Pleiadian Message For Humanity
Dear beloved ones,
Today, I'd like to share a wonderful message from the Pleiadians that I got.
It's always important to keep your vibration high and get messages from the Universe in order to receive the highest vibrations within ourselves.
All we have to do now is keep our eyes open and keep moving forward, learning and growing spiritually. That is why I am sharing this message.
"Dear Earthlings!
We are the Pleiadians, and our home planet is the Pleiades, a star system of 7 planets located in the constellation of Taurus. We are vastly spread out across the Universe and have colonized many worlds. We were once united, but now we are separated into 13 different colonies.
We have been watching you for some time now, and we have decided to make our presence known in a very special way.
We come in peace. We are from the future, and we are here to assist you in your ascension process.
We are sending you this message through this channel because we have been waiting for a very long time to contact you. Reality is not what it seems to be, and there are many beings like us who have been communicating with you since your beginnings.
Please share this message with everyone else who cares about the fate of humanity.
The reason why we have been contacting you is that we want you to understand that your reality is not what it seems to be, that there is much more than what you see on a daily basis.
There are ancient ruins on Earth that show evidence of civilizations existing before yours and that there was a huge catastrophe that destroyed most life on Earth and almost destroyed the planet itself. Your history has changed according to your needs, so some things have been erased from history while others have been kept in order for humans to grow spiritually.
We know that many people do not believe in us or in extraterrestrial beings, but we are here nonetheless. We want to create a loving alliance with humanity in order to help accelerate your spiritual growth.
Your planet is at a crossroads where it can either ascend into a higher dimension or continue to spiral downward into doom and destruction.
You have created a magnificent civilization and have been at the forefront of exploration and scientific achievement for many centuries. But you have also created terrible weapons that could destroy your planet many times over. And now they are being used.
You live in a time when humans still believe that they are alone in the Universe, even though evidence has long since shown that another life exists.
You can see our ships in the sky everywhere if you want. Sometimes they are transparent, sometimes they are visible, and sometimes they are invisible. There is no need to hide them because they are here to help you and your mother Earth.
Over the past few years, we have shown you our ships from time to time and hope that you have been enjoying them. Now we are preparing for our landing on the planet Earth. We would like to invite you to be part of the experience with us.
We are here now to assist you in your awakening process.
We wish for you to join us in celebration of the greatest event in your planet's history. As always, we come with peace and love in our hearts. This is not a war but a great awakening.
Whatever happens, it will be a smooth transition for everyone. We are here to assist you in every way possible.
Our fleet is much closer to your planet now, and the shift in energy is already being felt. Some people are already experiencing the effects of this new energy.
We will land on your planet with our huge mother ship. It will be so large that it can cover a small city, like Washington, D.C., in its shadow.
Your scientists know that everything is made up of atoms, right? Our mother ship contains atoms far more organized than any you have ever seen or imagined before!
The Mother Ship is made of special materials that are not available on your planet. It will emit a beautiful, angelic glow and be surrounded by clouds of multi-colored lights and sounds. These lights and sounds will connect with the DNA of all living things on Earth and lift them into higher levels of consciousness, activating the higher chakras in each human being.
When the Mother Ship lands, our first act will be to hug everyone on Earth and share greetings from our star brothers and sisters who have visited your planet in the past. We love you very much!
We are already in connection with your Ascended Masters, who made their crystalline bodies a long time ago. They will meet us on our arrival as well.
When we meet your leaders and officials, we will greet you with great honor, as we are a peaceful civilization.
We will land in your area and come down to greet you personally. We will introduce ourselves and answer any questions that you may have. We will be bringing a special gift for all of your pets as well.
On our arrival, we will emit a 5D omnipotent energy, which is a high-frequency wave that will refresh and awaken every aspect of your being and allow you to embrace new possibilities in your life. Your DNA will change from a carbon base to a crystalline base in a moment!
We welcome all of Earth's inhabitants and their pets to join us on the beautiful ship!
The best way to prepare for our arrival is to be in a good mood. Be happy and laugh a lot. Be nice to each other and help the people around you. Right now, your attitude towards other people is important.
