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Message from Peter:

Dear starseeds, bringers of light, lightworkers, light warriors, angelic humans, or however you choose to identify yourselves, this is Peter, your Pleiadian brother of light and affiliate of the Pleiadian Council of Light. I come to you now with this message of awareness, for some of you are finding yourselves feeling deceived or confused by the energies at play.

Be fully aware, now, dear ones, that ALL of the energies are very busily working their agendas. Dark. Light. A multitude of shades in between.

Yes, you are currently on a planet that engages both light and dark and all the shades in between, and, yes, as incarnated human beings, it has been your agreement to accept the challenges of being both, experiencing both, in order to know and understand duality and polarity. But remember who you are, dear ones. You incarnated on Earth at this time to help Gaia (Mother Earth) raise her vibrations. You are there to ground your light bodies (via your physical bodies) on and into her surface to help her raise and maintain her higher vibration. In order to do this, you must keep your own personal vibrations clean, clear and high.

We have talked about self love. We have talked about unconditional love. Today we must talk about wisdom, discernment and self protection.

First, you must understand that when we say ALL of the energies are at play, we mean ALL of them. You have true light energies working overtime, no doubt. You also have tons of dark and shady energies and entities at play, as well, and MANY of them are masquerading as light. Dark is dark, and we trust that you know the difference quite readily by now, but understand that there is a lot of dark out there posing as light, trying to convince you that Gaia has ascended and all is light and bright and safe and cheery on your planet. They tell you that the “cabal” or “powers that were” are in check. Then they tell you they are the new leaders of the planet and the “New Age.” Be wary, dear ones. Especially of those channels who continue to string you along regarding financial system and technology upgrades and keep saying “soon,” “soon,” for years and years on end. Be wary of those raising your hopes and vibration simply to harness your energy to keep themselves energized. Have you been feeling sleepy or exhausted lately, even though you feel optimistic? Only to be reassured that it’s simply “the energies” and “upgrades” that have you feeling lethargic? Oh, it’s “the energies,” alright, but it is not the solar flares and cosmic energies they refer to;  by “the energies,” they are referring to themselves. These dark and shady ones are definitely recharging their batteries off of your light.

You need to be fully aware of the duality and polarity that you are steeped in, dear ones. Understand that there will be no leaders or gods or deities of the Age of Aquarius, for this age is about oneness, not hierarchical systems and Pyramid schemes. It is about full equality and unconditional love.

The dark is still trying to control this new era with their layer upon layer upon layer of deception. False flag operations. Mind control and programming operations. They have even bought those who were once working for the light with wonderful gifts, such as “bestselling books” on the NY Times bestseller list. Huge web presence, including “alternative news networks” that shout and scream about conspiracy theories and those dastardly dark ones in charge who plan to disarm you and send you to internment camps. They show you all of their symbols and secrets in order to “expose” the dark and warn you about how powerful they are.

The truth is, the dark does not care whether their games (New Age or Conspiracy Theory) raises or lowers your vibration. They just want your full attention. They want to occupy your mind. For, if they occupy your mind, you will never find your heart and true soul power.

There is a theory out there that your pineal gland and chakras are “implants” for which the dark can manipulate you, and that is just what they are doing through their fake “New Age” religions.

Dear ones, as we discussed before in my very first message, YOU, the human race, created yourselves. You wired yourselves with 12 strands of DNA, and each one represents one of each of the 12 master races of the Multiverse. Consider this DNA your database. It is encoded with all of the wisdom and knowledge of the master races of the Multiverse. Your pineal gland is your hard drive, basically. If you want to call it an implant (planted there by yourselves) then so be it. It is up to YOU to protect it from malware, spyware and viruses. This requires maintenance and security checks and firewalls and anti-virus protection. Basically, you need to be responsible for what you allow in and with what energies you engage or entertain. And, no, we are not talking about your PCs and Macs. We are talking about your pineal gland and your chakras (which can be considered your browsers that connect you to all the energies outside of yourself). Remember who you are, and that YOU are ALL YOU NEED. Build your firewalls of light and surround yourself with an anti-viral mirrored sphere that deflects all incoming dark energies. That is how you avoid manipulation. Activate your pineal gland. Once it is activated, your pineal gland can no longer be manipulated, as long as you protect it and keep it clean.

Regarding wisdom and discernment with those shady energies (a hybrid of dark and light)…

Trust your body. Don’t just interpret information with your mind and ego. This is exactly how the dark manipulates and controls you. Check in with your heart/soul center and higher self. Pay attention to your physical body reactions and responses to the information. Feel a tightening anywhere? Then this information is most definitely created to manipulate and control you. Rely on your feelings and body responses MORE than your ego and mind reactions. This is how you practice discernment. If any information makes you feel uncomfortable, undecided or confused when you examine it through your heart, then it is most likely bogus information. Disengage.

