Probably I will miss you !!!

Hello dear friends and readers,

Because by the approaching date of the Event, presumably in the neighborhood of April 15 th, the

channelings have

been put on the back burner.

And the opinion of father God was to stop the channelings.

And because everything is all said and done for the coming Ascension, I decided to provisionally

stop the daily


I have more time for my own preparation and I feel after having posted a 5000 articles, very

privileged that I have

been able to serve you!

My intention is to be at the first Ascension-wave.

Thank you for your friendship and your interest in my postings!

Happy Ascending,

See you over there,

Love, light and laughter,

Meindert Arends


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  • Peace & Love

  • Till next time Meindert... Wherever you go, there You are!



  • Can't say I agreed with all of the posts, but like Sky said, your intentions were honorable.  You put in a lot of work for this site!  Take care of yourself.  You deserve a rest.

  • Thanks for moving over and letting others post for awhile. So we wont have to worry anymore that you will post on top of us what we have posted. You have reposted on top of me, many,many many dozens of times. You like to be in the spotlight which is ok if you don't step on others getting there. "I to don't understand what you meant by God wants you to stop channelling" , You never channeled in the 1st place , you only reposted what others have done, funny what a little money can do huh. Maybe now the site can pull itself back together and have many people lead the show instead of just one. If you would have done it more fairly maybe more people would have seen you off. Fairly means not stealing peoples blogs or posts like you have done to me and many others. All you had to do was ck to see if others had posted the same blogs but you didn't take the time, did you. So I can't say that I or we will miss you & what you have done but we will recovery & continue on,indeed !!


  • Thank you for all of your openness, continual support and love to those awakening.

    Blessings and safe journey Meindert!

  • Thank you, Meindert, your effort was very helpful. Well, we're up for a journey hé? See you. G

  • Buen viaje, amigo mio! Thank you from my heart.

    See you soon.

  • Thank you brother Meindert for your loving service...

  • Thank you Meindert for all your postings... even though I haven't agreed with them all. : ) I feel they have helped many in their awakening. Thank you also for just being yourself. : )

    Love and Blessings...

  • Warm hugs and much love to you Meindert ... thank you for all your posts.. I enjoyed reading them from my vantage point ..somewhere in the background..


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