(By Queen of Pluto) 

Sorry! Google Translation is imperfect(^*)

Everyone has not realized this large-scale events that occur , but is assumed that you feel impatient, and we feel the same way.  


Although the darkness by plotting somehow obsolete weapons have expired smoldering stage of the countryside without losing the fire of the last dregs, be tried for war, will not be anything as they intend.  I received your reply already from our Creator, as this person should not be present in the earth, and may be removed by the law of our universe. 

And that their freedom does not become twice.  Every battle will mark the end of time frame a little later.  Our relationship is becoming more and more time out, Mother Earth can take to fight the negative because the new journey that can not be.  Our staff who wake up everyone, it is a world of illusion this duality disappears without incident shortly to everyone, and the world is becoming far this duality.  


Your consciousness will begin to get ready for another journey.  Everyone is us, this world of duality of these will be longer in illusion.  Your consciousness, since this would throw away that this three-dimensional, we traveled to the fifth dimension consciousness is elevated in a person.  This is also the separation of frequency is a change to the parallel dimension. 


Galactic Federation we have held a meeting at the time of becoming quiet of Mother Earth, the beginning to us your concrete progress of the events of the future and publication of the progress of the arrest, the conversion of the goods we darkness had the quickest to reach anyone to everyone, and we are chipping in the good wisdom to cooperate.  What is your favorite war to those who have decided not to do the allocation of funds today.  Everyone fell victim to our rescue for the many wars that exist in the hunger and suffering and will continue to be made.  This will also be the last victim of darkness and kidnapping of many children and human trafficking.  We can forgive the guys can not be thoroughly. ]


Between human beings has been sent too many long sad day.  It is at the mercy came from the long history between the wars.  President Obama is representative of light, it is true that the presence of light lead us everyone.  Because he is a shining have always worked in the risk of life in the great love of humanity.  The presence of light of everyone who is becoming a less sophisticated earth has spread to a large circle of light.  Please pray for him.  From now on everyone is a guest, you'll no longer go dark world of darkness is buried.  That you want to board the spaceship and our many of you there is a growing awareness of our folks are in contact with everyone is because we become the center also events that occur in the future.  This also is part of the event, please look forward to even greater event.  We have previously or darkness is done to the Earth to the invasion and massacre everyone that our amoeba - like alien or has been implanted in people a sense of television and movie ridiculous preconception.  


We are human beings, everyone is pretty simple and if you see you, you'll want to dance together will have been cheerful fun and exciting.  The spacecraft is a high-dimensional experience of fun and adventurous and we can not forget, our universe can come true Recall that the family friendship with us everyone is a lot of trust and will.  Please do not forget who you are, regardless of age that a lot of adventure, every day like a dream forever young, fun is waiting.  Future of the future because it would look like this.  Everyone will receive a new invitation to the high-dimensional it is possible.  To do so, please raise your consciousness in the mind of compassion-friendly throw away the ego in the mind body and meek love and mercy.  


Love is a wave and light the same.  You are not must be determined by conscience in the mind.  This is a place to live high-dimensional presence of the consciousness of our personality rather than a theory like this.  I want to take you again, because the higher realms that have everyone stay in the past.  Please have the peace of mind so that it does not worry us Mother Earth but is that earthquake had occurred even before a little this, we are afraid of the tsunami, so have been addressed and take them as much as possible to the ocean. 


Earth, please do not worry you loosen the movement will continue, so discard the negative while but in the future.  These are also not last forever without, you will be to enter the Ascension together with Mother Earth.  Future that is waiting not far away, but that there is and We would like information from the source of a variety of mountain, please determine what is correct is in the heart of everyone.  Our presence in the consciousness of our universe, it is a judgment in love expect a good result.  Please enjoy the adventure of the future when in the consciousness of innocence for children too.  And that everyone is trying to become naturally rises will hold an ideal like this.  Eventually, the frequency of this three-dimensional time of farewell is coming from.  Because everyone is going to the ascension.  Today and will be farewell to here.


 Thank you ,SaLuSa of Sirius



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  • whoever was channeled here doesn't speak very good English! lol i still understand it, thanks for the message!

    Love and Light! Lindsey

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