These are exciting times. We understand that. Many of you are still allowing yourselves to be pulled into the drama. Remember who you are. You are not there for the drama. You are not there to engage or entertain it. You are there to ground the light. So clean and clear yourselves often, and bring in more light to ground into the planet that you have committed yourselves to save. Share your light. Spread your light through loving energy with others. Do not make attempts to expose the darkness. Just be aware of them, and work daily to shield and deflect their energies. Do not begin your day without building your safety and security shields. If nothing else, always keep yourselves surrounded with a mirrored sphere and ask your higher self for guidance and assistance with discernment. Do not rely on anyone else to tell you when all is safe and clean and clear. Make that assessment for yourself using your own feelers.

Be fully aware that many once “trusted sources” have fallen into the clutch of the dark by selling out their once clean spiritual agenda for a sudden rise in popularity and success. How can you tell? They suddenly have the money to travel quite extensively to expensive vacation destinations or high-spiritual energy sites around the planet. They ask you to direct your energy toward them while they are there to assist with repairing, healing, empowering or intensifying the energy of these sites. They claim to be experts or the new leaders or are even appointing new spiritual leaders and even going as far as to say they are “taking over for ‘God.’” Some of them are selling products (usually supplements of some type) and operating direct-selling pyramid schemes. They will also claim to be some superior being, ascended master or archangel incarnated as human. They may also even claim to be guided by a once dark entity that has suddenly risen to the light. Also be wary of those who disguise or change their voices or won’t show their faces, and also of those who appear to shapeshift or “morph” into a younger or older looking being while on camera.

Do not entangle yourselves with these shysters. They are exposing themselves with their greed and arrogance. There is no need for you to do anything to further expose the truth about them. True spiritual lightworkers will never position themselves as “leaders” or members of a hierarchical system that is “above you,” dear ones. They will simply share their light and love with you. They will not push products on you or make you follow their “system” or “religion,” if you will. And TRUE light workers will never sell out to the dark for fame and fortune or power.

It is true that some lightworkers will become popular on their own, without selling out to the dark. Many already have, and they have remained dedicated to the light. Many have written books with wonderful guidance for the New Age and the New Earth. And by that, we mean the TRUE New Age – the one that is free flowing and only encourages one thing: unconditional love.

There are many cultures, traditions, philosophies and religions out there. Originally and similarly to the New Age movement, they all taught and encouraged unconditional love, but many were tainted by those with dark agendas and manipulated and used to gain power and control over the masses. Do be aware, dear ones, that this is exactly what is happening now to the once clean and pure, light-inspired New Age movement. There are rumors out there that the New Age was created by the dark. That is not true. The New Age movement, like all the rest, has been TAINTED by the dark. Do not allow your hearts and minds to also fall into this trap of deception and mind control.

Stay clean and pure, starseeds, and reserve your light and energy for those who deserve it. Shield and protect yourselves daily, and be sure that you and only you control who and what occupies your mind, heart and soul.

We surround you and your planet with our love and light, and we wish you well.


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  • Goldenweaver... I see you've got the "fever"... the fever of Love, that is. : ) Beautiful posting.

    To me, this "Pleiadian" message of Love and awareness is "top-notch" material... and is loaded with sound, and practical advice. Particularly, I liked the mirrored ball shielding suggestion and the advice to not allow ourselves to become "entangled" emotionally with the "dramas" that play themselves out on the world "stage". I feel that it's now time for us to turn a new "page" in our lives which is in alignment with the "Golden Age". : )

    PS... I love you all... Marique too. : )
  • Thank you! A wonderful article that affirms what my Self has been telling me since a child...I have found that the most direct sense of light power comes from my connection to Nature. This does not lie, deceive or make promises...nor does it drain my energy. Also in order to remain open to the messages in the natural (wild/untamed) world I must remain connected and present to receive. Nature seems to give me the criteria I need to remain available as a tool for the force of Light (which is ALL) to conquer the shadows we have created in our consciousness. I AM told we need to learn to trust that who we are, what we are and what we know is enough and to surrender into the simplicity of Self that will allow us to access our innate power in a more direct way. I have been struggling with concepts of self judgement with regards to embracing and exposing my darkness to the light of my own awareness and have found that even my attachments to the concepts of Light and Dark have been standing in the way of me understanding the Truth of the Whole. What HAS been reinforced to me more than once has been that we must (as light workers) only focus on light work and give NO attention to anything that brings fear into our reality...yesterday there were planes spreading chemtrails over our beautiful mountains here in South Africa and I just sent so much Love to those who were flying the planes, bought myself to place inwardly where I forgave their actions as I would want to be forgiven if I were in their place (which I AM!!) and then proceeded to send the glorious Sylph beings so much love and light to transmute all that is for the highest benefit of all...after the experience I felt lighter, stronger and peaceful all at the same time...where as the previous witnessing of such a thing used to leave me feeling helpless and depressed. I feel that we all do little things all day long and these culminate to affect the whole in real and beautiful ways...Don't give up! Trust that who you ARE is enough and focus on the LOVE...thank you for this article! PS Tally, I like being a Dear One, maybe Dear Beings of Infinite Love for those who have forgotten just how DEAR they are!!! HEHE! X

  • Dear ones doesn't seem to suggest superiority to me at all... just that we are dear to them... like you might title a letter to someone with, "Dear John"..  that's probably the most common way people address each other in letters... and that never suggests superiority... right? What would you rather see the message start with, which wouldn't trigger off your suspicions?

