So This is Ascension...

With the passing of noted dates and promises – the many hopeful hearts of the Earthen sphere feel a sense of dismay and uncertainty.  Why did nothing occur?  Perhaps Ascension happened and I missed it?  How come there are still Chemtrails?

This is an incremental process.  If the heavens had opened up, angels and aliens descended, and bad guys arrested, all at once – even the initiated would have suffered extreme mental distress.  We are born into a world-view comprehension of life as it happens to be. Unwritten physical / psychical laws that govern it, reside firmly in our minds.  To have that shattered – even if it is to usher in the Golden Age – is likely too much for any mind. As quickly as possible – we are being gently being brought into a new type of consciousness.

How would you have reacted if The Event had happened?  How would you feel if massive positive change had occurred by the work of others and outsiders?  What if you had not done that much as a light-worker, patriot or truth-seeker, or simply a parent – and it was done?  What if you as a priest, judge, cop, social-worker, nurse or doctor had yet to prove yourself a good human?  And then the world was made perfect by the hand of God or whatever and we were in that dimension now.  

That’s the notion that galls me.  That I had yet to do my part and prove my commitment to peace and liberty at the risk of my life.  Sure, I re-signed the original organic, thirteen amendment Constitution.  I blog strongly for liberty themes and undoubtedly the PTB know who I am.  I push for awareness and awakening the masses (which I now accept will largely not happen.)  I’ve acquitted myself well, but there is so much more I want to do before this game is won and over. 

I have learned / remembered this:  We are born with awarenesses and trends ingrained in our spirit. We find ourselves in roles we knew since we were kids, which is as it should be. Ascension and Patriot awareness and the interplay of that is my role.  I have never been different than this. OoBEs in my early teens and when I saw my first “Question Authority” bumper sticker I said, “Yes!”

We are the leaders and the one’s we have been waiting for.  Proof?  We are the ones writing and reading this.  We are developing sources of new-media that engender the New Age as we envision it.

Thus, “The 2012 Event” is the beginning of a walk towards a horizon where lies a New Earth.  It will be forged from our own consciousness and intention.  We are the actual positive change that proceeds forward into the future. The wages of tyranny are many and arrayed before us as distinct possibilities – timelines in potential. It is that NOW moment, at the edge of uncertainty that our intentions flip the switch to positive. Heisenberg’s cat lives!

Rejoice!  All our abilities and intentions are yet to be tested.  Time to do all those things you thought you should do, but missed or were too afraid.  Time to step up and be an integral part of the process – that you may forever carry in your heart the greatness that you are.  You will be able to say you were an instigator of the Ascension process.

Post 2012 it may seem that it is over, but no, it is starting.  Our faith has been handed what seems to be a setback.  And now we must proceed with blind faith, despite it seeming that it is not working.  I have never manifested anything without first getting knocked back by apparent failure.  Then, faith and vision and gratitude is offered again, without qualm and things start to happen.

So you have another chance to participate in Ascension and the enlightening of others.  You are here to teach by your mere presence.  Lead by demonstration, let others come to you when they detect the ineffable light and peaceful center that you are.  Find your way to contribute and see if you can make a business of it.  Seriously – you must be compensated for your specialty so you can continue to do it.  This is where prosperity has a chance to work for you.  You can start slow, gradual, but move towards a new economic vision of yourself.  

We’ve been give another chance to renew our commitment to the blind-faith contract we accepted coming here now.  We agreed to forget who we really are and face these severe challenges naked with only our faith in Christ Consciousness (for me) and little real-world support.  I have this funny thought that we were bidding in the tween-life for the soul incarnations available now and my higher-self goes, “Okay, I’ll do it broke, alone, threatened by tyranny AND I’ll take the military parents!”  Joke – great parents. 

Anyways – with our growing participation and involvement, now as we engender the New Age – we will know we were really part of it.  Something to tell the grandkids after all.  We were part of the Re-love-ution.  We manned the barricades for freedom and advancing consciousness. We suffered humiliation, yet followed our hearts. We risked taking a bullet for the future of all children. 

We convinced others to love – on faith alone.

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  • Thanks all for your comments!  It means a great deal to me.  There are many fixes and positive groups working on the financial / legal systems.  OPPT, NESARA, RV (ReValuation to gold).  These are but few actions on the political spectrum.  Consider American Kabuki as a resource for the neo-patriot side of Ascension.  "Until all men are free, no man is free." MLK  In other words – how can we hope to have a spiritual Ascension when our real-life is bogged down with seriously dysfunctional political systems and a govemob gone rogue? We have to do both, somehow.

  • David, so much of what you are saying is true.  Based on research I've done, it seems to me that someone, in fact, DID take action to free us.  Now we just need to, as a Humanity together, exercise our Creator-given right to Sovereignty.  You might find this information quite interesting:


  • I enjoyed reading this :) it resonates very well with my own thoughts. Only a small part of me wanted that "quick fix" that I and many others thought was going to happen before 2013. As the year of 2012 passed by more and more I realized that maybe I had to become more true to myself and stop putting my thoughts to "It will all be fine wihout doing something" to instead think "What matters is my own inner evolution, not the outer happenings in the world".

    It has been a very bumpy year, beliefs have been tested and shattered, waves of happiness and depressions have been equal and have followed a very distinguished pattern. But here we are, and to be honest it feels so good now that finally the "deadline" of 21st December is left behind us, we can start to really understand that the time is NOW to create our future and we must do it ourselves, with help of course. But nothing would ever happen if we just thought that we wouldn't have to first improve ourselves and take responsibility for the reality we all choose to create.

    It has always been a choice to live your life as a majority of either Love of Fear. If you want to choose a Service to other path or if you choose the path of Service to self.

    I don't blame all channelings that put out those "promises". It has always been up to us what we make of it. Maybe it was a test to see if we were mature enough to be a bit skeptical or to swallow everything that was said? Just because of this don't mean we are alone in this. We just have to start remember our missions and why we got here and align ourselves with this purpose.

    It is so exciting to know that you don't know what the future will look like :) for me it feels like have gone from a messy painting to a clean slate when we entered 2013. So let's start create what we want and let's start remember and connect to our higher-selves!


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