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The Awakening

The most important thing right now is not to follow anyone else´s beliefs or to start personal growth under others.

The most important thing is to find your inner truth, your divine essence.

When we feel it wholly in our being, we are following ourselves and we develop most.

The outer things can educate us on what we choose. No path is wrong. Everyone experiences exactly the right thing and it’s a gift – Because we are all one. I hope that the following book will give a better understanding of what is.



I am glad that you have found this E-book and I hope that you will find it useful and inspirational from its insights. We write this text together. The truth is knowledge and with knowledge we have the power to change the world and different life situations. Find your own truth and let it shine through everything. This E-book can be compared to a meditation.

What I present here is nothing new or extraordinary which the ego could have use for. It is an easy flow that touches in stillfulness. I have come to a stage and I feel that I have to share my insights, which have helped me with my spiritual awakening.

I am a regular guy and not a spiritual guru. I want to plant a seed of love into people’s hearts, which will grow to self-awareness and truth. Then I have done what I came here for. People have always searched for answers regarding the universe, life and death. It is a natural process to be aware of these questions.

The search for the truth has accelerated more and more in the last few years and has now reached a changing point. A new time era is on the way to be born and this is what this E-book will discuss. You won’t find the biggest truths in a book but deep within your own heart.

So let’s read on and listen to the vibrations of the words and remember who we are and what we are doing here on earth. It’s time to stop believing, it’s time to start Knowing.

Sometimes we ask who we are and why we are here, what is the meaning of life and death. We search after answers which can come from friends, books or some religion or Guru. We meet hindrances and successes and learn to feel ourselves better, and thereby others too.

From a state of sleep to awakening… We stretch and see the world with newly awakened eyes. To become aware of oneself and the outer world is a process.

Spirituality belongs to each and everyone and not to a specific religion. Spirituality spreads over this planet faster than ever. It actually doesn´t spread, because it has always been in every soul, a science and feeling that we don´t need any proof of.

Everything is about how far your awakening process is. Every human goes through this process sooner or later.

One cannot “become” spiritual, it is something that one already is and has always been.

From Deep Sleep To Full Awareness

The more people know the less shock there is when the day of contacting our universal sisters and brothers comes.

We can tell our friends about this so that they understand, because media is not good at doing this. The contact is going to happen in a couple of years, maybe tomorrow. You also know this, but think that it’s going to happen or might happen in the distant future.

The truth is that it lies very close. If you choose not to read further then it’s the right choice for you. We always choose to open ourselves when we feel that we are ready. Now it’s time to get ready for the biggest adventure of the Earth, because that is what is going to happen. Aliens do not just look like as you’ve seen on TV. Most of them look just as we do, you wouldn’t notice any big difference.

On our planet we have groups like Europeans, Asians, Africans and so on, everyone with their special characteristics. There are many more in the universe. On developed planets the characteristics are very much like that in humans. Small details like eyes, ears and face forms vary, not only “green people”, like media often likes to show them.


Hard to imagine? Yes, but soon it´ll be a reality. Soon the time is right, tomorrow or in a couple of years. We will see and feel the change. It’s happening already, but everything in this world is not visible before one “chooses” to see it. Very soon will the changes be visible to most humans. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Much will happen in fields like economics, politics, technology, nature and so on. The transformation will be felt in body, mind and soul.

Follow your heart, and be in presence, it helps a lot. Tiredness, changes in job situations, relations and so on are as usual. You get in a higher energy and integrate the real truth about who you really are. There is nothing strange about it, it is a journey from a deep sleep state to full awakening.

The memory of your limitless nature is getting harder and harder to ignore. Have faith in the deep feeling of magic that shines in you. Our roads may be seen as different, but in us there is a root of love where our roads make a union.

There is much happening around us that we don´t see, especially when it comes to Mother Earth. We hear about earthquakes and floods. There will be more.

The media shows only a fraction of the truth of what is happening on Earth. One who seeks answers will have to find them on his own. The truth is that changes are bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine. Our planet is about to break out of its old shell and rise up to a higher frequency and that concerns everything that lives on her. As we humans cleanse our bodies and get sick, so does the Earth. She has taken much through millenniums because of our forgetfulness about who we really are. This will not be allowed to continue.

