<a href=Breaking November 2021 News From Sananda!! These Are Your Planetary Liftoff Instructions!! A Great Chord Heard Around The World, Then Beams Of Light And Planetary Evacuation!! 11-18-21 [NEW]    PART 6 ~~MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER CHRISTOS–ESU IMMANUEL ‘JESUS’ SANANDA~~~THESE LAST DAYS~~~ADDENDUM~~~NOVEMBER 18, 2021 SANANDA:  I   AM THE ONE YOU CALLED ‘JESUS’ IMMANUEL.  MY CREATOR CALLS ME SANANDA.  I AM THE ONE WHOM YOU AWAIT.  I AM THAT I AM, I AM SANANDA. Greetings!  I have an important message for all Lightworkers and awakened ones.  I do not exclude any souled one either, for what I have to say is most important for all souled ones at this time. We are approaching rapidly the graduation of Mother Earth.  I know you have heard this phrase many times, but I assure you that you that her graduation is upon you.  It is not a matter of weeks or months, but of days and hours, as this is the final time for her to end the housing of a 3D civilization.
As I told you before, it takes years for a planet to flip on her/his axis. This event has been gradually coming since WWII, as you have been told. I, again, need to explain carefully about the evacuation process.   Everything is frequency or a vibrational level.  The Lighted Realms are of a higher frequency than you upon Earth, which is a 3D planet vibrating at a lower frequency than the Lighted Realms.  Therefore, your 3D vision is limited to a certain view.  You see and hear in 3D and cannot remember from whence you came.  Loss of memory is a part of any 3D world.    When the beam is given for all to step in to be lifted to safety, you are stepping into a higher frequency than Earth.  You have been advised to have no fear, as you do so, because fear lowers your frequency, and the higher vibration could be a problem to your physical body.  Of course, we have very advanced medical facilities aboard our craft, and ones that are standing by to take care of any problems if anyone needs assistance after being lifted off. There is nothing about which to be afraid, but it is advisable to heed well what I shall tell you.
You all have your great Mighty I AM PRESENCE or your GOD SPIRIT within which is connected to all the Lighted Realms.  WE ARE ONE.   You have the great power within to transmute by the Violet Flame of Violinio Germain all negativity within you to be uncreated. I do not mean just once, but constantly!  Any stress, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, worry about the past of anyone you have harmed, fretting about a physical ailment or any frustration at all, you can ask it to be transmuted from the lower octave in which you live to the higher octave of the Lighted Realms.  You must keep your frequency high when you step into the beam of LIGHT.  You need to realize that illness, pain and death are part of the illusion on this planet on which you chose to learn lessons.  It has been a tough schoolroom. There shall be a great chord struck heard over the entire world.  At that moment the beam shall be there for all those, who wish to step into, to be lifted off to safety.
 At that moment, as well, the veil of forgetfulness shall be lifted, and you shall know whence you came! Your memory shall be restored! Remember, you have that great power within to take this important advice, for you have a world in transition. Earth shall flip without warning.  We of the Lighted Realms shall be given that exact time the last few minutes before Earth is to flip, so we have 15 minutes of your time to evacuate the entire Earth before all cataclysms break loose. We are ready!  Are you ready?  Heed my advice, but always, it is your freewill to do so. SALU ESU IMMANUEL ‘JESUS’ SANANDA http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/sananda/news.php?q=1624981225
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