Quantum Mechanics Of Reiki

Quantum Mechanics Of Reiki

As you may see from the picture above, the hand is depicted holding ki, chi , energy or prana, perhaps ready to be used for reiki purpose. So chi must interact with the hand, which is a visible object. Clearly the chi is not any more subjective than the hand, that is to say the hand is not any more objective than the chi. Therefore we must , at least in principle, be able to explain the physics at work in chi dynamics just as we can for the hand dynamics.

Chi is said to flow throughout the body. It flows through the body organs where they facilitate healing. So it is as if chi is channelled by the body. Some say that it flows through channels called 'nadis'. So chi must interact with the body just like the water must interact with the pipe it flows through. Clearly chi is not a mere dream, hallucination or a phantasm in the practitioner's mind or 'heart' or whatever. It transforms a physical organ physically. It removes cancer off an organ. If a physicist close exermines an organ being acted upon by chi, atom by atom, he must see a force that is at work, which he possibly cannot explain yet.  Therefore a good theory of physics, for the purposes of 'chi-body interaction'  (mutasis mutandis ) is absolutely necessary. Here I offer one such a theory.

Quantum Miracle State

In quantum mechanics (QM), all states are possible. Each state has some nonzero probability of occurring. State can be a location of a particle, its energy, its momentum, its spin etc. A state of a macroscopic object is a configuration of momentums, locations, energy, spin, magnetism etc of its constituent particles. This, at first may be strange. If you close exermine a liver at two different states, the sick state vs the healed state, you will find that they differ by how its particles move, are located, spin and their energies. A sick liver may simply have some of its atoms vibrating ubnormally, some of its molecules mislocated or some magnetised in a wrong way etc. 

A miraculous quantum healing will constitute a transition from the sick state to the healed state upon ' observation'. In reiki case, the 'observation' may simply be an interaction between the hand and the chi. We know that such a quantum transition does happen to single particle. A single atom, when observed twice, can be seen to have transitioned from point A to point B, even if in a 'miraculous' way such as tunneling through a wall, impossibly climbing a mountain, moving all the way to andromeda etc.

All it takes for the same miracle to happen to a macroscopic object, eg a liver, is for all of its constituent particles to transition in a synchronized manner. If all the particles of a stone moves from A to B upon observation then the macroscopic stone in its entirety will have transitioned like a quantum particle. Since the transitioning is thought to be 'random', such a transitioning is thought to be extremely unlikely because there are zillions of particles that must do the same 'accident'. But there are reasons to think that the transitionings are not random but are amenable to a control by the mind. These are amongst the few modifications we must do on QM for it to account for reiki and other 'miracles'.

A different way of putting it is that at the macroscopic level, the combined quantum state for all the particles decoherse. This quantum decoherence cancels the wave at some point, making some states seem imposible. The wave amplitude,  (possibility of finding a particle ) for instance at the other side of the wall, is cancelled by decoherence making it seem imposible for the macroscopic object to quantum tunnel through the wall. So if there is a way of maintaining quantum coherence even amongst particles in a macroscopic object, then we can account for macroscopic 'miracles' using QM. We will see this possibility next.

Bose-Einstein Condensate Of Chi

Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) is way of maintaining quantum coherence even in a macroscopic object. So macroscopic quantum mechanics is possible, after all! There is only one catch, the condensate must be extremely cold, or so they think. Since everyday objects are warm, this is the only reason why QM is thought to be impossible in macroscopic world. Latter, we will see how chi can overcome this temperature problem and maintain its coherence. In effect, I am suggesting that chi is a type of room temperature BEC.

First remember that quantum biology is gaining momentum even in mainstream! In the past, they thought that biological organisms are 'too warm and wet' for quantum coherence to be maintained. But some researches are showing that quantum photosynthesis is possible. So how do plants maintain quantum coherence here? They have no clear answer but if they consider a new quantum field that can maintain coherence at room temperature, that would be a perfect candidate for chi, according to my theory. Also with quantum biology, a way is paved for an elaborate theory of quantum mind e.g. by RogerPenrose and Stuart Hamerof. In Penrose's theory, quantum transitioning is not random but is controled by consciousness. This is precisely what we need to argue against the idea that a miraculous transitioning of a macroscopic object is extreemely unlikely as it involves zillions of unrelated accidents. The point is simply that they are not accidents. It is only that most of us don't know how to control them.

To understand how chi may dodge the temperature problem, we first need to understand how temperature leads to quantum decoherance. Decoherent waves means that we have waves of all manner of wavelenghts and if all manner of frequencies propagating in the same medium. It is a total chaos.

In QM, the wavelength of a particle is related to its momentum via the so called 'deBronglie hypothesis'. If we have only a single wavelength in the ocean, i.e. coherence, then all the particles in the ocean have a single momentum. But temperature is also related to momentum. A hot object has its particles moving and jiggling with all manner of momentums this, according to debroglie hypothesis means that we have all manner of wavelengths hence decoherence. So the only way for all the particles  to have a single wavelenght, hence coherence is to have all particles moving uniformly, without any jiggling. This  can only happen at temperature of absolute zero.

Also note that as we think, our neurons fires in a way that appears random. This creates 'chaos' in EM field. If our mind is connected to chi, this may create decoherence in chi. This explain why meditation may increase effectiveness of reiki or why meditation leads to a feeling of connectedness to all things. Coherence means several things moves at synch as thoug a single thing.

Weakly Interacting Chi

Only interacting things are able to exchange momentums. Naively we can call this 'knocking each other' .However, particles don't actually colide with each other. They repel each other far before they can touch. So it is a repulsive force, e.g. repulsive magnetisim, that explains the appearance of 'knocking' in macroscopic objects' were it not for tge electromagnetic force, stones would simply mearge rather than 'knock'. This is because both stones are actually 99.9999% empty There is literally nothing to knock.

We call such a thing that can pass through matter as 'weakly interacting'. This is because our magnetism interact weakly with its particles, making the 'knocking' not to happen. Chi then is seen to be a weakly interacting entity. This is because it can flow through objects almost unhindered. But this means that usual objects cannot warm chi.

When an object warm another object, its particles 'knock' the particles of the other object, transferring their momentums. This makes the particles of the other objects to begine jiggling all the more, hence getting wammer. This means that for an object to warm another object, it must strongly interact with the other object. If chi is weakly interacting with the usual object ,then it cannot be warmed by the usual object. This means that chi can maintain quantum coherence even at room temperature, hence it can perform the 'quantum mirracles'. But this also means that it is not easy to use chi as it slips past the body. Some ways in which it can breifly interact strongly and then return to its state of weak imteraction is necessary. This latter mechanism is also what I suggest as the mechanism through which the 'spirit' or 'soul' leaves the body. The spirit too must be weakly interacting. But I will not elaborate on the theory here.


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