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The First Soul Insight

Soul Insights by Andreana Ocean
About Andreana and the insights
Andreana Ocean among other things is a soul explorer who has set out to release a set of soul insights gathered from interviews conducted with souls. Some of these are currently incarnated in physical form and some not. The information is gathered using a number of different methods including but not exclusively regression and channelling and through different sources other than her own intuition and connection.
The information produced in these Soul Insights are not the views of Andreana herself; but a portrayal of the views of different souls. She is acting as a reporter and representative for the freedom of the expression of souls both through the people they are currently sharing a life with; from the guides of those people or other souls that have connected to share their view of this time and their own unique journey.
The soul story of An-da-raous
Many people have heard of souls but if you ask people what a soul is then sometimes the explanation can vary vastly. My interpretation is our soul is us in our purest form; it is us at the highest vibrational point we have managed to reach. Our soul is the ever evolving version of ourself that is constantly seeking to explore itself through both positive and negatively based experiences.
This exploration through different circumstances and experiences then gives each soul or pure form the chance to make choices of who they wish to be. What part of their experience do they feel represents them more accurately and where do they go on their next step to knowing themselves more? Every part of creation has choice or free will; and how we use this can shape us completely.
Every soul has completely different goals; motivations; energetic makeup and creational purposes. Each soul journey or story is completely different to the next and by taking glimpses into their journeys we can find a little bit of their truth which can hopefully lead to the questions that may show you your own truth.
Depending on your own soul’s evolvement will depend on how you resonate and interpret the information from the soul insights as well as how much you are influenced by your human based emotions or are connected to your highest pure self.
The information here will bring forward different emotions in everyone and I am in no way asking anyone to take this as their truth simply to allow themselves the opportunity to expand their consciousness through the possibilities these soul insights give.
Andreana will be represented with an AO: and the soul or pure form PF:
AO: Are you male or female
PF: I am male
AO: What is your soul name?
PF: An-da-raous
AO: Are you known by other names
PF: Some have nick names for me so I can be known be many different things. The way souls use their names is different to how people do
AO: In what way
PF: Some souls gain names almost like titles if they achieve something so they can be known as many different things to many different souls
AO: So if you have more names does that sometimes mean that you have achieved more
PF: It can do yes. We are always evolving and our names can evolve with that change. You will always have the name you were created with but some now use other names
AO: What would you prefer to be known as here?
PF: Raibo
AO: Can you tell more about your soul energy Raibo; how it feels and if you can your creation purpose
PF: I was created with the elements of high energy manipulation; a sort of healing energy as you would know it on Earth and also with the energy of animals
AO: The energy of animals; what do you mean by that
PF: Every soul is connected to animals in some way but it was part of my creational energy because of the purposes that I was created for
AO: Can you tell me more about the purpose that you were created for
(Every soul when created is formed from a part of consciousness of all that is and with a purpose and intention that fits into the larger picture of the whole)
PF: I was created to help restore peace on Earth and unite energies
AO: When you say unite energies can you expand on this for me please
PF: The human race sees themselves as singular, even those who know they have a spiritual purpose forget that creation involves many things and everything
AO: When you say many things can you be more specific
PF: Animals; plants even the air around you is all energy and connected and in forgetting any one aspect of this you in turn forget and are disconnected to yourself
AO: So if you are here to unite energies are there specific areas that your soul has decided to work with
PF: Yes with animals and their connection with people
AO: What kind of connection are you talking about
PF: A connection that is based more spiritually and that helps in the spiritual progress of both humans and animals
AO: So do animals have soul agreements and plans in the same way that humans do
(Soul agreements are made before each lifetime and can span many lifetimes. They are a set of objectives and goals that the soul wishes to complete successfully. These can be personal goals but many souls also have goals that involve a much bigger picture of evolution)
PF: Many of the animals have far more important tasks than many human souls
AO: Why is that
Pf: Because animal souls were created before human souls and also because they remain more connected with their soul during lifetimes
AO: So do animals remember their soul histories
PF: Yes they do
AO: Are there circumstances which would cause them to forget
PF: Abuse can cause them to disconnect and also their spirituality being ignored
AO: So are some animals here for very specific reasons
PF: Most are here for very specific reasons and this is especially true of certain species
AO: Which species are here in particular with a spiritual purpose
PF: Horses are one of the chosen species
AO: Horses have been very prominent in human history and helped with our development in many areas of industry and even war. Have they always been here to help spiritually as well, or is that just now because of this time
PF: They have always been our spiritual partners even though we may not have seen it like that. Their involvement in our spiritual evolution now needs to increase and be understood
AO: Is your soul here at this time to help with any part of that understanding
PF: I am here to help the spiritual development of animals and increase people’s awareness of our connection with them and how we can advance through understanding and working with them more
AO: is this an area your soul has worked on in other lifetimes
PF: Yes
AO: How many lifetimes have you incarnated on Earth
Pf: 32 times on Earth
AO: and have you incarnated on other planets
PF: Yes on three others in this universe
AO: How does incarnation differ on other planets both in terms of physicality and the purpose of incarnation on those planets
PF: I incarnated on other planets to prepare more for my lifetimes here. The level of physicality depends on different planets but you retain your full memories of who you are. The idea of these planets is that you get to explore an aspect of physicality to get used to how to remain connected to your soul and you can also choose to work on other developmental areas that are specific to you
AO: Are there areas that you chose to work on during incarnations on other planets and if so what were they
PF: I wanted to work on my ability to manipulate energy more so that I could become a stronger healer on Earth. I also wanted to learn more about different energy dynamics such as working with darker or dense energy
AO: So is it much harder to work with energy on Earth than on these other planets
PF: It is hard in the sense that so little is still known about it so you are not taught during lifetimes how to and also because the energy is harder to interpret because we become disconnected with our own life force; our soul
AO: Do you feel this is something that can change on Earth
PF: It is something that must if you are to gain a better understanding and appreciation of life.
