Quantum Spin Vibration

Quantum Spin Vibration
  1. The Lion: Give me an happening that requires a cause that is beyond understanding and I will show you how the happening has a cause that is very easy to understand.

The Horse: Alright, try Quantum Spin.

Actually with quantum spin (QS) I will, amongst other things, show you precisely that: the amenability of natural phenomena to various explanations, so that claims or definitions like '...without scientific explanation...' , or '...beyond understanding...', or '...beyond the mind...' are actually silly.

The idea of 'everything is a vibration' is a very good idea. The vibration should not be reduced to a mere metaphor for some 'indescribable'.  Unfortunately, though, it has been reduced so. When someone say '...I resonate...', he often mean something that has nothing to do with resonance due to vibration. He means something like '...he likes the idea...'. It is something subjective and probably irrelevant to the universe. Consequently, when we say 'everything is vibration', some takes it to mean 'everything is subjective', ie 'as they feel'. However the original idea of realities of different frequency levels meant to be taken litteraly, not metaphorically. Consiquently, the questions that arise in usual vibrations must also arise in the spiritual idea of vibration.

Now in the day to day world, if you hit something e.g. a string so that it vibrates, soon or latter, it begines to whimper and it eventually cease vibrating altogether. So if 'everything is a vibration', it seems to suggest that everything will soon cease existing! This question must be addressed well in the proper theory of vibrational realities. Here I am going to do that. It is at this where QS should ring a bell. The subatomic particles are said to spin. However, this spinning doesn't die! The subatomic particles spins as though spinning is their intrinsic property. This makes the analogy of quantum spin very apt as we explain the multidimensional reality by first supposing that charge is a vibration.

QS has also another crucial lesson to teach us. It must show you why forming a theory of why a phenomenon happen is important even if the world may not actually work that way! This will show you why we must form an habbit of trying to understand such ideas as 'spirit', 'soul' etc by modeling something that we understand into performing what the spirit was meant to perform. We must sturbonly defy the stereotype that 'forbid' us from explaining these phenomena. Now subatomic particles are said not to actually spin. This is the crucial point. In other words it is only that we can explain some of the things that subatomic particles do by supposing that they spin when in reality, they might not be spinning at all. They might be doing something else but which brings about the same effect as 'spinning'.

In a similar way, we explain that electromagnetism is due to a synchronized vibration of the subatomic particles in a that is very easy to understand. But we can make this 'vibration' to be like QS in the sense that we don't insist that the subatomic particles are actually vibrating. Despite this fact, other features of vibrations may also be present in the electromagnetism just because vibration explains the repulsive and the attractive forces of electromagnetism. Again this is a very crucial point. Take note of it.

In QS, if we suppose that charged, subatomic particles are spinning, then we espect them to produce magnetism. So we explain the magnetism of subatomic particles by supposing that they are spinning. However, the particles may not be spinning. Despite the fact that particles are not spinning, they undergo precession as if they are spinning! Thus thinking of the particles as though to be spinning, so we may explain their magnetism, helps us to discover their other property: precession, even if the particles are not actually spinning! This is the point. By forming a theory to explain a known phenomenon , we walk way round having to know what is actually happening all the way to discovering other phenomena as though we knew what was actually happening! This highlights the importance of forming a theory evev if 'we may never know' the actual thing.

Now lets see how it works in the case of 'multidimensional reality' due to vibrations at different frequency levels. We begine by trying to understand electrostatic force. We note that if two objects immersed in some fluid both vibrate at synchronized manner, then they repel each other precisely as though they are similar charges.When one vibrates at 90 degrees out of synch, then the two objects attract each other as though they are opposit charges. So we can think of charged particles as vibrating, to explain their electroststic forcre, just like we thought of them as to be spinning, to explain their magnetism. But when we think this way, we now realize that there can be another plane of reality wherein their electrostatic forces are vibrating at a different frequency( two different frequencies cannot be synchronized). This inference we make about other planes of reality is analogous to the precession inference we made pertaining to spin. So we say that just as thinking of particles as to be spinning leads us to correctly infer that the have precession, even if they are not actually spinning, thinking of charged particles as vibrating may lead us to correctly infer that there is a multidimensional reality, even if the electrostatic force may not actually be due to some vibration.

Finaly notice that a spinning object  can also be thought of as to be vibrating. That is why in the case of QS, we have nuclear magnetic resonance and Lemor Frequency. So the analogy of QS to explain vibration is very apt.

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