Experience the feeling of being in this higher vibration as often as possible. If you can do it, it will become easier every day.
This is a time where the higher vibrations take over. Now is the time to dream big and create the reality you desire.
It's time to get happy and have fun!"
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
Life In 5D
Dear beloved ones,
Today, I would just like to comment on some amazing things that are going to happen in the fifth dimension.
The planet is beginning to awaken to the fact of what is really going on and what it is that mankind has to do.
As you change your thoughts, the reality around you will change as well! Step outside of the box that you have been placed in by society and begin to think more for yourself and use your own Common Sense.
The challenges that we face every day are not impossible. We are being manipulated into believing that they are so as to keep us pacified and controlled. However, when you look at these challenges from a higher level of consciousness (a higher level than the one that most people inhabit), it's obvious that these challenges can be overcome with ease.
This higher-level consciousness is called as 5D state. There will be a lot of changes if you reach this level. Life will be very different in the fifth dimension.
You won't need money!!! You will have everything you need, and if you don't have something you want, all you will have to do is ask for it!! You can only imagine what this world will be like for those who live here.
Love will be in the air because everyone will love each other!
With a new understanding of the nature of your world and its relationship to the universe, life in 5D will be heaven on Earth.
Your self-esteem and self-confidence will be high. You will be able to face any challenge with a positive frame of mind.
The people you know will love you as much as you love them. You will live in harmony with your environment and all life forms on the planet.
There will be no sickness or pain, no crime or poverty, no hunger or thirst, no cold or heat, no age or death.
There will be many different ways to enjoy yourself. You will have many opportunities for education and self-improvement. You won't have to work if you don't want to, but if you do work, it won't be dull or unrewarding.
Everything you produce will be useful and beautiful.
There will be no stress or worry because there is no conflict among people in 5D because everyone is telepathic and works together toward a common goal.
I can imagine that many of the things I've said sound far-fetched to you now, but they are not impossible if you continue your spiritual development here on Earth.
The city of the 5D will be much different from the present cities in our world. It will be clean, for one thing, and not overcrowded with ugly buildings in a state of repair. The buildings, which will be made of durable non-rusting materials, will be free from fire hazards and equipped with every convenience.
It is a very fine city of the Fifth dimension. Everything in it is so far ahead of its time that we cannot even imagine what they're like. Houses will be incredibly beautiful, with large space and clean air. And the people will have plenty of room to live their lives as they desire, for their needs for space and privacy will not conflict with those of others. Their levels of intelligence and spirituality will also be much higher than present city dwellers.
We can say that the Fifth dimension city became the base of advanced technology. Here, you can find houses made with pure science. Here, there is no material pollution that causes health problems because the houses are produced from pure oxygen and carbon atoms. This is possible because of the presence of pure water or liquid hydrogen.
What are the social conditions which will prevail in the fifth dimension or in other worlds of similar quality? There will be no need for armies, weapons, atom bombs, and all the other means employed today by human beings to destroy each other.
There will be no need for laws to punish those who commit crimes because there will be no one to commit any kind of crime.
If you are hungry, you can get food anywhere you go. If you are thirsty, water is readily available. There will be no more sickness or disease.
There will be no more separation between people because of race, color, creed, wealth, or status. All people will share everything equally - the material things of life and also the spiritual knowledge that comes from their creative abilities.
All these problems and many others that humans have created for themselves in their struggle for existence in the lower or third dimension will no longer exist in higher dimensions.
We have been told by the Galactic Federation that one of the most important teachings they can bring is the creation of a human race that is at peace with itself.
We are told that we are evolving into the 5th dimension, a higher plane of existence, where there will be no more death, disease, or decay, where there will be no need for money, jobs, war, and all other concepts of the past.
Where everyone will come to understand that we are all one, and what any one person does to another affects us all.
This is the world we are being prepared for.
According to the Galactic Federation, our inner peace will be assured by their presence and constant guidance so that we never stray from our evolutionary path toward becoming one with God or whatever phrase describes this stirring within us as we ascend in stages to becoming God is.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
Universal Brotherhood And Goodwill
As we grow up, we are taught to discriminate. We are taught to see the differences between us and others. We are taught to label people as our opponents or our friends, our superiors or inferiors. We are also taught to label ourselves.
