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  • Thanks for the welcome and add-many blessings on your path!! Namste-MorningStar
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  • Passing by your page ... many blessings
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Manchester, NH


March 2

About Yourself

To work collectively to co-create together with the spiritual tools and techniques from creator and the spiritual hierarchy. The true connection with them is through the aspect of creator consciousness within each of our own souls; it is through this shared divinity our oneness with all of creation. I teach self-empowerment through a sharing of Multi Dimensional and Multi Universal tools and techniques. These include a holographic crystal sphere, soul resonance projector. with Sacred Geometry and various higher universal frequencies from Creator, Metatron, and multi verse Christ, etc. I believe... that we are integrating all the aspects of our multi dimensional soul essence into our awareness on many levels. This includes the higher frequencies of creator from the higher dimensions of this universe and for some of us true wayshowers we are capable to integrate/ receive activations of/ and anchor the higher frequencies from the higher universal aspects of Creator Consciousness. As we are multi dimensional beings as you all know, we are a part of the collective consciousness of Creator of this univese. In addition, Creator is part of a multi verse Creator Consciousness, through which we are also a part.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Creator, My Guides, My over soul, Angels, Ascension Teams, Healing Teams

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Nov 2, 2020
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Universal Harmonics Panel initial invite February 2011 I am planning a blogtalkradio show on To have a panel of multi d / multi universal conscious channelers, that channel universal harmonics, through voice,…
Feb 8, 2011
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"We Are Oneness"
Mar 9, 2010
Marcus Healing4innerpeace posted a blog post
Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment Blog Talk Radio, On Line Radio Show you a Starseed? Have you activated your Higher Dimensional Aspects? Are you experiencing the Multi-Dimensional nature…
Feb 10, 2010

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 Jesus Was a Mystic and Used White Magic The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. Blessings Beautiful Family of Light, Today I am being Guided By Christos to expose the Truth of his Time as a Human on this Planet.…
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"good to know there is a "network" of starseeds who are active with the GFL on the ground, it has maybe really already happened in the higher dimensions and has only to materialize here at our level ;) have a great weekend my friend"
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