Bring down the system once and for all and stop paying your credit cards - they can't do anything to the whole planet and the system will colapse.

I don’t usually do this, but… PLEIADIAN MESSAGE FROM PETER: SHUT THEM DOWN !

  • Greetings to our ground crew and Earth brothers and sisters. This is Peter, and I do apologize for our long delay in communication. We have been very, very busy, as you can probably guess. As you know, we are the surveillance crew – the hunters and gatherers of intel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command and a few others who have joined us at this time. We pretty much snoop around the satellites and intercept what the cabalists think is “top secret” and “highly confidential” communication. We assure you it is not. We have extremely diligent code crackers, and, of course, we speak all languages – even the very obscure ones that they try to use from time to time.

    So, yes, we have been busy filtering their whirlwind of communication, and we can tell you that they are most assuredly in a panic over all the recent bank officials resignations and other financial blunders that are all now out in the open. And they have been in this panic for some time now. As you have been hearing for some time now from many other channels, they know that they are defeated. Some of them are still trying to hide out and prolong their own arrests, but we all know their exact whereabouts, and, in time, with the proper warrants in place, they will soon find themselves completely incapacitated.

    We know you all loathe the “soons,” but we cannot give you exact dates, otherwise they will know exactly when, themselves, and they might try to pull another fast one. It’s not their “escape” that we worry about. They can never escape. It is their ability to do harm to others that we worry about. We’re not talking nukes and missiles. We assure you that the big guns have been disarmed. It is the smaller arsenals of weaponry they have stockpiled all over the Earth that we currently can’t do anything about. There is still free will. And they are still being given the option to use it to either make good for themselves or to buy themselves a one-way ticket to no-man’s land. We ask you at this time, out of the goodness of your hearts, to focus on them making the right choices for themselves. Send them light and love and this will encourage better behavior. At the very least, it will ensure the safety of innocent people in their path.

    You have all become very, very powerful in the past few months. Collectively you have been combining your energies and powers in extraordinary ways to create magnificent changes on your planet. Excellent work. We applaud and commend you! We are quite sure that you are feeling the improvements already as you incorporate more and more of the positive energy that is being gifted to you and Mother Earth.

    Many of you are discovering that there really is nothing to fear. That you are actually far more powerful than you ever thought yourselves to be. You are learning that when you join together in loving ways, you can change things in a positive way without force or violence. You are learning that love is all there is, and, when you apply it in liberal amounts, it can soften even the hardest of hearts and harshest conditions.

    Now, for those of you who are impatient about the financial situation, we have a suggestion for you. Nothing “new” will ever come to you until your current system completely fails. At this time, many of you are still paying these very thugs who control you. And you are completely funding their control over you. Do you realize that, dear ones? Has this thought crossed your mind at all? How many credit cards do you have in your wallets? Consider the department store cards, too. Who is the real financial institution behind those? Don’t know? Look into it. You will find that many of the larger world banks are the owners of your debts, and they are still benefitting from your monthly payments on all of your loans and credit cards. If you are still paying them, you are contributing to keeping them afloat. So now we have to ask you…


    Why are you keeping them afloat?

    The financial system won’t fully collapse, dear ones, until you collectively say “no more.”

    That’s right. YOU are the ones who hold that power. YOU are the ones who must collapse the financial system.

    If you want your new system RIGHT NOW, that is.

    We have watched you collectively organize global meditations. We have watched you gather in huge numbers to protest all over your planet. And we have watched you continue to struggle.

    Look, standing up for your beliefs and protesting, that’s all well and good, but, at this point, we see it as wasted energy when you can all just very simply – but it must be collectively – just stop paying these people who control your world.

    If EVERYONE stops paying, we ask you…what could they possibly do?

    Go take a look right now at all your amounts due this month to loans and credit cards. Total it up. What is the amount? Wouldn’t that be put to better use putting food on your table and funding YOUR efforts to make this planet a better one? Or, perhaps, you can help out a family member or friends who are struggling to meet their own basic needs.

    So here is your mission, should you choose to accept it, ground crew. Organize an enormous collective to stop paying monthly bills in the month of June. Just STOP. All across the globe. Worldwide. Shut down the banks. Stop funding their control over you. Stop paying them and render them powerless.

