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Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment Blog Talk Radio, On Line Radio Show

Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment Blog Talk Radio, On Line Radio Show

Are you a Starseed? Have you activated your Higher Dimensional Aspects? Are you experiencing the Multi-Dimensional nature of your Soul? Now is the time to anchor the frequencies of our higher selves into the 3rd dimension and remember our Souls are who we really are. Join us for our powerful and transformative EXPERIENTIAL program. We will come together as Lightworkers and Way-Showers to anchor the Creator frequencies with Mother Gaia for the benefit of this joyous and beautiful planet we live on. We will be sharing the tools and techniques to fully integrate all aspects of our total being into our Conscious Awareness, and Divine Knowing. This process utilizing a Guided Meditation accesses a higher group intention with each episode of “Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment.” All of us who participate will move forward in our quest to integrate the divinity within each of us. The program?s host; Marcus H will be available via Skype Voice or phone for personalized consultations after the show or other pre scheduled time , one on one as needed.
Divine Love and Blessings from the Creator Consciousness within my soul essence to all of yours, through which we are all one.
Soul Evolution Journey through Self Empowerment: My new website
I teach out of a group called Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment if you're interested.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Special Guest Bobbie G Jan 24 2010

Bobbie G has always sought to understand this varied, often confusing, delightful, yet challenging journey called life. Why have we come to physical existence? Why do we struggle so intensely with our journey here? Why don’t we get along better with our fellow human travelers? What is God? She had so many question seeking answers. Some answers she found in different religions and some in school and college. Many answers were found in discussions and interactions with various individuals while more came through her personal journey of the discovery of life. The most profound answers have come since she was introduced to Gregory. In 1989 Bobbie G was introduced to Gregory through readings by her friend and gifted channel, Teri Cummings. Gregory is Bobbie’s personal spirit guide—what one might call a guardian angle. Gregory is part of a continuum of spiritual masters she now calls The Gregory Continuum who are here to guide humanity into a new level of personal and planetary awareness and awakening. Bobbie’s life is about helping people. The Gregory wisdom is one of the ways she helps individuals understand, improve, and enjoy their lives more fully. She feels blessed that her life is about expanding spiritual awareness for herself and others as we all journey to find our highest calling and manifest the lives we were born to live.

Show Date 1/24/2010 8:00 PM Eastern USA Show Time

souls-evolution-journey-Welcomes Karen Cressman and the Wiseones Feb 7th 2010

Souls-Evolution-Journey through self Empowerment WELCOMES Intuitive/Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient Healer & Teacher; Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach & The Voice of THE WISE ONES, KAREN CRESSMAN KAREN is The Interpreter & The Voice for a group of ascended masters that call themselves THE WISE ONES, helping all of us shift to a loving universal consciousness that will assist each of us & the planet to flow with the ascension process occurring at this time. They choose to speak with us around the new moon each month because the new moons bring new opportunities, new information, new projects & are the perfect time to begin what is next.

Show Date 2/7/2010 8:00 PM Eastern USA Time Zone

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes LEILANI SCHMIDT Feb 21 2010

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes LEILANI SCHMIDT, The CEO/Producer of the Universal Spiritual Connection® Worldwide live Radio Talk Show, a International Speaker, Spiritual Healer/Teacher and a Universal Mind Channel.Leilani has been a professional in the field of Holistic Health for 38 years. She is a Certified Hawaiian Kahu and the Founder/Instructorr of the Multi ~ Dimensional Healers®of Arizona.Leilani is also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Transpersonal Master Hypnotherapies, Iridologist, Beyonder 1 and a Certified Past Regression Master. Leilani, the founder is known by many as the foremost expert on the evolution of the human consciousness. She is in constant communication with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light,andever mindful of the vigilance and the importance of working with the Highest Source Connection. Leilani is an unusually powerful healer facilitator. She is a friend ~ a beacon of great compassion and patience who holds the hand of God and extends the other to us. From a depth of serious spiritual resonance to the joyful art of play, she encompasses the gamut of the spirit. Born telepathic and clairvoyant, Leilani teaches others to “see” from a higher and more divine perspective, while connecting others to the higher source connection. Leilani offers the “active” empowerments for those whom are ready to work within the Higher Source Connection. Each of these active empowerments is intended as a key for you to integrate the higher frequency. Additional Therapies:•Therapeutic Touch• DNA reconnection/Readings•StarSeedHealing• 16 Lotus PetalsHealing•Certified Kahu• Certified Universal Mind Channeling•Beyond 1• Cranial Sacral Therapy In addition to an active teaching schedule in Arizona, Leilani maintains a private practice offering healing, counseling, classes and speaking engagements. The CEO/Producer of the Universal Spiritual Connection® live radio talk show. healing, counseling, leilani

