Political Logic Gates

First 'logic gate' is a misnomer. It is neither 'logic' nor a 'gate'. We should first define 'logic'. But as usuall dictionary is problematic. Here it goes:

LOGIC: Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

REASONING: The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

VALIDITY:The quality of being logically or factually sound.

PRINCIPLE: Fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of beleifs.

SOUND: Free from fallacy.

Lets put it all together and see it:

LOGIC: The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way conducted or assessed according to strict fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of beleifs of
the quality of being logically or factually free from fallacy.

So logic is alogically and logical.

How can there be a 'gate' for 'logic' in this way? The concept 'logic gate' has nothing to do with the real meaning of 'logic'. It is just yet another way of impinging to your mind that a computer can 'think soundly and arrive at truth', a totally ridiculous claim! The most 'logical' thing about a so called 'logic gate', such as AND gate are statements:

1.) If one and one, then one
2.)If one and zero then zero
3.)If zero and one then zero

4.)If zero and zero then zero

what are these?

A logical statement might be:

If it will rain, then it must first be cloudy.

They just notice a yap yap yap IF, yep yep yep THEN and then called a set of gibberish statements 'logic gates'? As we will see, the only thing that such 'logic gates' can model in real world is how some stupid people might make decisions based solely on what they hear or what they are told. There are 4 types of fools that we are going to examine. I called them 'logic gates'. They are just that: GATES for other people's opinions etc. They can't think for themselves, they just sit there, listen and asses and discriminate other people's opinions. So if I call you a 'logic gate', I am terribly insulting you. Here we go, check if you are one of these guys.


Like we saw, these group of idiots think this way:
1.)If true and true, then true
2.)If true and false, then false
3.)If false and false, then false

In a nutshell, they say 'if everybody says that it is true, then it must be true' but if at least one of them disagrees, then it must be false. If you are that type of a fool, then you are and AND gate. A president can be this stupid. He just hear phone calls from CIA etc. 'if this person AND that person etc says that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then it must be true. But if at least one of them says there is non, then there is no such weapons. So he is just a 'gate' that allows some opinions to pass and blocks others.


These morons think this way:

1.)If true, then false
2.)If false, then true

They say that if certain people claim that something is true, then it must be false. If they claim that it is false, then it must be true! This is rampant in political parties. If you are a republican and condemns war when democrats are in power, but endorse it whe republicans are i power, then you are a NOT gate. More clearly, if you are at such and such party, then you disagree with everything the other party says. If they say they want to end war in Afghanistan, you criticise them. If they don't end the war, again you criticise them for 'fighting endless wars', but you don't criticise your party when it does all of those things.

Another case happens with those who criticise mainstream media. If your reasoning is the simplistic: 'if mainstream media says it is true, then it must be false', then you are a NOT GATE.


These group of nincompoops think this way:

1.)If true and true, then true
2.)If true and false, then true
3.)If false and false, then false

These are the types who believe something just because someone says it is so, mostly they are sooth sayers. They don't care about those who might disagree with that statement. He once heard a 'channeled message' and believed it, without asking if other people said the same thing. Only one person needed to say 'the earth is ascending to paradise'. He 'resonates' with such, and from there, cares less of any other person's opinion! He is an OR gate because it doesn't matter who says it, as long as 'it resonates'. If this one OR this one says it, then it is true!

If you are that person who merely assert claims without offering any evidence, or backing it up with any explanation, saying 'you are only interested with those who reasonate', then you are, perhaps unwittingly, trying to find a fan base composed solely of OR gates bunch of morons! It is true because I said so! If you don't like it, then you are not one of my sheep, so go away!


These are now the most confused types of bird brains. There reasoning is:
1.)If true and true, then false
2.)If true and false, then true
3.)If false and true, then true
4.)If false and false, then false

They beleive in something only because there is a confusion about it! If some people says that there are UFOs, and some says there are no such, then he beleives there must be UFOs. If there is no more debates about UFOs, then they cease beleiving in them! These type of people worships confusion. Whenever everyone believes in something, they begine to say 'it must be false'. The earth must be flat, all news must be false etc. But unicorns? No! these things must be there! When many people in mainstream did not like 'channeled messages', they believed in them. But when it went mainstream, they said 'these must be some mind control', so they ceased believing in them! If everyone believes, it must be false. Truth is there only whenever there is confusion!

We now have all our 'logic gates'. We can now create a very powerful computer made of a gang of idiots! Those in power will control such a population by pressing appropriate buttons. Then the 'computer' can do anything that they want.

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