Resurrection Of Plants

Resurrection Of Plants

If there is a means through which a living thing can come back to life, it will always take the advantage of such a means, and it will come back to life. This is noteworthy as it changes the question about afterlife from a difficult 'if', 'why' or 'what' questions into a simpler 'how' question. In other words rather than, for instance,  asking if there is a soul, simply ask how there can be one. If there is such a means, then there is a soul! Is there then an example of how living things can , as if for evolutionary purposes, try to come back to life. The answer is yes, and a good example is a potato!

There is a difference between a potato that grows from the seed and the one that grows from the roots. The one that grows from the seed is the 'child' of the potato. However, the one that grows from the roots is the very same potato! In other words the potato growing from the roots is a resurrection of the same potato! It is not 'the offspring of the potato'. So several plants have attained the means for resurrection, ahead of animals! This also shows that resurrection is very biological. Living things strives, not only to survive, but to come back to life even after death, if means are there! This is the reason why the beleif in afterlife is universal. 

In the bible, they compared resurrection to germination after 'the seed dies'. You can now see that in the case of growth off the roots of a potato, this is literal! They 'rise with a different body' in that it grow from different food. But of course the food we eat when we grow (i.e. our bodies ) does not determine who we are. The genes does it better, but still not the best. The idea of resurrection is that the usual reproduction is not the only way of enduring that the genes leaves on even after death. So the potato stores some genes in the seed and also developes another means of growing off the roots! That is to say that the information pertaining to what the orgaism is is somehow stores in the very potato root itself. However when you exermine the root, it looks completely featureless! It looks, for all relevant purposes, like the potato is hopelessly dead. Infact you can cut it to pieces but each of the piece will grow into a plant. The information is holographic throughout the root! Such is how we should understand resurrection.

On appearance, there is no difference between a potato and a rock or even soil. Were it not from the hindsight, no one could tell that a potato can grow from the root. This is crucial point in understanding 'homeomorphic immortality' and resurrection. People think there is no life after death (through resurrection) because they look for something very similar to the gone body, rather than looking generaly from all things homeomorphic to the dead body. It is sort of like looking for the potato leifs in the roots and concluding that there are no leifs in the roots, but you can see that this is not the case. Yes, the leaves are, in some ways, inside the roots! A torus is homeomorphic to a cup. Likewise a seed is homeomorphic to a plant. They are one and the same even though they look totally different!

Likewise if you look at the soil, you can conclude that 'there is no life in it'. This is because you are looking for what is not crucial: the body, rather than what is crucial, the information. Furthermore the information need not be stored in a large space. Resurrection can just be a burgeoning from a very tiny 'seed' so that a mere speck of dust is all what is neaded!

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  • Now suppose the consciousness is generated by the brain. Then we know that all the brain does is propagate electric charges along cell membranes. The consciousness will be literal energy. But then it will be like the way chages moves back and forth in a body that is burning or glowing.

    So you can now see what I mean when I say we don't need to suppose a different entity somehow trapped in the body. The argument that 'if the brain generates our consciousness, then we cease existing when the brain dies' is like the argument that if a candle fire is generated by the candle itself, then the vibration energy stops when the candle goes off. But we know this is not so! The energy in the candle goes to the 'empty space' and then vibrates the the charges in the 'polarized vacuum' in what we call simply 'light'. A little thinking shows that the vibration of charges in the candle is exactly same as the vibration of charges in the 'matter-antimatter' potential that we erroneously call 'empty space'.

    So we say though light is caused by the candle, it can also come off the candle. Why don't we simply think so with regard to consciousness as well? What we need is not necessarily for the brain to be a mere vessel, which doesn't cause consciousness, but at least for something else to be capable of the consciousness as well. Candle is not the only thing that can undulate in what we see as 'emitting light'. So we don't say 'there is no light after the candle is put off'. We understand that putting off the candle is not the end of light not because light is caused by anything mysterious inside the candle but simply because light can ALSO be caused by undulations in the apparently empty space!
  • We don't need to say 'there is life after death because something inside our bodies is our true identity.' No no no no no! To explain something, we should not form more hypotheses than necessary, as it creats needless 'dare-proofs'. If we can explain afterlife without a soul, then we rid ourselves the neadless burden to prove. Rather simply say that our identities are in the matter but not circumscribed to any particular one. This kicks the burden of proof to the one opposing such, as he will have to show what particular matter that forms what specific person.

    We are more like a energy/ wave which can move from matter to matter and yes, to the apparently empty space. Since we understand 'empty space' as 'quantum field' or something like that, then our consciousness can simply get induced in the 'empty space' in exactly the same way it gets induced in the food we eat.
  • Some people say 'we are just the body'. However, they forget that the body is nothing but the food we eat when we grow. Of course we cannot say that we managed to retain our identity since childhood because we were carefull on what we ate, or what our mothers ate when they carried us. Is it reasonable to suppose that had your mother eaten an egg rather than beans for one lunch Janet, not Jane would have been born?

    So clearly we are not the body. The food we eat morphs into the very cells of our bodies and yet we remain the same. We don't literally become a cow because we ate a cow! Our identity is 'holographic' in all matter so that the food we eat doesn't matter. Our identity is a STATE that can be assumed by any other matter provided it meet some conditions. With this understanding, we don't even need a soul to understand how afterlife can come about. There are simply myriads of ways!
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