By Queen of Pluto Venus/ 2012-04-30 11:53:06


 I am SaLuSa from the Sirius.  Light of many of you are heading to shine and glitter on this earth.  Have yet to disclose the arrest delay, we are entering to pick up the last of the darkness.  Your opponent can not hear our darkness bad to say forever, everything leads to a little late in the after.  Please wait a little longer but thoroughly followed arrest and trial.  


Search in the form of net is free, from here will be able to learn a lot.  You will not be a road must hurry now.  It than it is sure to strong light of the inner surface is to be present in love, love that will free us will lead to free everyone.  Long years of battle with the dark earth is gone, will my mother began to walk one step at a time.  This dualism of civilization of the presence of a number of concrete road that covers the surface of the earth that now exists is tightened, it will disappear like a phantom.  


Advanced this civilization has evolved to live in everyone had built up good, also the end of everyone who built up the crystal existence of this duality has progressed so far is the fate disappear without a trace is all natural with their own hands now it has to or destruction, even those changes take place at the table of everyone in our experience a lot of store hazardous substances in the body.  Come awake to the reconstruction of the organic plant have noticed this, we adopt a plant that you should be good for the body was able to experience that it is not chemical fertilizers.  Is high-dimensional rather than a food of these low energy, good plant metabolism to incorporate the functionality of your body in good health, is also the first body will be purified, to cleanse from within.  Many processed foods will continue to lag the cycle of metabolism is a source of energy to the activation of the body.  In the spring, fresh vegetables, the body is very good so it has buds so well.  


Since we have an ascension, in the same way as everyone will be death pattern even in the same table with his dinner companions, but we will eat when you want to eat.  Events to everyone in the future is also looking forward to coming up one after another.  Will that has been prepared for the allocation of funds also guarantee fertility, the Earth's prison is going to release our dismantling everyone.  You will be funds that we are returned to all people, now spread throughout the Earth Liberation freedom and peace.  Everyone to be free from work go out on a trip to where you like, all the burden of being Furisute will go.  Happy events that originate from the following from the next everyone will be together with us, we also we will be approaching when entering contacts to meet to you.  Please do not forget that already exist in the near you that we always, and are watching.  Mother Earth go to this place and go to at some point soon, recession will not get anymore.  Moment in time, so too will the Earth earlier and go into the acceleration of time with it.  


When these things taking place, visit the great moment of joy to you shortly.  It is due to wave motion and vibration of the earth is what comes from inside.  The imminent departure of joy and victory of the earth come true, come see the way of the future, Earth will go there in a straight line.  Destination everyone is with us, Mother Earth to the first page of the golden age would be to reach there.  Suffering until now recall that the earth is a thing of the past, but will vividly reborn in the light vibration of love.  It is the beauty of her bright, friendly in the vibration of peace and love, everyone is fighting, war, deception is the quotient in that disappear completely.  Since memory is left to some extent in three dimensions, you will that the earth went to build a new civilization in the universe with many planets only go forward, will be integrated into one in our federation.  This is the future of our progress in the future everyone will be disclosed shortly go to achieve a lot of exciting things.  I learned that in your experience so far, without repeating the facts and duality twice, and everyone will think that it naturally concluded in this study.  


Come to the end of this three-dimensional, we light the way for a successful worker is surprising.  In our experience of ascension Seoul of you a lot of us who have some, we have to increase our help you have incarnated on this earth in the past.  Everyone to remember that their soul has been incarnated to this planet from the planet many, that has been brought you find yourself in the past, are active in the free take the initiative for humanity many will not.  A lot of truth that everyone would be a person who is to discover at the end of this cycle or not.  It may not stay until the end of the ball is it roll downhill fast.  Curtain of duality is now attempting to close in this manner.  Galactic Federation we are proud of, the love of devotion to the people of President Obama.  The last thing we would return to the light because I do not doubt continue to be absorbed into the source of light is the light of our family, which also follow the road as anyone.  Reincarnation of many of you until now, the energy from the low-dimensional went disappeared, mankind kick off day of the coming golden age is that it will soon rise along with the new vibrant energy.  Please leave this to move forward toward the light.  Please aim to determine, it is considered that it is better to leave as ordered by your heart.  Please send us every day of compassion in the spirit of love and tolerance than to continue the complaint, complaints and criticism.

Thank you,SaLuSa.

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  • I can;t understand what the message is. This is very badly done. Its very hard to read and interpret what the meaning is ,if any. Why waste our time trying to decipher this. Correct it properly before posting it up.Adonai

  • I have a question for you Salusa, sense I know you read these comments. Why do you keep telling us each month now that you have taken care of the poison in the sky, when in fact you have not and the Chem-trails are worse than ever. They are now spraying the deadly ''Red Dawn'' on us now which is more deadly, its world wide. The elderly are dying and the children are very sick. The hospitals are full of them and I am very sick myself. And I do many natural remedies to keep alive. But how are we supposed to do our job and mission down here when we are constantly sick fro the deadly Chem-trails. And Why do you keep saying you have fixed it when you have not!It is beginning to make us doubt your word and your word is all we have down here. STOP THE CHEM-TRAILS NOW, THANK YOU. ADONAI

  • Thanks for comments.

    This message was through Google translation from Japanese to Engish.

    This message was channeled by Japanese contactee, Kyoko Saito.She is well-known artist, and has been a    Protestant pastor.

    Here is her Art Gallery.

    She has been contacting with GFL and Agartha members for several years.

    SaLuSa and Ashtar are one of members she often contact with.

    This is her recent website, Association planet galaxy universe of Venus.(Google Tlanslation)

    Now, she and us(GFLJ) are preparing for Open Contact in Japan.

    I will tell you the details some day.

    Namaste.,Shigeru Furuya





  • I think the channeler was trying to type in english and it is not his native language.

  • i think i know why the origanl message was in an asian language and run through a translate program click on the 



    Google 翻訳
  • @freebz: I guess this message was not channeled - but typed directly by a being not born on earth and which has thus limited experience with the english language. :)

  • PS: I don't like to complain - especially since you do so much good. So please help me to understand your reasons of why you deny the members of the ground crew medical support. It would be more easy to accept for me and others if you would explain in detail why.

  • ok am i the only one that sees that this is all jumled and hard to read.  Seems like yoda wrote this

  • First of all let me repeat: I do love and respect you!

    Please understand that staying positive all the time is not easy down here.

    Know, that when I express critical statements it is not my aim to harm your feelings in any way, but to suggest what you could do better in future.

    You do allow yourselves to criticise us as well, don't you? Have I ever been offended only while you critisized me?

    Positive as well as negative feedback should be allowed to flow in both directions in order to make mutual learning from each other possible.

    I do tollerate your decisions, but that does not mean I allways agree with them.

    When it comes to compassion - I usually feel a lot of compassion to all those suffering! Are you suffering?

    Are you trying to tell me that it was better to kill myself than to ask for healing? ôO

This reply was deleted.

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