This question was asked in Italian. I think your question is will we be turning on the grids of love with the help of the Dolphins and Whales to bring love to this planet in 2017? I know a little Italian from singing Italian Arias and opera as a music major.

But, I think this is the correct answer. If anyone out there speaks better Italian than I do, please tell me the full meaning of this question.

The answer is absolutely-YES, I have been working continuously with the Dolphins and Whales as I Astral Travel every night to check on and re formulate the Tectonic Plates. The Dolphins work with me sending their Trinary Language through a Sonar Wave into the Dolphin Councils of the Pleiadian Cluster.

This Wave of information is given to me- Mary Magdalene and Elaika to translate into the next set of information for moving the Tectonic Plates into the most perfect possible alignment where the Ascension Portals could open. As I was doing this Tectonic Plate alteration with the Dolphin Councils, I was able to stop three major Earthquakes that would had killed millions of people. And this work has moved many of the problems of the Pacific Coast further into the future.

Yeshuwa tells me that I am Mary Magdalene

Oraphim Raceline of the INDIGOS


This new group of you tubes includes Mary Magdalene life as a mermaid Mary's Spirit Guide describes Ascension Plans Mary's Dolphin Lover and Twin Flame Dolphins guide Mary in Portal Work Mother Gaia's Life Extension Stargates open New Future Yeshuwa Confirms that I am the Female Christ Frequency Why the Coast will Fall in the Ocean Yes, it is true that the Dolphin and Whale Songs are transmissions of the pure love frequency which penatrates beyond time and space.

The Dolphins use their trinary language with the Pleiadian alignment and the Whales communicate with the Andromeda Councils. This means the Pleiadian Dolphins hold the fifth dimensional frequency and the Whales hold the eighth dimensional frequency. These dimensions were held by them while I was holding the fourth dimensional frequency of the Earth's Grid. All of the Frequencies of Consciousness that were pure love resonation with the ANGELIC ORIGINAL CREATION REALM were pouring through the Ascension Portals when we opened them.

I have been placing these DOLPHIN AND WHALE SONGS OF LOVE in my music continuously over the past eight years as we opened the Portals together. I created the collection of these frequencies in the Magic Dolphin Therapy and Cosmic Dolphin Therapy and the Mother Ship Set. The Mother Ship Set was created as the entire Cetacean Nation Council of the Oraphims who were called the Ceras Konchan Raceline of the Original Angelic Consciousness sent the Love Frequencies through their Trinary arrangement through ME.

When I was a Mermaid and my Cosmic Twin was a Dolphin, 400 million years ago, we began this same process of aligning the entire Universe into the Father Mother God Creation Realm. The process that was begun at that time has finally been restored this time. Our mission was completed October 2, 2016.

Now, this DOLPHIN LOVE can flow more easily into the realms of our Water and into their Grids in the Underwater Cities of Light, and this will greatly help with the Flow of Love that many others are placing into the original Elohim Grids that were created millions of years ago. There are many different projects of Ascension taking place on Earth right now. The Ascension Portals were the most VITAL and IMPORTANT part of this entire project because those 12 Portals were re connected into the God World directly. There are other Grids on Earth being connected into the Original First Race Line of the Universe, which was the Elohim Race Line.

That Race Line is actually now the Eieyani and Azurite Race Line. Those are the Grids that the Grid Workers are activating together with the Elohim Councils. The Dolphins and Whales are working on the Pleiadian and Andromeda connections. The Essasanes are working with the Moon. The Human Colony is working on a project of healing with several race lines. There are thousands of groups working with Planet Earth right now to help with this next phase of re connecting our Consciousness into our Over Soul Family. My last conversation with Yeshuwa ben Joseph helped me understand the meaning of what it is to be re connected with the Over Soul Consciousness, and why it has long been prophesized that Christ Consciousness would be returned to Earth and that Christ would be born again on Earth and that we would all become Christ.

Yeshuwa told me that he was the only one who could come to Earth directly from the God World and be born with his complete memory of who he was and everything that has, does and ever will exist in the God World itself. Even when I came to Earth with Yeshuwa directly from the God World, I did not have my complete memory as did Yeshuwa. We were both the exact same ASPECTS of the God Creation Realm, however Yeshuwa carries the MEMORY with him. What it means to be born with Christ Consciousness is to be born remembering what it was like in the Spiritual Over Soul Realm when one is born on Earth.

There will be no more difference between what is believed to be true or not true about the Spiritual Reality because every one on Earth will REMEMBER the COMPLETE CONSCIOUSNESS of Eternal Life. This is the project that those of us who are connecting with this newsletter and my website. We are working on REMEMBERING ourselves as this original Christ Consciousness who has been born with Amnesia for millions of years. And we are getting a lot of help from all of the 12 Star Systems, because all of those who have any memory left of our original reality, want to have this restored. The project that I am working on is a little different. I am here with the Co-Creation Team.



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