    Do this, and you will have your new financial system (or non-financial system) by July.

    Again…it is all up to you.

    What are you waiting for?

    I am Peter, member of the Pleiadian 500 and affiliate of the Pleaidian Council of Light. We love and adore you, and we implore you to empower yourselves at this time. We are behind you 100 percent.

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  • Over a thousand views, and only 14 likes. Earth is not ready, Peter.

  • A few years ago I stopped paying Bank of America. I just didn't have the money to pay them any more. They tried to get the money out of me and I wouldn't pay them, they did steal about $100 from me so I was mad at them to. They sent me papers to go to court and I had someone help me with the papers and she asked me if someone stamped it from the courthouse and I said no. To cut to the chase, the papers were to have me spend $45 here and another $30 here. So the lady that was helping me gave me instructions on how to send a cease and desist letter to the lawyer firm sending me these letters, I looked up these letters online and found a good one and sent it to the firm and they bothered me one more time to try to get me to court and have never bothered me again. Nothing they can do really if it is under $10,000 in the US.

  • When I found out about all this in '05 I got a few more cards...maxed out everything I had, threw them in a fire, and when the first few calls came I told the collector on the phone that due to the fact that the credit they were was created out of thin air, my thin air check was in the thin air-mail...LMFA!!!...<3<3<3

  • I am tempted,but am deciding on paying.i mean,i could then use them again.If needed,But from what I am hearing is we will have our end of this enslavement very soon.Follow your heart.Love and light
    I am financially okay.But
  • Tyler we have the same if not worse problems in the USA so the grass is not greener on the other side - remember there isn't even a free health care - they make you pay for everything - infact the USA is run by the U.K and that's been a kept secret.

  • Well said John, I was just about to post my opinion but you took the words from my mouth :) Nice concept, but sadly won't work in our reality. There must be ways around to get rid of the cabal. We are 6 months in 2012 and no major change to the public has occured, to me it feels like January all the same.

  • There's many reasons why this wouldn't work, number one...most people don't know about the Cabal and how alot of the money they pay to credit card companies goes into their hands. Same thing with utility bills. Most people, think that these are just private companies....they don't know the sinister force behind them. Number two, most people love their credit cards too much to give them up. They find them handy and useful. Number three, most people would rather just pay off the debt, than be harassed by creditors or forced into bankruptcy. Number four, alot of people don't have to pay the interest because they don't go over their credit, they just pay the bill they accumulated and that's it. Most people wouldn't see a reason not to pay.'s a nice thought's a nice concept, and it would work...but this is the reality, here on the ground.

  • Why do people get credit cards in the first place. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you can't pay for something up front, don't buy it. And it's a nice idea I would only work if masses of people do it...if like 70 or 80% of everyone do it. Who actually sees that happening? It's a nice idea, but not very realistic though.

    It's like..last year...there was this idea going around here in Quebec, and other places, to have nobody go put gas in the car on April 15th...and everyone was like, yea yea...let's do it! Then when April 15th came, very few people ended up doing it. They either put gas in that day, or filled up in the days before lol So these ideas, sadly, never seem to work.

  • In other words the pleiadians or should i say the channeller is gearing people up to see how foolish they are. 

    are people gullible to follow this advice which will sadly end up in people losing homes and items and cause more suffering to a person that its worth. i urge anyone thinking upon this awful advice to way up all the pro's and con's first. and take for instance yes it might work if everything single person in the world did it at the same time, but they aren't going to. only a small and i mean very small fraction on people will read this message then again even a more smaller fraction will act upon this. because they will not use common sense and reply to much on others to tell them what to do and how to live their life. please think upon this people?

    and for the ones who post this message attacking really native and easily lead people. shame on you!  

    and wise words from hunter. i agree. 

  • I am paying only 9% on my card with Chase because I have been consistent 2+ years now, I don't use it, just pay it off a little at a time, $68 month! What about transferring to a credit union like TFCU?? Support them?! That would b 9% also, but I just like them better... Otherwise, I could just stop paying, period??...

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