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  • dear brother Jai,excellent vid Star Flyer posted,watched it immensely,as mother earth,birthed,and re-birthed again,will add this pic to your thread as a graph of the birthing,and now mother earth is in readiness again for the birthing of the ascension, to become a cosmic star,taking her place amongst the other celestial bodies that have gone to higher vibrations and frequencies of eons past,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)8113898676?profile=original
  • thanxs for the info star flyer:-0 yes, i did hear about the bunkers being blown up ha ha! they were not waiting for that..they thought"its free will, we can do whatever we want and "they" wont do anything as they are not alowed..but the gorund crew is..:-)

    do not post this either its not relevant  to your blog but thought you may like it

  • 80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal.
    Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd -- which may be seen by historians as the critical moment in which the war was won.
    [UPDATED next morning 9:32 am. Credible insider source confirms these accounts and adds new information! Please link to this article but do not re-post it, as it is being dynamically updated as events unfold. Posting key excerpts with the link is encouraged.]

  • Eve, light sister , thanxs for the info:-) i have hear also that after Lemuria sunk, australia was floating in the Ocean untill it stabilized..also heard that on the shift, the Lemuria land mass will come to the surface again! there legends the said some of the ancestors still live on the same land mass that will surface..and in other places as well..cant wait to meet eveyone he he!
  •  and john, as far as i know, its a big war and conspiracy between the ranks of those people in power.there are masons quiting and reporting then, there FBI and CIA factions, light and dark, aparently Blair, who is a reptilian,( not all Reps are bad) turned into his own kinda and is cooperating with the light(not coz he turned good, coz he was pushed agaisnt the wall , thretenned with lawsuit and even prison otherwise)..

    even read that the masons were good and had awesome knoweledge, but after  got infiltrated by the cabal, the got all the teachings and reversed the symbols, teaching, etc.. it was backed by ST Germain in the Begginning i have read:-0

    I think some Popes had good intentions in the past but u dont hear many good work done by then apart just some decieving the Popes since the beginning of Crhistianity only had been slaugthering "infidels" and the natives as  soon as the church was created.. but u know that one:-)

    You can see in the media the countries they are behind always having bankrupcy, scandals,their people being arrested and turning agaisnt then.. i am laughing now!


  • before the great Deluge of the land masses were sunk with the )encroaching seas,Australia was connected to the other existing land,and islands that are visible with the naked eye today.blessings eve(solaena
  • ha ha ha  !hey john, Jan- car sounds awesome:-0 my one would be Jai-car or Jai ashcar! (Ashtar no i am joking!)

    yes, was in the military police in my late teens/early 20s. i actually even enlisted to go early ! arrested a few officials and colonels( i was only a soldier and had a superior with me to do the arrest, but but neverthless, it was fun to arrest those "superior" then me ha ha!) yes, i was "the law" for a while and i had the power to arrest, civilians, the police, and military, even our own Military police:-0 wish i had that power to do mass arrests of the cabal! or maybe it was a trainning for a future power to arrest cabals alike just close to the shift? ha ha

  • Wow, you worked for the military police in Brazil, that sounds neat. And you actually saw the Pope, that's great! lol The Pope-mobile, I always found that funny. I wish I had my own car, the John-mobile lol Or the Jan-car....get it? lol :P


    But yea, I never got the vibe from John Paul like he was a dark man. Ratzinger has much more of a sinister vibe. I suppose, like the Presidency, the Palpacy has been occupied by both lighted souls and darker souls. I think it's an important figurehead position for humanity, stretching out through the centuries, representing the ultimate sainthood. So of course there is bound to be a few lighted souls occupying that place. I highly doubt every single Pope was a satan worshiper.


    Also, apparently, that's not even the real Pope, or the only Pope at least. That is the white Pope. There's also the Black Pope, the secret Pope, Peter Hanz Kolvenbach, the supposed Supreme General of the Jesuits. He, and other people and Vatican high officials, all go to the Vatican basement and rape little children and then sacrifice them. Apparently this is happening! It's just appalling. People like to say the Vatican and the Jesuits are different entities, I think they are more like arms of the same entity, I don't see much difference in them.


    Whistleblower Leo Zagami, a former Italian Illuminati grand master, a 33rd degree mason, member of the P2 Lodge, and others...a true insider in this macabre elite world...has much good information on all of this, I recommend listening to his testimonies! Interestingly, he makes it clear that there is great infighting within the Illuminati and all these secret elite groups, and there really is a "light" Illuminati, real Illuminati, who want to bring true enlightenment to the world....and the dark Satan worshiping black magician Illuminati bent on taking over the world. And the dark ones are being taken down.


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