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Here we are,
ready for a deeper view,
let's go for the hills,
we are transparent jugglers at
the Festival of Light,
slidin down, singin our song.

Thinkin about , what it takes,
to be free, from the influences of
the past, to be in each moment,
shapin what to come------

Here we are,
at the brink of a new touch,
slidin down the hills,
that grows into future-----
keep on, don't loose the rythm,
this feels like bein more than

Can you feel it, itching
right under your skin,
can you feel it, your brain
is a kind of boilin-----
don't worry, cooked brains,
are good for some, cause
when their raw, they don't
work in harmony----------

Showers of GraceLight******


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