Quantum Immortality

Quantum Immortality

Here is how to test a 'quantum fanatic'. Tell him to volunteer in a 'schrodinger cat' type experiment. Isn't he saying quantum is cool? So why don't he get to the box and experience how cool it is to be 'both alife and dead'! Suggest this and all the quantum gawkers, including Heisenberg himself, flee through the window! Then you will know that they realy don't believe what they believe they believe! The above imaginary, ridiculous experiment is called 'quantum suicide' and the state of the schrodinger cat, understood as 'both alife and dead' in some way is called 'quantum immortality'. 

But this idea of 'quantum immorality' can be developed into a full blown, serious scientific theory of life after death! The workings of nature that enables immortality is able to be seen in our realm at the subatomic level just like the way you cannot see water in a tank but you may see drops sipping out of tiny cracks. 

But I don't want to be like new agers who carelessly throw in quantum theory as a wrong 'tree in the forest' theory and fail to even slightly address the difficulties in applying quantum mechanics in a macroscopic object. Apparently, this wrong notion, they read from bozos, is all they know about QM. So donnot mistake me with this other ignorant group of quantum flapdoodles that I don't want to be associated with. First, I don't modify QM without saying so. I am not foolish enough to credit my own work to quantum scientist who have never realy said such. I donnot target people who want to believe in something just because a gang of big names like Heisenberg, Dirac etc believed.

So as I theorise 'spiritual science', I at the same time criticize quantum scientists for failing to understand the subatomic world, an understanding which would have brought them to spirituality. Instead, they adopted the 'god does it in ways that no human can understand' type mystifications. Like new agers, they worship confusion! The only reason a new ager is attracted to a quantum guy is because unlike a Newt, he seeks no understanding. The 'hail, it is beyond understanding' is the bone they chase, even if they were told that they will be the neighbours of the devil in 

Is the schrodinger cat realy both dead and alife, or 'nether dead nor alife'?  Rather than dishing out a whopper that you yourself don't understand, and claiming 'it is beyond understanding', why not leave it open ended? I mean is something 'beyond understanding' just because Feynman, Einstein, Bohr etc failed to understand? How did science turn to a hero worship that is worse than 'messianism'?

The most logical conclusion is that quantum particle switches their states very rapidly. It is not 'beyond understanding'. It is very easy to understand! If you watch the TV, you will think that all the portions of the image appears all at once. You ar wrong!! Infact your TV screen is caused by a dot of light that is quickly scanning through all the screen, adjusting its colour and brightness in the process, thereby creating all the images. Each pixel image is displayed one at a time, but when they are rapidly displayed one after the other, they appear as though all the pixels are appearing all at once. So what you see on a TV screen is a dot that seems omnipresent, just like a quantum particle! So the claim that QM world has no analogy in classic world is wrong, and it is wrong in several levels. QM guys are just arrogant and ignorant. Instead of saying they have no clue of how to illustrate the events in subatomic world, they just say 'there is no way' as if they have already gone through all possible ideas in the whole universe!

The TV case can confuse almost everyone and yet it scan only 24 times per second! Now there is no known instrument that can resolve something that is scanning the screen at a rate of 2x10^37 times a second!! Can you even imagine how to determine? It this mere scanning is what is going on in subatomic world, how will a stupid quantum gawker rule this out? What happened to science as a tool more for ruling out possible alternatives than constructing a belief system?? 

Now in the case of schrodinger cat, the cat could have to die and resurrect at a rate of 2x10^37 times a second before an 'observation' gets it in one state and freeze it there! Of course no eye or instrument can see the cat dying and resurrecting at this rate! So we opt to say 'the cat is both dead and alife all at once'.

However, another thing called 'quantum decoherence' prevents a macroscopic cat from having all its particles behave like a huge quantum particle. But quantum decoherence does not destroy the wave completely. For instance, quantum decoherence can make a wave into a soliton, or wave-packet. The amplitudue is too low in some areas, that we can's see the 'particle' there. But when thinking of such states as 'death and alife', be sure to understand the wave in question. A quantum math-physicist can understand this wave analogically so that it has only two states. Normaly wave has infinite states, each state corresponding to possible location of the particle. But we don't need to think in terms of thus binary state if we understand the 'death' and 'life' state as to differ in mere locaton, momentum, spin and energy of the entire configuration of particles forming the cat. It is here that we easily see that the question of cat's immortality reduces to the question of what happens during quantum decoherence.

A crucial question that will lead you to understand quantum immortality is: what does it happen when there is a very low probability of finding a quantum system in a given state? For intance, if the probability of finding a paricle at the other side of the wall is extremely low, what will we see if we place our detector at that other side? Well, if we were dealing with a single particle, we will find out that it becomes very rare to detect a particle there ( but the particle does not disappear forever). However, if we are dealing with zillions of particles, the particles will cross to that othet side at random so that it isn't a surprise that every time you put your detector there, you will find some few particles there. In other words, a 'very low probability' translates into 'a very low density'. So when we say that the cat underwent quantum decoherence, we mean that its amplitude for a certain state is greatly reduced so that we don't see a cat in the other side of quantum superposition. But as we have seen, this amplitude is reduced, but it doent dissappear. Furthermore this reduction of amplitude translates into a density reducion. This means that there will always be an extreemly less dense body that behaves like a quantum particle! But this body can be understood as 'the spirit of the cat'! Being less dense and immortal, it fits all the criteria for 'spirit'!

THE HORSE: So curiosity killed the cat!

THE LION: But satisfaction resurrected it!

HORSE: I now believe that the cat has nine lives ☺


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    A quantum entity is a particle that has a behaviour that mimics waves in the manner in which it positions itself. Or perhaps it is a wave that has a behaviour that mimics particles in the manner in which it localizes.

    It is its BEHAVIOUR, not the THING ITSELF that is difficult to shoehorn into 'the wave behaviour' or 'the particle behaviour'. The thing itself is EITHER a wave OR a particle. As simple as that!
  • Quantum guy points to you at a screen. You see a dot, not any different from a spec of durst. He tells you 'that is an electron'. But he immediately tells you that is not how the electron looks like, because of a 2 hour movie he is going to show you! He is going to shoot the electron one at a time and tell you to watch the pattern they form!!

    What nonsense!! Does it mean that if you watch soldiers form a row one after the other then each one of the soldiers was not an object with a shape? Do quantum flapdoodles confuse what an object is with how a large number of them behaves?

    So you see quantum lamebrains have not discovered anything! They have only used stupid logics to make unsound inferences! What is surprising is the theories they spew to explain the experiments they donot understand, not the experiments themselves!
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