Protection Before Power

8108762288?profile=originalBefore we will commence on our journey into the realms of Power, we must first embrace the practice of protection. The pursuit of power without protection could be an invitation for untoward energies to infiltrate our personal energy system.


An examination of Power results in observing a long history of its pursuit by those who desire domination over others. We observe the power of regimes to oppress, the power of money to buy favor on behalf of profit, the power of politics to legislate for the good of those with influence, the power of war to change borders and whole customs.


There are also those who pursue psychic power. Misguided, they perceive that power over others, usurping power or siphoning it off of other beings is a worthy pastime. There are groups that intentionally target others and groups with psychic attacks or vampiric activity. Strange as it may seem, there are those who intend mischief and mayhem.


Without sounding conspiratorial, it is always best to err on the side of caution as one begins to work energetically in the realm of Power. For those who have endured a psychic attack, it can be a harsh lesson. During such an attack, life may change to unfortunate circumstances; the targets may suffer health issues or loss of energy or experience negative states of consciousness. It is always important to be aware so that steps can be taken to restore a high vibrational state of awareness.


The Avatars have ushered us through these lessons in Power as a means to assist us in our capacity to generate and accumulate energy to use in our spiritual evolution. While we may find that our pure intentions are empowered into manifestation, we want to employ energy-gathering exercises to accelerate our spiritual growth in Ascension.


The Avatars offered us the 4 Penny Amulet. This is powerful personal protection. However, as we venture into the realms of energy and Power, it is important to employ one more step of protection.


The Protection Mantra offers us a simple yet complete approach to protecting our Heart and Chi centers which are the most vulnerable to attack. To begin, we have been offered the following mantra for general protection.





This mantra is to be used as you envision a crystal sphere around the heart and the entire body. One may say this mantra ten times as you expand the crystal sphere until it completely encompasses your field to a ten feet radius in all directions.


However, if we choose, we can make our protection more specific and more powerfully experienced by initiating a sphere in both the Heart and the Chi Centers.


For the Heart Center, we use the above mantra and substitute in the word SRI for SVA repeating it several times as we grow the crystal sphere around the heart, making sure to extend it behind us, bulging out from our thoracic spine.


In the Chi Center, we substitute in the word CHI for SVA, repeating several times and expanding the crystal sphere in all directions.





There is another component in our discussion of using these mantras of protection.


In our work, we expand our consciousness into the upper realms as well as through the deepened realms of the unconscious on our way to connect deeply with the Divine Feminine. As we have pursued this expansion, we encountered two installations into the energetic realms that humans may encounter in their work to expand their consciousness.


The first is a membrane encountered when one journeys to the upper realms, located ten to twenty feet abover the Crown Cneter. This membrane must be proken through and a channel must be established as one opens to their higher consciousness. This membrane has been referred to as the Dweller on the Threshold. The Dweller is a field of energy that holds and emanates limiting constructs into the worlds of humans. The Avatars address this field as the Ten Intensities. These Intensities embed our consciousness with a continuing rollcall of limitation. They have also unconsciously dissuaded humans from their pursuit of Higher consciousness and rising to the levels of the Upper Realms.


You are Mortal

You are Finite

You are Fixed

You are Controlled

You are Flawed

You are Fatal

You are Powerless

You are Fated

You are Unconscious

You are Damned


Given that we are truly one with God, these limitations serve no purpose but to control humans on this planet, perhaps for the good of a few. Everyone unconsciously accepts that they will die and that they are generally powerless against the Fates. We know from the example of the Immortals who have graced this planet that this is not a given, if we but recognize how unconsciously we adhere to the Intensities.


It is critical in establishing a clear channel into the upper realms that we afford our selves safe passage through the Intensities. We do so by establishing a third crystal sphere in the middle of the Intensities, expanding that sphere until it breaks through into the upper realms. We do so with the following alteration to our mantra.





This is said several times as you expand your crystal through the Intensities. In addition to providing a protected passage through the membrane, it weakens the membrane as more and more beings install channels or spheres through it. With a multitude of installations, it becomes somewhat like Swiss cheese.


In addition to the Intensities, the energy worker will encounter a morass of residual negative frequencies and emotions as they journey deeply within. The Avatars refer to this morass as the Densities and is composed of the strong emotions of guilt, shame, fear, terror, rage, suppression, oppression, futility, sorrow, angst, anxiety and all of the unresolved travails of the human experience. Once a passage is made into the morass, one may be exposed to a flow of unconscious emotions that may in fact be debilitating. For this reason, many humans do not wish to “go deeply within” and instead choose to remain on the surface of consciousness.


Therefore, it is important to establish a sphere in the midst of the Densities, expanding through it and creating a safe passage through to the nurturing expression of the Divine love of the Mother,


The mantra is as follows and accompanies the visualization and creation of the crystal sphere within and beyond the thickness of the Densities.





Again invoke this mantra several times as you expand the sphere to create safe passage into the field of the Divine Mother.


Notice in the above illustration, the thin crystalline channel that links the four spheres together and continue into the Christalis Star and into the immense field of the Mother. This channel is meant to be a clear passage for bringing through both 5D energies and 7D energies from the Divine Polarities. It is delicate yet capable of channeling vast amounts of energies into our developing energy system for the purpose of our spiritual evolution.


It is useful to run the protection upon rising, before meditation and before falling asleep. The more you engage with this mantra, the stronger protection you will  install in your human/divine energy system.


Know this as well: the use of these mantras weakens the very strangleholds the controlling energies have on this reality. It disrupts the focus of the dictating forces and allows us to expand into our next stage of evolution: Human Illumens.




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