The so called UFO question will be open and the truth will be told. The media will get to know about this. It will be said pretty suddenly. When this has been done they will show themselves openly to us. Speeches will be held in the media about who they are, about the history of the earth, what awaits, who we are and simply, the truth will be told. Then people will open their eyes. These speeches will change the world. After that the flights over will be done. Everyone will clearly see their space crafts, which are driven by anti- gravitation and electro- magnetics and other technology that is totally unknown to us.

They are not unidentified flying objects, there are humans flying these multidimensional crafts. There's nothing strange about it. People will accept this in their own way. Some will cry, others will be glad, some scared, pass out and faint and so on. The only thing you actually need to do is to smile. You are about to wake up to be the one you have forgotten all about. The biggest shock will be for them who are in a deep sleep and are afraid to let go of the 3-D world.

They will get much support from many directions. Fear easily rises when one must let go of old structures. Everything has its time and some will want to keep seeing things as they always have seen them to feel safe. That is why the contact has been kept for a long time, to show the presence. This outer contact has also been an inner contact… To find the inner nature which has no limits. In the exact right moment comes our navy of Galaxies, our cosmic friends, to show themselves in the sky… So that everyone can see, clearly and vividly, without doubts. At the same time, messages will be sent on TV and radio all over the world. After that the divine and cosmic plans will set in and take us back to full consciousness.

The changes will be happy and uplifting for you all. The energy on the planet Earth rises strongly now, to make us ready for this big happening, that we have waited for so long.

To give an example: a cosmic man called Shimro from the Pleiades, as human as we are, decides to make a flight over us. He is dressed in pilot uniform with badges. He has a smile on his lips and shines kindness and joy. There is nothing supernatural about it. It was thousands of years ago that they were seen as “the gods from above”. Humans have just started to explore space and our space crafts are clumsy. They fight against nature and the universal laws instead of co-operating with them.

Don´t believe everything you read about NASA and new technology. Much of the information is classified as secret and never reaches the media due to control. Technology that can replace oil and give an overload of energy has been discovered long ago, but has been blocked by humans who still want to have economic control. We have to realize that money very much controls humans now. Money is good if the energy flows, but leads to wars when people get greedy. High ranked ones in the military, some scientists and even big leaders know to a high degree of what is going to happen in the near future. It is mostly civilians who are still in a sleep.

They think that it is made up and nonsense. Everyone works as usual and live their lives. Most are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. When the curtain is opened, a shock might easily occur. Then we suggest that you take a deep breath. It´s not a question of them, it’s about being big enough to take responsibility for our planet and ourselves. Be as a member of the family.

Why can´t we see them now? Because they are in another dimension and reality. Another light frequency and vibration. Your eyes can register a certain frequency of light that your brain translates to a picture. Everything that exists in creation is vibrations of light that forms material. This is about to be confirmed by the world of science. Everything is energy and energy cannot disappear, only change form.

We Live In A Conscious Universe

It has been shown a couple of times that humans have either closed their eyes to what they have seen or chosen to write or tell about their experience and sights. Meanings with these small signs are to slowly raise higher the human level of consciousness.

Why have they not just landed right in front of the white house and said: “We are here, now we will change the world”? The answer is easy; First and foremost they never use force to change things over, it is we who choose, we have a free will. True changes can´t be forced from the outside, they will come from the inside, from the heart and the soul. They are not coming to save us but to wake us up to full consciousness, and that is love. Everything that is happening has a purpose even if you wouldn´t always believe it for example because of all the terrible things that happen. Everything is a part of a higher plan.

They are not interested in showing themselves and brag. They are interested in showing who we truly are and that will be done in a lovable and appropriate way. Our destiny is to be a galactic civilization, to wake up to full consciousness and that has been taking thousands of years. We have been controlled to believe that we are alone. They really have succeeded in it until now. When this happens it´s not science fiction, it is the truth. You have a soul. You are a cosmic creature with no limits. Why is this happening? Because mankind has matured. Our soul has said “We are ready, let´s go!” Do you think that the planet will be the same after this? The answer is pretty obviously no.

In a galactic society everything is shared, because there is enough of everything. Everyone is free. The word boring is not going to exist anymore. War, greed and hate will totally disappear. These cannot exist in the new consciousness and vibration which is about to come. People who choose to continue in old patterns and don´t want to go further in love and shaping experience will experience this further on other planets in the universe, free to research and learn until they choose to go on. Humanity is on its way to an energy filled with more love. You have a soul or an etheric body. You are not only your body. You cannot die. When you die you simply change form. You look at your body; “ Here I stand and look at my shell”.

