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Private TAUK Message from Higher Self 1 Dec 2011- Alternate Self

Higher Self: Greetings Laura. Here we are again. I believe you were somehow disturbed by your dream while you were waking up to this reality. You have expressed the desire, in the higher planes of existence, for an explanation about the dream. Is this correct? This has entirely colored your mood for today and your feelings.


Laura: It is so.


Higher Self: Well, the dream addressed unresolved issues from your past lives, which are still affecting this life on all levels. These remain unresolved issued for you and many of those around you who are concerned by the situation going on for 15 years. The dream is in fact reflecting yourself, in other reality, where the situation with someone you cared about had a different outcome. An alternate reality with the proverbial happy ending. Or rather what society has molded you to believe is the desired outcome where relationships are concerned.


Yes indeed what you have felt was real in an alternate reality. The people are different people. They are not the same ones you are experiencing past lives karma issues in this reality. But you were in the exact situation, as you were 10 years ago, with an outcome where you look like you are the winner on all fronts. The man has left his wife in order to be with you, and his feeling for you are genuine. You woke up regretting his divorce because you realized his wife’s feelings for him were real. The wife had no difficulties with the divorce at all, because all she wanted was her husband’s happiness and it did not matter to her with who he would feel happier. However you discovered that your feelings for that man were not those needed you had thought, and this is why you never left your boyfriend for him.


This situation is indeed going on for you and your other self in this other reality. You wonder how can you repair the mess you have placed yourself in, in this other reality. Your question’s reply is that these two realities are merging. These same issues are coming together in both these lives, although with a different outcome. I hope this explains more about the unresolved past and present issues. Your experience of yourself in past lives, in other dimensions and in alternate realities are in fact all connected.


They are all designed to teach you a few things about yourself, and to further your developing process as a conscious being. You always thought that only your past affects who you are here and now. It is an incorrect assumption. You, as humans souls, are running several computer simulations at once. Your Higher Self, your Soul if you wish, is learning from all your manifestations in many dimensions and many alternate realities. The dream was your life in an alternate three dimensional reality.


Laura: So how can I do anything about that alternate life? The whole situation is so false and unbearable. Those feelings of guilt, regret and remorse are present in this reality. How strange that my alternate reality mistakes affect this life.


Higher Self: Remember all these experiences are a part of you, therefore they are all affecting you. All your experiences in these dimensions, realities and karma associated with them are sipping into each other. They bounced of one another and affect all aspects of your multi- dimensional forms. The solution is simple, help your other self as you would help a dear friend in need. Download your experience into her brain, send her your love, understanding and forgiveness. None of the people in the other dimension are so deeply affected by this mistake. They will all laugh at your other self’s confusion and will understand. No need for harshness dear. Sit with her and send her love and forgiveness. She will hear you, because she is you.


I am your Higher Self

Laura Tyco


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