Now more than ever I have dreams of that all comign true, I can see my leadership roll on my horizon... I don't know how... btu I have dreams of a indian man on top of a hill... and I take steps to him.. and every step I take..the man slowsly vanishes.. and ocne im beside him, hes gone.. adn im alone on the hill.. but what I see on the other side of a hill is native peoples canoeing into the bay.. it looks liek its in British columbia.. I feel like my purpiose is being fulfilled.. I ve been through so much, and I can see hwo its all culminating into this. I hope I can do what is laid out for me. I nwo know why I chose the body I have, why I chose to live the way I do. I know now that I am nto from this world, btu another. I am ahppy knowing that I will; help create beauty in this woorld. I hope all of you can help me try and understand. I feel like im livign a life of love purely now. Like we are said we should be. I finally rid of my ego thinking.. and I feel love.. adn now evrything in my life is just falling into place. I have bvisions when I meditate "Hu" I can see this elder I know from my childhood, he helped my uncle get his lfie in order, I now know that I am to go see him and he is going to give me some peice of inof that will be a big peice to my puzzling journey. I have faith and love for everythign going on around me. I lvoe you all and I hope you all pray that this goes well for me. I ahve a birthmark of wisdom in my hair... since birth ive had a white patch more silver.... The lady who told me this was 109 years of age at a pow wow. She said "You are going to be so great of a leader gfor our people, when the times comes you will elad them to greatnessn you have wisdom far beyond your age" I was 4 at that time.... I feel this coming, and im so excited..btu to lead a people? I dont knwo how to lead.. but I knwo for sure im a gatherer.. that is what im good at.. for some reason.. but hey, I beleive. Thanks everyone

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  • Yo uhave dreams like I do.. they feel so powwerful don't they, recentyl I found otu that inside of this male body is a girl... inteersting and hard to figure tou, btu I think my soul schose this confusing life for me, to get me ready for what is  to come, to build up myself for the hardest, i've come through, and I feel my soul is happy for how i've managed life. Sometimes i get to these places in my dreams, and some ogf the places I am sent to in my dreams..are.. unearthly... sometimes i see my star family waiting for me.. waving, sometimes crying tears of joy... I know they exists, and my heart knows it too. I hope you find your leadership role as well.. funny how both of us have to walk up some sort of incline to figure out our journey's beginning?



    I had a dream where I was sitting on rodeo dr. in california, but I was sitting there scratching my head communicating with someone telepathically. I was suppose to lead people who where on a roof, but in my dream I didn't know how to do it, but as I climbed the stairs I was going to do it anyway. basically even if you are not sure how to you still can, even if you are not sure how to, you can still probably just naturally do it....the past you have faced and all the hardships have been preparing you for this......

    a leader leads by example

    a leader can inspire people

    a leader can win loyality

    the leader is you....



    I am excited for you......You can do it IAMANDREW!!

  • Thank you for your posts.. really do help me believe in ymself. I can see my highway and the next steps... My entire life keep on revolving around the number 4... theelders says it a numebr of stability :D I also see it in evrtyinhg my life moves through..seasons, direction, elements, adn everything.. My name in my culture is "Eagle Claw Man" and my colours are the ones of the medicine wheel. Thanks again for believing me, it helps out alot. Much love from Andrew, feel free to add me on FB I use a differnt email on there.. my email on FB is ..... ... as well I feel my name is appropriate I feel liek im the eagle that will swoop down when the time comes and lift everyoen out of this depression.. I lvoe everyone, and will help all I can to learn my abilitites so I am able to help others. I dont know want to help my people.. but everyone of the world we live in. Peace and love. ;)

  • Thanks for sharing this brother : )

    It's comforting to know that the aborigines are loved and assisted by wonderful believers like you. There has been terrible oppression of most aboriginal races for far too long, but the future is hopeful...

    Do you know about the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State)?

    "Kevin Annett was instrumental in forcing a public apology from the government of Canada for the genocide of children in Indian residential schools. He frequently speaks to and meets other survivors of institutional abuse as part of a growing international campaign to end child trafficking and torture.

    Rev. Kevin Annett, an award-winning film maker, author and community minister, has spear headed the 20 year effort by native people to win justice and reparations for crimes suffered in church and government run facilities. He has recently broadened his efforts to work with American Indians and other victims of church torture, as part of the newly formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ("

    Breaking News: Another independent search for native children’s rem...

    Another independent search for native children’s remains begins in Ontario, Canada - and more revelations and attempted sabotage at the Mohawk Indian residential school inquiry

    February 29, 2012 – ITCCS Brussels

    A second aboriginal nation in Canada has begun searching on their own for the bodies of their relatives who never returned from the local state and church-run Indian residential school.

    Elders of a Cree Nation in Canada have commenced surveys and a test excavation at a suspected mass grave near a former Indian residential school in northern Ontario, it was announced yesterday in a statement sent to The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

    The statement is signed by ten elders and members of a tribe of the Cree Nation, who have requested that their names and the identity of the former school in question be withheld until their excavation results can be analyzed.

    The statement reads in part,

    "We have started to look for the little ones who never came back from the local residential school. After the police refuse to investigate. We want to know what happened to them and give them an honoring ceremony. We want to have what we discover sent to the courts outside Canada with the help of ITCCS so Canada and the (omitted) Church can be brought to trial for the ginocide (sic) of our people."

    One of the presiding Cree elders contacted Kevin Annett shortly after the commencement of the Mohawk residential school dig in Brantford, Ontario last October was announced on You Tube. The elder asked that Kevin and the ITCCS assist his people in their own independent inquiry into the death and disappearance of Cree children.

    Meanwhile, in Brantford, some of the artifacts unearthed last November on the grounds of the former Church of England school have been positively identified by former inmates there as being small wooden and ivory buttons that were part of the school uniform worn by girls during the early 1950′s.

    These buttons were found near to bits of old shoes and considerable pieces of burned charcoal in subsoil fifty yards from the residential school.

    These buttons were also found in association with a number of bones which have been analyzed by four separate archaeologists. Since there is no consensus among these four specialists whether the bones are definitely human or animal, the ITCCS has advised the authorizing Mohawk elders not to make any further public announcements about these bones until more evidence and physical remains at the site can be properly excavated and identified by experts.

    The authorizing Mohawk elders have previously informed all concerned not to comment on these bones until definitive results are confirmed.

    This security is required, as well, by recent efforts by government-funded natives and their associates to sabotage and undermine the independent Mohawk inquiry, including through attempts to spread rumors and create divisions among the nine original elders who authorized Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to work on their territory.

    More updates will be issued soon by the Mohawk elders themselves.

    The ITCCS is encouraged by the fact that a second undertaking has been launched by native people themselves to search for the evidence of genocide and murder at the state and church-run "Indian residential schools" in Canada. We can only hope the example of the Mohawk and the Cree nations will continue to spread, in the face of a concerted whitewash of this genocide by Canada’s church and state-funded official "truth and reconciliation commission".

    Issued 29 February, 2012

    Brussels, Belgium


    Kevin Annett should be commended for his tireless efforts to expose the truth and bring about justice. All 5 of the key aboriginal witnesses who were set to go to trial died mysteriously, but their eyewitness accounts of torture and murder will still be used in court and I know that Kevin won't rest until their voices are finally heard and acknowledged.

    Bless You for helping! : )

    Love, Peace & Freedom For All...


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