Have you seen Star Wars and Star Trek? You probably have, and maybe you have thought. It’s only a fantasy world on a white canvas. The truth is that there are no fantasy worlds. What you see in these films is just a beginning to a reality that is here soon. That is why a human being is creative, to be able to express his true self and his true feelings.

The process is going on at full speed. There is message about this time which has come and will come in books, films, theater, music, art, philosophy and what we call religion.

The only true religion is “ LOVE & TO BE YOUR OWN SELF”. It may come as a surprise, but that is the reason we live for. To be prepared to some extent is good. First as a larva that crawls around, then this larva becomes a chrysalis. We are in that stage now. After that the chrysalis transforms to a butterfly. That is magic.

Technology And Spirituality Knits Together

In our present reality technology often takes the upper hand, which many times leads to power and disasters. We construct things to get money. In a society of galaxies money doesn´t exist. Technology is being used to create for everyone and in love.

The plan behind this awakening is enormous and very complex. It has accelerated in the last 60 years and soon it will explode. We have had earlier visits through our long history. There are many pictures and descriptions of ships in the bible.

They are being described as flying chariots and clouds that shine fire. We are not alone in creating this paradise. We get help from Galactic civilizations in a bigger degree than we think. Many of them are here on earth right now. They look like anyone else. “Never judge a book by its cover” as they say. The truth is more complex and incredible than humanity’s wildest fantasy can imagine.

You are not a coincidence and you are perfect as you are. You are a part of this fantastic plan and you do your job by being yourself – Your true self.

Humans have lived in an illusion. They who don’t know and are afraid are easy to control. There are many people on this earth who love to control and be in charge of other people as if they were a flock of sheep.

There is a group of people who rub their hands together knowing that humanity is asleep. That is the best thing they know.

If they would reveal everything they know about technology, laws of the universe and that there is life in the universe etc. people would wake up and the control would disappear so that people understand that they can make their own decisions about themselves. Many negative influences in everyday life, such as violence, breaks people down, away from the truth.

However the truth has always been there for the one who chooses to see through the illusion. If you only knew in your heart how free you were, you would probably start to shed some tears.

Do you feel yourself free now? Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. Freedom is when you can do what you feel like without any “have to do's”. That is the new planet earth. The control has been going on for a very long time, and we are getting help in taking us out of this illusion. It has taken time to get it right. Soon this control game is over. War and violence has reigned over the planet to create fear and to control.

After rain comes sunshine. There are thousands of civilizations from many galaxies (including and especially our own) who wait to meet us as their brothers and sisters. You think you are dreaming when asleep, but could this moment also be a dream? That will be what you think when the fist contact happens. We are not alone in the universe. The ones who don’t believe simply don’t know what is happening around them. Reality goes beyond the frames of a painting. You will soon live a bigger truth, a bigger adventure!

When this comes out globally, because that is what it is going to do. Do you think that your things are good already? Then you haven’t seen what is happening in the world. We in Sweden have it pretty good. People go around and long for something more. Are we only a physical body and nothing more?

The answer to that question is simple. You are more than that! You are Limitless and Eternal and if you saw that you would never be sad again. We are here on earth to grow up and wake up to what we really are. People call it supernatural, call it natural. We are all One. It is the ego that says to you that nothing can be bigger than you.

When you get angry you project your fear towards another person. If you could see yourself in this situation, it would be pretty funny. If someone is shouting at you or is mean to you, it´s the person’s ego that has taken control instead of the heart. The ego always wants to have control; “I am better than you, I know more, I want this, or I can´t lose this” etc. It is releasing when you have learned to steer the ego instead of letting it steer you. There is nothing wrong in having an ego. But sometimes it can steer way too much. Broaden your perspective , you are one of a kind.

Everyone has thought about if there is life in universe. For many it is obvious and for some it is not. That is starting to change. We may simply think ourselves in the space world and how big and endless it is… It is unthinkable that life wouldn´t exist there. There is a lot of life. It´s swarming with life.

But you only see what you want and deny to confess. There are civilizations which lie several thousands of years ahead of us in technical and spiritual development. They have the technology to come here. They are not gods or aliens, just a mirror of ourselves, who have come further in their development. There naturally are civilizations which lie several thousands of years behind our development.

