then I'm sure it will be a wonderful piece. 

    it makes me really happy to know the people on this planet are waking up.   

    sometimes I still feel insane and like ALOT of people wont wake up, but thats wuts supposed to happen if it does.   what is this story about?

  • Randude,

    The part you wrote about writing and reading is true.  But sometimes even that doesn't work.  I feel like something big is really happening to me though.  On Saturday morning I had a dream and it wasn't anything spectacular but more like some kind of strange awakening.  When I woke up that morning, I jumped out of bed and started pacing.  The dream I had has driven me to write a book and I am not a writer...lol I mean really!  It's actually a bit of a horror story but in the end it will have turned out to be a spiritual awakening of some sort.  The strange thing is I only remember the middle of the dream and the beginning and ending just came to me.  And like I said I am not a writer.  But I am doing it now and really deep down it is something I have wanted to do.  

    I thank you for sharing your experience with me and it did help me very much!

    Much love and light to you!

  • Karma's Helper, 

    Thank you for all that everything you wrote brought up a  lot of emotions in me and all good one's, beautiful ones.

    I thank you for that whole heartedly.  

    Much love and light to you!

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