AO: So are you saying we must understand energy more to understand and evolve ourselves and as a planet
PF: That is one of the things yes
AO: you mentioned dark energy; just what do you mean by that
PF: Dark energy is like strong emotions; some that can be considered bad but it is only ever the use of things that is bad and not the energy itself
AO: Can you explain more please
PF: Anger for example can be changed to passion and drive and put towards a good purpose or it can be used to be harmful to yourself and others. Ignoring these emotions and not understanding them does not change that they are there. I wanted to learn more about how to work with them especially because Earth has so many of these dark emotions and energies that need to be used for good and not destructive purposes
AO: In this lifetime are there other goals and ambitions you set out in your soul agreements and if it is appropriate can you please tell me them
PF: Within this lifetime I wanted to complete a mission that I signed up for not long after my adolescent stage of soul development. I wanted to come to Earth and incarnate until mankind is free of negative outside influence and they are able to experience free will in the form it was meant
AO: Do you not feel that we express and experience free will on Earth
PF: You feel that you do but so many of you are not free mentally and are controlled by so many factors that it would be impossible for you to make a decision based on your own consciousness and choice
AO: Do you feel that in order for people to be truly free then that they need to free their minds and raise their consciousness
PF: It is essential
AO: Are there other souls that you are working with to achieve this
PF: Yes there are many; some that incarnate and some that support. Some of these souls have been working on this mission long before my creation and involvement
AO: Are you saying that not all souls are created at the same time
PF: I do not have full knowledge of other souls creations but I only know that there are souls that are older than mine especially those out of this universe
AO: So there are other Universes
PF: I am not the best soul to talk about these things as it is beyond my access level for my stage of development
AO: So I would need to talk to either an older soul or one with a higher level of access
PF: Yes that is correct
AO: ok… thank you for clearing that up for me. Can we talk about the kind of relationships you have experienced as a soul
PF: Yes
AO: Have you had partners or girlfriends on a soul level and how many
PF: I have had five partners in pure form
AO: Are you currently with a partner
PF: No I am not
AO: Is there a reason that you are not with a partner
PF: My personal development is not complete and at the moment it is not a suitable time for me to be concentrating on romantic connections because I have a task to do
AO: So for you are you saying that your soul agreements and the mission on Earth is more important at this time than any romantic connection
PF: Yes it would be too distracting and I have allowed that to happen before
AO: Can you explain what you mean by that
PF: I was at a really crucial part of my development and I became attached to another younger soul. There was a strong energetic attraction that you would experience as sexual attraction and it meant that my energy field was weakened in other areas and it blocked my progress. It also had a negative impact on her energy field and development
AO: So souls do experience a type of sexual energy and connection
PF: Yes but it is so much more than that. It is a much higher frequency than you know on Earth and far more powerful. You have to connect to them in other ways and your soul energies must match in other ways. I am not an expert in this field so I may struggle to explain
AO: ok but you are saying that the expression of sexual love is more complex energetically than it is on Earth
PF: It is more complex on Earth but you understand so little about energy interactions you do not always see the damage it can do or the way to use it so that it is a more positive connection
AO: Can you explain a bit more please… even if it is just from your perspective about the relationships you experienced that you feel had negative implications for you and the other soul
PF: I had incarnated with a female soul and we had shared a lifetime in Africa on a mission to help preserve an animal species. We had been romantically connected in that lifetime and when we came back to pure form it meant that our energies had become more suitable for sexual activity and connection. This does not mean that it is always right and she was a younger soul than me and not as adept at controlling her energy. When two souls connect it is best when both are of very similar and matched frequency so that the two benefit and one does not drain the other or both drain one another. Unfortunately we both pursued the connection and once souls connect in this way you merge with one another; it is the most entwined of ways and it can be difficult to disconnect.
AO: thank you for sharing that… it was very interesting and I am understanding more about the complex nature of energetic interactions we experience in pure form and on Earth. Do you mind me asking what the outcome was for you and the female soul
PF: We were both unable to incarnate due to our connection and I missed a very important lifetime with other members of the mission. Her development was also delayed and our interaction left her quite depleted on a soul level because she was not used to this level of energetic connection.