They don’t know what a light bulb is. It has to do with knowledge. We develop and our awareness is growing. It has not to do with better or worse but has to do with different levels of awareness. An ant doesn’t see the whole picture from the surface of the earth, if it would –and understand what it saw -then its consciousness would change about what it really is.

It is important that such changes in consciousness happen slowly. If a human in the 12th century would see a modern car he would probably think that is was a spinning "monster" and he would be scared, because of missing understanding. We are on our way in a change of consciousness like that.

They who visit us have the techniques but they are also spiritual beings. They live in harmony and love. A love and understanding that we long for deep inside ourselves here on earth. Obviously they are interested in what we do. Everything is united in the universe. Everyone wants the best for others. And obviously they don’t want to see our beautiful planet go under. They don’t show themselves to us.

There are many reasons. Partially because it takes time to get used to the thought of life in the universe, it must go slow, they show themselves little by little to wake up thoughts and considerations.

There really are many alien bases on earth, under sea and mountain etc. There they can work without being harassed and prepare us for contact. They usually are invisible, because they can create a certain energy field around them. There is nothing mystical in being invisible; it´s about vibrating at high speed, the eye doesn´t catch up with the vibrations per second. You can see right through a fan if it turns fast. We not only get visited from outer space but from other dimensions too. They who travel in time…Time is not linear, but everything is happening here and now. People hesitate, but all is as it should be and is a part of a higher plan.

That is how one gets used to the idea. Much information comes from books, TV, radio, film, music, art etc. It lays itself unconsciously in people. They only want to help us to wake up to a full consciousness and to a world where we no longer get controlled and limited. They don’t want to harm us.

We have come to a time that is ripe for contact. Many people have given their lives for us to get where we are today, the planet has taken much abuse from discharges, etc. They who thought that this can go on forever are wrong. It can´t be allowed anymore. We may think that life is far away, but actually it is right in front of our eyes.

Do you want evidence? Feel and look around. To get contact with oneself is worth more than anything else. When you have gotten that contact you may do miracles. Aliens, as we call them, have many appearances, there are those who look like us. Variations are limitless. They come from many places in the universe, for example the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Venus, Mars and Saturn. But they usually exist in another frequency, so we can’t tell with our earthly eyes if a planet is inhabited or not.

Planet earth can be compared to a giant library. Many animals that are here on the earth are also represented in the cosmos. Here on earth there are variations of life expressions and surroundings from many parts of the universe. All and everything have their roles and meanings. Deep inside you know about most I have said here, but sometimes you doubt it.

It lies in the nature of man to deny the things he can´t understand. The best you can do is to welcome the change instead of trying to deny it. There is absolutely nothing to fear. It is our destiny. We are on our way to be a Galactic Civilization. AN ADVENTURE AWAITS! Do not search for something outside you, because everything is inside you.

We Are There Now

After thousands of years of seeking and understanding through what we call religion, science, New Age and the supernatural etc. the answer is one and the same truth.

Love is the way to a higher and more conscious dimension, the golden age or “Heaven on earth”. The changes and awakening have never been forced, the truth is that we have “chosen” it. We are ready to be a galactic civilization and come home, let the mask fall off. We have had our school here on earth and it has shown to many in the universe how it is to live in a limited consciousness.

They follow us with excitement about what is to happen. We actually chose ourselves to make earth what it is today, through many incarnations. People have asked what the meaning of life is. The meaning of life is to be aware that we are the life ourselves… You have this life and you can express yourself with feelings that are unique. You are a school of eternity. The meaning is as easy as LOVE! To learn what love is. That we have learnt to know to understand and feel, through choosing to participate in this earth adventure through many lives. It is a dream, that we come aware of that we dream.

Much will come to the surface. Fear will transform to understanding about what we have always been, that it is time to wake up to now. Jesus who once was here on earth, was one of them who came here to show who we are and what we could do. Our cosmic friends from thousands of star formations will soon show themselves openly for us.

They who follow the news around the world will clearly see that strange things are happening. Media gives us information about what is happening, but not always correctly. It gives us what we want to hear. Of this which can look like chaos, a new consciousness is born, which will soon be noticeable. Negative energy transforms with love. Telepathy that many have heard of is real divine and cosmic communication. Words don´t come even near what feelings can transmit.

