Solar eclipse photos

Hello all! We took these this morning from Cairns on our friend's balcony. It was surreal. The sun looked like the moon through eclipse glasses and the light got dimmer, and the birds went quiet as we had the total eclipse. What was also weird was that we could see a fire pattern of shadows moving on the driveway from the ring during this time. Then it was daylight again and the birds all came back out to fly around and discuss it. We feel very priviledged to have witnessed this! It's been really cloudy and rainy so nobody was too expectant. Last night we sang songs about clear skies and sunshine on our shoulders and today there was a clear area with a full view. One scientist who was up here said he saw stars in the sky whilst it was occurring. Nature watchers said it would have been the shortest day ever, for animals. 8108862456?profile=original  


before the total eclipse


during total eclipse


with tripod


after - the sun is still nearly fully covered but it's so bright it's hard to tell

the next one is blurry because the remote control wouldn't work.


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  • Fun and games, lol :)

  • great photos we were stuck inside in nz so didnt get to see any thing but we are feeling grumpy,agitated,moddy. tearful,high.low. really all the emotions u can experience dont no if this is to do with the eclipse or not

    love lite always

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