AO: Was this her first sexual experience with another soul
PF: Yes
AO: As the older or more experienced soul do you feel that you should have tried to stop the connection
PF: It would have been very difficult but yes I feel that would have been best as it resulted in not only both of us being affected but my team needed me on Earth and my energy was not as it should have been so I had to support in different ways instead
AO: Do you not feel that you were as useful as a guide or support
PF: No I am a front line soul not a supporter
AO: Is there a difference and what is it
PF: Some swap between the two roles others take one or the other. I am a front line soul and incarnate to get the job done… I don’t like to support
AO: your energy is very strong as you say that, it feels like something you are very passionate about
PF: All souls work hard but front line souls sacrifice a lot and risk a lot to do the role they do. I was very proud when I was asked to work within the team of souls I do and I felt that I had let them down and most importantly myself
AO: Were any of the souls in your team angry with you
PF: I was angry with myself; most of them are very progressed souls so they would not get angry; it’s sort of below them. That’s not to say they are not passionate but there would be nothing to be gained through making me feel any worse than I did.
AO: In this team of souls are they from this Universe
PF: Some are but more are not; they are from more advanced Universes
AO: Are you able to tell me more
PF: It is not my place to talk about them or those Universes or the right time… people need more understanding
AO: ok… I understand that different souls have different levels of access and are only allowed or wish to speak about the things that are within their understanding. Is this so that the information is not mis-represented
PF: that is one of the reasons; a more experience soul with a high level overview would do the questions and information more justice.
AO: Is there anyone that you feel would be relevant to talk to about these things
PF: My guide would be able to talk more
AO: Who is your guide
PF: The more relevant one is Elyssa
AO: Thank you I will connect to her on a separate occasion. Can we return to some more information on animals and their souls
PF: Yes I would like that
AO: Were animals ever created to be eaten by man
PF: No
AO: Are animals happy to incarnate on Earth
PF: Many animals will not incarnate on Earth; it is a very harsh planet for animals even though they have been essential to man’s development and survival
AO: Does eating animals negatively impact on a person’s spiritual evolution
Pf: On theirs and that of the planet as well
AO: Do you think people will be upset by this information
PF: Many will not accept it but for those who can, great progress can be made in their development
AO: Do all souls have soul guides when they are in incarnation
PF: Every soul is connected to animal energy even if they are not created with it, but not all are supported by animal guides during incarnation
AO: Is there a reason for some people not having animal guides
PF: Animals have a choice who they work with; some people do not deserve the attention and energy that animal souls and guides can give
AO: Can you explain what you mean; do animal guides work differently to other guides
PF: Animal guides merge with your energy to enhance your abilities; they give you strength when you need it and they can choose to give you their energy if they feel you deserve it
AO: So you mean they join with you as such… do other guides not do this
PF: They can lend you their energy but would not join and merge with your own… the way animals can use their energy is unique and wonderful
AO: It sounds amazing. So it’s a good thing to have an animal guide
PF: Yes
AO: What are the qualities that animals look for in people then; both souls and in physical form
PF: Respect, equality and freedom in that order
AO: Are animals treated more equally in pure form by other souls than on Earth
PF: They are equal and many of them are far more advanced than humanoid souls
AO: Again your energy was really strong on that point; is this something that you feel strongly about
PF: It is something many feel strongly about and a point that so few people understand on Earth
AO: Can you explain more so that I understand exactly what you mean
PF: On Earth animals are used for the betterment of mankind with very little regard of what that animal wants from their existence. We forget how much of our own survival has depended completely on animals and have lost sight of the higher meaning of our relationship with them
AO: Are animals on Earth happy
PF: Many are not but how could they be. Even those who do not mean to be are cruel
AO: What do you mean
PF: They humanise the animal and don’t think about their needs as that species or they think of them as a lower life form that is there just to meet human needs like slaves. We finally understood that treating other people as lower life forms is wrong based on differences such as colour or sex. The final awakening will only come when we see ALL life as equal
AO: So are you saying that in treating animals as lower than us we are being abusive
PF: Not so much that in itself is an abuse but often we don’t take into consideration the emotional needs of animals let alone their spiritual or developmental needs. Animals differ just as people do. Not every horse wants to be ridden but then again not every horse wants to stand all day in a field eating grass. They are all different and need to be treated as such. Equal but individual and most of all as highly spiritual beings that have as good if not better reason for existing here
AO: I am not sure we are even very good at understanding individuality amongst people let alone animals
PF: There is a way to go but it starts with thinking about these concepts and asking yourself questions
AO: So the questioning of how and why is the start to opening our minds and increasing our frequency
PF: Exactly
AO: And in doing that do we become more connected with creative consciousness
PF: It is the way that it starts. Do not accept things because they have always been that way; question why things are done and if there is a better way; a more enlightened way. You don’t need to have all the answers but the questioning is the start and important
AO: Thank you for that insight and the others that you have given; is there anything else that you feel you need to share
PF: Only that people need to know more about who they are as individuals and then the larger picture of how they fit into the creative cycle of existence. Now is the time for knowledge and understanding
AO: Thank you again
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