When, where, how, why and to where?

All beautiful souls, young and old, what really is happening behind the curtain? Does it feel like you live in a stormy ocean or maybe in a still ocean? Maybe you simply surf on an ocean wave and take what flows to you? We live in a time of change, a really exciting one. You will get to see and feel much that you probably didn’t think of before or never considered. There are many people who are aware of it. Life can't continue as it has for another 100 years. It won’t. The lightning of truth can flash tomorrow. It all happens in divine time.

The first signs in this fantastic plan begin with regrouping, changes in governments and even in the economic system that mostly rules the world today. Money can cause wars, as can different views of religion. Soon speeches will be made from governments all over the world that we are not actually alone in universe, but that our cosmic friends have followed us since the birth of the earth and that they have had a big influence in our evolution and in a pace that we could handle. Freedom and justice will then be able to be created on Mother Earth. Our planet earth is in a mild sense a play area we have chosen to experience and be born in many incarnations. In this limited consciousness we have chosen to grow as souls. It is not a school where one competes but rather we are here to experience who we are deep inside…

Jesus, together with many masters as Buddha etc. had a universal and love-filled message that many have taken with open arms, but much has also been distorted. They will soon come back in physical form and talk to people and bring them together, to an understanding that we are a family and that there only is one “religion”, which is LOVE.

Jesus was like one of us, but he was aware of where he came from, who he was. Jesus simply and softly wanted to show us who we really are deep inside. That was why he came here. You are about to wake up to who you are. That is what is called spirituality. Spirituality is independent of religion. Religions stir the universal message. Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna are some of the teachers who have walked on this earth. You have your own truth in your heart. Live your own teaching.

If we put this into words the teaching is actually conscious love. In higher dimensions where we come from –which most of us have forgotten – we are aware that we are a part of everything and that we belong together with everything – we are love. We are all one in being, when we take off our human mask and ego, which separates us. After all, we are living in a world with different opinions, good and bad, happy and sad etc. All this so that The One shall be able to express himself/herself in every possible way. You are me and I am you on a higher level. We are of the same light, energy and Lovepower. From there everything is created from, that which penetrates everything. But in order for us to be able to feel ourselves we do it by diving into opposites.

That way we get to know ourselves until we understand that we are not separated. We play that until we reach a certain consciousness, then we realize that separation is an illusion that the ego is holding on to.

There is meaning in that we experience opposites. Without them we would never understand who we are deep inside. Separation also is a gift. Here on the earth we have experienced many sides of who we are. This planet is a “showcase planet”, a very unbelievable one. There are many civilizations that have learned a lot and now we are at the end of a repertoire that will take us to a beginning of another eternal adventure. There a huge HUG is awaiting, that will make you look back with joy after everything you experienced and understand that it was meant to be. We have gotten information from our cosmic friends the most surprising ways that we many times are not aware of through dreams, visions, etc. so that we have the strength to carry on…

Because you really are a love-filled soul who has forgotten who you are and that you can feel it inside you. You are not a human having a spiritual experience; you are a spiritual creature who is having a human experience. You will not only wake up and see the changes – You will also wake up to a full awareness, which means that you will be your True Higher Self… The sum of all of your lives and memories from other experiences before you came to earth. You have friends who wait for you…The fantastic part about our planet and people who live on it is that we are going to go to the 5th dimension, which means a more floating reality, as real as now, but with more love-filled and faster vibrations.

Every cell in your body will be shining of light in a higher frequency. Joy and creativity are doors to other dimensions. You have probably noticed that when you are really happy it feels like everything is lighter and it tingles. Then you are in a higher state. Your body is a fantastic vehicle. It can do a lot more than we expect. Our brain capacity will rise up to 100 % and we will tune ourselves according to the cosmic frequencies. Your body is a vehicle for your soul and “energy body”. When body, mind, soul and awareness are one you will be able to change the form of your body with pure will and thought power. Your body is made of cells which in turn are photons and light energy. Your soul is light and pure consciousness, as your body is a lower frequency of light that seems more solid.

In the galactic federation there are many thousands of planets and civilizations, which share and shape together. Our planet will follow soon. People and other beings in the universe can travel in different ways, either by leaving their bodies and travelling to places desired – you actually are a multidimensional being who exists in many dimensions at the same time. Or they can travel in starships. Mostly they have a round or oval form, but forms can of course vary.


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