Another child died today, another child with whom you share 99% the same D.N.A. Another mother cried today, spilling water from the eyes that you might perspire, water all the same. We are all so similar, even across race, just as seven colors exist together inside of white light, a rainbow is not meant to be divided, we are reflections of one another. It goes much further, for you would never have tertiary color, unless we first blended our castes together. As the centuries of slavery and racism die, the bigotries heels are dug in, as people don't want to relinquish what they see makes them win, like creation is a game and they rolled lucky dice being born, so nice to be this color, this faith, this score; but what is a world with any form of bigotry but monochromatic? People divided ultimately like the laws of primary and tertiary color don't exist, reality become shades, black and white stark in the contrast as the only truth. Color does not separate, it blends. Black and white separate, just as the bull blindly charging, the bigots of the world share it's two toned perception of the world, unable to see the red cloth for what it is, all they see is a foreigners flag. If you don't live like blended color you become black and white and miss the matadors swords they have been hiding in plain sight the whole time. Conflicts of the world like the running of the humans, in a mad dash from what they don't understand, whipped into a frenzy by others who see the world in different colors to them. When that's all there is for you, you will not even master white light, and that's not all there is. There is Ultra Violet and Magenta and the frequencies go on and on. One cannot open up and expand into the universe you would say, if you spend your life bogged down in the semantics of the seven color split rainbow we express as different races of the same species. ‪#‎SHOCKEDLIKEASHATTEREDRAINBOWATTHEINDIFFERENCE‬

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  • Hi Stick, I do humbly apologise for my earlier typo.....yes, you saw what I actually intended, correctly...thanks..

    Oh and thanks for your music vid....I think you deserve a classic rap vid from me, in response...please enjoy..


    "~I know you meant 'YET Mikail believes...', Drekx. I've primarily tried to steer clear of the overtly racist shite he's been promoting on ACC"

  • So it's not about me then?

  • AsAbove


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  • Hey Stick, my bro I know how you feel about all this and it probably does drain you...I am empowered to act with vigour on your behalf, on this matter and I will defend those innocents whom he labels...Actually I'm the type, the more he fights me, the stronger I get.....

    No probs I empathise with your feelings on this...and glad that you have been getting out in those magnificent redwoods, you enjoy in beautiful, they are so massive and majestic, aren't they....? awesome my friend....and hope we can be ACC friends again...because in truth, we are on the same page...

    Kind regards, Drekx

  • ~I know you meant 'YET Mikail believes...', Drekx. I've primarily tried to steer clear of the overtly racist shite he's been promoting on ACC, as I've found that engaging the brand of ignorance he's peddling, merely stokes the fire. & on top of that, it's draining as hell. I've been enjoying the Redwoods in Northern Cali for the last number of days, so by comparison, Mikail's energy signature feels particularly depressing. At the same time, & even though we may not agree on all of the bullet points, I do appreciate you taking him to task on the beyond absurd idea of throwing all Jewish people under one belief system, or agenda. It's just silly... in a weird way, I actually feel for Mikail. It's gotta be a bitch to walk around in his skin. Too bad he seems to have forgotten it's 'color' only represents a infinitesimal fraction of who he really is... & has no more significance, than the color of his eyes. ~TemetNosce247 

  • For fudge sakes people haven't we learned our lesson yet I'm so sick of this karmic wheel of reincarnation don't you get it why we are all stuck.... Love each other as one mind one body one spirit..... Love the least of them for when you do you learn to love yourself.... It's so simple yet noone seems to get it... I want to beat my head thru a brick wall.... Can't you all see what can be accomplished if we act accordingly I. Love as one.... 

    You ever wonder why a duck keeps her ducklings together and she goes nuts if one strays because one alone without the family will be devoured by the fox.... So she chases them down pecking away at them to keep them together as one unit because as one unit they have a better chance at survival than if they were separate.

    So I'm handing this on a silver platter lay your differences aside love one another work as a unit because we are falling apart here and the fox is at the door if we don't keep it together humanity is doomed the sly fox will devoyr us picking us off one by one.... Doomed to repeat the karmic wheel of reincarnation.  

    If I need to be that mamma duck to hen peck us all into one unit again and flig off the predator I will but let's get it together family....

    Bob Marley.... One love..... One heart..... There's no separation in spirit..... Just oneness fullness completeness

    Time for fighting and hate is done... So please love love love....

  • Good observations Stick....I must say I have recently been somewhat exasperated by Mikail's blatant racist statements and obvious sentiments on ACC forums.....And as everyone here knows, I'm no Zionist, nor supporter of Zionists, YET Stick believes in the notion of a world divided by gentiles and jews.......With jews oppressing gentiles....I'm really concerned that some Jewish member, or members will find him so offensive, that he will be reported for anti-semitic hate speech....It is truly awful to have to read his insane ravings on the subject of "gentiles." He believes that communists and Jews are behind the world's current difficulties, in spite of it being obvious to the rest of us that US foreign policy and NATO have been the modern bullies upon the world stage.......And not all Jews are pro-Israel Zionists, so when he uses the term "Gentiles," he is labelling their counterparts, "Jews" as within a united camp...

    He fears all those foreigners "invading" Europe from worn-torn countries, such as those targeted by western policies.....with ruined infrastructures., and all victims of US/NATO aggression.......But to hide his embarrassment he blames "communists" for all this madness.....Oh and those who oppress "gentiles"......The guy has flipped his wig.

  • "All races were meant to have self determination, free from infiltration..." Read that with a thick German accent, Ashtar Massive & I dare you not to laugh. For fu#ks sake, Mikail!... that sounds like a line straight out of Hitlers diary ;-) & where, exactly, did you learn of this utter nonsense you're promoting as truth? The amount of backflips your doing to justify your racial fears would be amusing, if it wasn't so sad. If you find yourself getting dizzy, it may not just be due to your one dimensional, semantic gymnastics... it's probably because the B.S. you're espousing is piled so high, the noxious fumes are affecting you breathing?... Maybe you just need to get some fresh air? 

  • Mikail, I can see you are worried about all the immigrants losing their culture by having to flee to a foreign land and assimilate into another culture.  No worries, they all plan to return home as soon as it is possible and these wars are over.  One thing all the immigrants  agree on is that they would rather live at home in their own culture.

  • Actually I love the way most modern people across the globe, enjoy the rich diversity offered in multi-national dishes and often marvel at what is on offer for us, today...In England, like other parts of Europe, we have such a massive choice of global dishes....I love Italian and Indian food...Many go for Chinese, or Japanese...the list is increasing as the various people of this planet reach out to one another and share their common passion for rich variety... This is an amazing thing to see.

    The trend started decades ago now, but earlier generations simply did not have access to this variety....Let us in a period before WW1, which was free of naval blockade, etc, the people of Europe had a far more limited diet, which was based upon national dishes, in the main....In England, most modern people of the day had the standard meat and two veg...with gravy...Followed by a pudding with custard, or cream....hehe...LOL ;-)

    So the people of the 21st century, do have a far greater choice, than generations past...this is good for nutrition and also reminds us all how nations, cultures and people are all linked...With better means of preservation and transportation, modern people can enjoy such a variety of tropical fruits now, that their ancestors would be amazed by...In Europe past, fruit was seasonal only....And people did not enjoy the mango, for example, unless in the tropics....What a richer world and people we are for these shared bounties...Now we should also tackle the problem of starvation and assist a sharing of these bountiful resources to all people, in all countries..

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