  • I totally agree with the content of this message, although forgive me for saying this, I found them using "dear ones" which I find very cloying and annoying. Dear ones is so often is peppered into messages insinuating that they are superior to we silly humans, who need to be taught what is right and wrong and they are ascended or reincarnated revered beings...They say "listen to us...we know more than you; you need guidance and to listen to us." lol.  I do, however, agree with the message although I do not put much stock in it just because it is alleged to be coming from Pleiadians however...Usually when I hear a message is from Mother Mary, St Germaine, Jesus in a spaceship, that sort of thing my mind clicks to off quite quickly.  But this message resonates with me.  I totally agree with what Peekay says about people who have been on this site for many years, me being one who has been here since the beginning of this site, that when a member says this information and opinion then the stones get pelted and name calling starts, and people get in a huff....but give the message, (which I think is a very good one just for the record),with  the label of it coming from the Pleiadians with a few dear ones for effects, and that makes it full of wisdom and believable to most....I find this so silly but that is just me.  I would like to have a nickel for every time I have pointed out the same things about much of the new age only to be mobbed with anger, lol.  But awesome message and well worth the read.  It totally resonates with what I feel about the new age in general...Beware of talking heads, and listen to your heart and discernment, (and if your discernment is different than many others, so what....it does not make your inner feelings any less right.)  Thanks Tally for the great post and the opportunity to talk about it. And thank you Joshua, I could not agree more...I also think though a lot of the darkness is not outside forces, Archons, visitors, etc., a lot of it is just greedy uncaring people who want to make a buck off the whole new age arena, and they are doing a good job with that.  Not saying that the others you mentioned don't add into the equation, just saying that humans do a dam good job of misleading other humans all by themselves...It has been going on since the dawn of the "new age" phenomena and as time progressed they got better and better at manipulation and telling people the empty lies they want to hear to feel good and feel like everything is hunky dory.  Great discussion....

  • The "inner work" is always taking place, in every moment... so as we are here in this moment, or somewhere else in another moment, our "inner work" cannot be misplaced... it is always "at play". : )
  • "The Truth can be stranger than fiction"... So the reasoning of the logical mind doesn't contain the Heart to find the Peace it needs to have clarity. The Mind wants to figure out the Answer, the Heart just wants to start loving more freely and completely.

  • Thank you FreerSpirit for offering this message here.
  • This message seems to "cut to the chase"... be in your heart space, not mind... so you can feel what you find. The heart will do you no "wrong", as you sing your own "song"... but the mind, with what it fixates on and finds, can pull the heart out of "balance". So the heart is where we are wise to start, and finish, our investigations... which will bring us finally fully filled... without any ill wills : )

    Bounteous Blessings...
  • Well, finally the Truth is out . This is a great blog, one of the very best ever put on this site and others too. I have been waiting for this to come out, as it is exactly what I have been thinking. It hits the point why this site and others are in a great slump. All the dis-info and those pretending to be of the light on this site ,only to lure us into giving them our energies. The War is not over or even near to being over, even with all the False Flags that is still going on. And the Events that is supposed to happen but never does, year after year. The DC stil rules and the Visitors are still faking to be our leaders in this New Age movement. And as I wrote in my last e-book and they have stated above that we have been infiltrated like all the rest of the movements, the 1st being the hippy movement and now the Light workers and the New Age.This is a great test for us True light-workers. I can feel the energies going down hill and the spirit and the light is getting dim. This is a time of great trails and tribulations for us. We need to stay focused and reunite ourselves for the next wave. Many have fallen to the way side and the new ones coming in, have no idea of what is going on, they treat this site like FB , a place to release all there games of disempowerment.

    I have been warning about this infiltration, especially by the DC,Archons and the VISITORS. Its time now to take back our power by learning great Discernment through the heart center and not the mind that they can control. The Matrix is there greatest weapon against us and our most powerful weapon is the heart and soul and learning to come together as one in LOVE. For we are all one and there is nothing to do but LOVE. Love is the only answer no matter what the question is. We are here to learn Love through Forgiveness. Our Salvation comes from within us, not outside of us. The Kingdom is in our minds, where our spiritual family resides. We need to do our breath mediations, eat healthy and exercise our bodies and our minds to make it happen. The Event into the higher Dimensions is inside our minds as well as outside and to make it happen outside we 1st have to make it happen inside and no-one can do that for us. We already have the teachings, now we have to create the action. Our support comes from each other not those who claim to be guiding and helping us, indeed !! Adonai

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