Show Date 2/21/2010 8:00 PM Eastern USA Time Zone

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Barbara Reynolds March 7 2010

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Repeating Special Guest: Barbara Reynolds is a Life Coach, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author who runs the Center for Divinely Guided Healing in Oklahoma. She has learned that everything that is happening in her life starts within her thoughts, feelings and beliefs. She has also learned how to change her thoughts, feelings and beliefs which has changed her life enormously! She uses divine guidance combined with the knowledge that she has gained tackling her own fears/issues to quickly and easily assist others in tackling theirs. Most issues/fears can be handled in one to four 20 minute sessions. Releasing one fear/issue will often automatically release others. Her clients can feel the weight of their fears/issues dissolving in the sessions. She is always willing to answer questions and does so on her weekly radio show here on blog talk radio. She invites you to come and join her each Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (cst) on Blog Talk Radio, as she spends 30 minutes on her show 'Getting the Answers To Life's Questions'. She is a Reiki Master and she has trained in a variety of energy healing methods (i.e., Kundalini Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Abundance Reiki, Shamballa, and Ethereal Crystals, etc.). She has been guided to develop Thought Transformation and Soul Clearings. She also works with, Channeling, EFT (Emotional Healing Technique), Z-Point, The Work, Ho'oponopono, ETHOS Method, Meditation, TAT, and Forgiveness as well as many others. Barbara Reynolds Life Coach/Spiritual Healer Transforming your life into Joy! The Center for Divinely Guided Healing

Show Date 3/7/2010 8:00 PM Eastern USA Time Zone

souls-evolution-journey-discuses-shamanism-March 21 2010

We will be discussing Shamanism and other related topics. Cynastry and Shaman John will be joining us tonight. More Shaman Shows to come. Shaman John is a gifted intuitive healer who uses eclectic methods from many different modalities of treatment. These methods include Native American traditions, Eastern traditions, plus using energetic fields, and holistics. His practice can be accessed with physical or long distance treatments. True empowerment of his treatments always depends on the individuals intention. These treatments can be miraculously life changing. Cynastry's Blogtalk radio show Link is:

Show Date 3/21/2010 8:00 PM Eastern USA Time Zone

Soul Evolution Journey Welcomes Bonnie and Penelope with The One Command April 18 2010

Bonnie’s bio:
Bonnie Strehlow is a coach, intuitive counselor and seminar leader with 20 years of experience in the healing field helping you clear the physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals, living your dreams and feeling vibrantly healthy. Growing up intuitive, she can hear between the lines and quickly get to the heart of the underlying issue. She got her first taste of making a difference in someone’s life when working as a clown and she has been hooked ever since. Her background includes working with special education students, as a sign language interpreter, a social worker and with a wide variety of advanced healing modalities. In everything she does, Bonnie helps to guide you from where you are to where you want to be and to have fun in the process of change. People who work with Bonnie find their lives changing in amazing ways in a very short time.
She has been facilitating workshops and seminars since 1989 and enjoys helping others learn to live in their own magnificence.
“We all have within us the wisdom and resources to live fully in the moment with joy, health, energy, engagement, passion and prosperity. We simply need to decide we’re ready and have the courage to start on the path to greater emotional satisfaction and physical health.”

Penny’s bio:
Penelope Jensen is an intuitive animal communicator that has always had a special way and”knowing” with animals. She grew up in an environment that supported a greater awareness of who we are beyond our human experience. After 20 years in customer service, an injury gave her the opportunity to start on her true path. She began working with people and their animal companions to achieve better understanding, to create deeper bonds and a more harmonious home. Penelope studied and received certification for these techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique Level II Practitioner, One Command Seminar Leader, Commanding Wealth Circle Facilitator, and ThetaHealing™ DNA2 Practitioner. Her other areas of study besides the theta brain state include powerful and effective communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Penelope also offers her services to humans. Often our animal friend’s behavior is a reflection of our own inner journey, acknowledged or not.

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