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Here are some recent Point of Peace Messages as channeled by Dawn Katar.  We hope you enjoy them.  You can receive them in a free, daily email if you like by subscribing at this link: Recent Point of Peace Messages and Subscribe
"As your days become more and more filled with Peace, you will look into your outer world and feel compassion without sympathy.  This allows you to share your Peace effectively and fully.  When someone feels acknowledged, they become less resistant and begin to allow Peace into their life. So Be It."

Jeshua ben Joseph
"Freedom.  The state of being fully free.  What will you be doing in your life when you are  free?  What shall your world reflect to you?  I decree that you have full freedom in this moment.  Let yourself feel Peace knowing that you are free to think and feel everything you desire.  Let yourself feel Peace knowing that you are fully free to be Light, Love and One."

Ascended Master Saint Germain
"Peace is strength, not weakness.  Peace is certain, not confusion.  Peace is resilience, not resistance.  Throughout all your moments of weakness, confusion and resistance, remember to allow Peace to wash over you and heal that which has forgotten your Truth."
Grandfather Lao Tsu
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"Nevertheless, I must say that Jesus indeed taught his followers to be Pacifists. This is what pple confuse it with 'pacifist Jesus'. Reading the whole of Gospels, we can savely conclude that Jesus rather abolished all warlike behaviour only until…"
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"There is a certain kind of folly, prevalent in modern times, that leads pple to think that 'pacifism' , even in the midist of all wrongdoings, is always the 'moraly superior' stand and that all spiritual leaders such as Jesus were or 'should be'…"
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"Don't forget that Abrahamic Religions are strictly monotheistic. So 'new age' claims of a supposed 'Goddess suppression', as applied to middle eastern religions, is misleading. If you want to describe the religions as 'suppressions' of some kind,…"
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"After thousands of years of suppression, the Goddess's vortexes are beginning to reactive again. Long ago in the Middle East there were many temples to ATARGATIS with sacred lakes were build in that area with primary temples in Hieraplois in what is…"
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