Raphael to the Ashtar Command Crew

angel_bell.jpg?width=500Raphael do you have anything to say to the Ashtar Command Crew? The planet grows too slowly for some. They want the change “NOW,” but perhaps it would be beneficial to celebrate how far we have come together. I have been beside many of you, or my brother or sister has been. We smile on your progress. You are a very future based people, but change cannot happen “NOW” until you are in the now. You have ideas of what the future will bring, but let them go. Let life surprise you, as you stop to look at the beauty of a single flower.

My first Channeling with this Channeler was a garden metaphor. On how you plant the garden, but do not force the seeds to grow. You water the garden, but half the time nature waters for you. You tend the weeds without knowing that the weeds are edible.

It has been taught to you, to throw out the weeds, but your culture does not always realize that the weeds are a gift. They can teach you far greater lessens then the seeds you planted. They offer nutrition, some of them, far beyond that of the seeds you planted.

My Channeler isn’t sure what to make of the site. For she tends to stay away from Channelers who bring Fear. That is her main source of discernment, how reading the message makes her feel. She is unsure where to start a discussion, as there is so much talk of the cabal. She will find her way.

The theme of her first Channeling from me was simple. “Worry does not make the garden grow.” Neither will worry make weeds stop growing. The weeds I speak of are the negative forces we all deal with. They manifest in our lives in different ways. Just because a weed is nutritious doesn’t mean it does not get pulled, but I am asking you reconsider what you do with those weeds. Biblically they are cast into the fire, but this is a wasteful mentality.

I ask you, what is a weed? Who decides which plant is a weed? T

hese are questions that will need to be asked in this future so many are waiting for. I will not give the timeframe for these events, as we are all on different timelines. You do not realize that when you meet a new person, you are also meeting a new world. For they will have a different path then you, and seamlessly move through timelines to match their current needs.

In the end you will have your book, and it will be unlike any others. The finer details behind the scenes are unimportant. Yet each page is a New World.

And the next Chapter?

The next Chapter will begin at the perfect time for everyone involved. Just like every book is different so to will each chapter be catered to the individual. We have a lot of work to do, behind the scenes, but we are the most professional crew you will find. We have seamlessly coordinated countless lives to always be in the perfect position for growth. Considering we have had an eternity to practice, just know you are in good hands.

Keep practicing on the Channeling. Gain confidence. You are to post this. I know you are considering otherwise. You are letting the pressure of what other will think of your Channeling get to you too much. Channelers do not grow in a day. Do not fear that you do not sound like those who have been Channeling a lifetime. You are meant to sound different. I say good progress.

(Copyright Me, Elisabeth Maddix at Peacenowflower.com)

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