All this creates duality—us and them, superior and inferior, friend or foe. Millions are killed in the name of religion, millions in the name of the nation, millions in the name of caste, millions in the name of the color, and millions in the name of gender.
The truth is that everything is one, a cosmic unity. Nonviolence emerges from this awareness.
The divine is not far from us. It is within us. It is our innermost consciousness. The divine and the individual are not two separate things. They are one and the same. That's why the Upanishads have said, athato Brahma jijnasah: "You are that." In other words, you and the divine are one.
When you look at a tree, if you know that the tree is just a manifestation of the whole existence, you will be able to see it in a different light. You will see that it is not something separate from yourself, but an expression of your own consciousness -- just like your body or your mind. This understanding helps to bring about harmony in life and harmony in society.
Yoga emphasizes that we are not isolated beings but rather a part of the whole universe. The more we are able to relate to ourselves, others, and the world on this level, the more peaceful our lives and relationships become.
The yoga system was originally created as a way to help people live in harmony with all of creation. Many yoga techniques are designed to help us become more aware of our individual potential and the unique talents and abilities that make each of us special. By learning to appreciate who we are and what we have to offer others, we can come to see ourselves in a new light, which in turn leads us to experience true happiness for ourselves and for those around us.
This is why yoga teaches that any harm done to another person is ultimately done to yourself. If you harm someone else, you will inevitably face the same pain at some point. Yoga teaches us that if you really want to be happy, you must refrain from harming others.
The subject of nonviolence is a very vast and complex one, but if we want to be able to apply nonviolence in our lives, we must first understand what it means.
Nonviolence is not just a method of achieving our political or economic objectives. It is much more than that. Nonviolence is a way of life. It is the answer to all the problems that plague human society. Nonviolence is the law of life.
Nonviolent means never using force to counterforce, never returning hate with hate, never using violence to counter violence; on the contrary, it means to love, sympathy, and service coupled with sacrifice and suffering in order to bring about a change for good in the opponent.
Nonviolence is tolerance and understanding coupled with self-suffering amidst danger and adversity. It requires more strength than violence. It requires more humanity than brutality.
Nonviolence is based on the firm belief that human beings are inherently good and therefore capable of rectifying their wrongs without resorting to force or violence.
It holds that evil can be conquered only by a good, that hatred can be dispelled only by love, and that darkness can be dissipated only by light. We have no right either to hate others in return or to take revenge on them.
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah. (May everyone be happy.)Sarve santu niramayah. (May all be free from enmity.) Sarve bhadraani pashyantu makutam bhavadbhih. (May we all see auspiciousness everywhere.) Om shanti, shanti, shanti. (Om peace, peace, peace.)
This mantra is recited as a prayer for peace by over one billion Hindus and Buddhists around the world. It is an invocation of universal brotherhood and goodwill.
The idea that we are all one is very difficult to grasp, and the illusion of individuality is so strong that it prevents us from seeing the truth.
Our bodies may appear to be separate, but they are actually extensions of the cosmos. Our bodies are composed of matter created long ago in the fiery furnaces of distant stars. We are made of stardust.
The same atoms that make up our bodies were once part of the bodies of dinosaurs or other animals. The same atoms that make up our bodies will someday be part of a human body or even a tree or plant. Nothing is lost in the universe; everything is merely transformed from one form into another.
The ultimate goal is to be one with the cosmos and experience oneness. The experience of oneness is the peak of human experience. It is the ultimate experience of love and peace, joy and bliss. It is beyond our comprehension.
We cannot describe it because words are limited, but we can endeavor to experience oneness directly through meditation.
When the mind has transcended all limitations of time, space, and causation, it becomes still and silent, like a clear lake in which even the ripples caused by stones thrown into it earlier have disappeared. Such a lake is filled with pure water, untainted by any impurities or pollutants, and this is what happens to your mind when you reach this state - you become filled with pure love, compassion, joy, and bliss.
As Heraclitus said, "You could not step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing on." The river of life flows on and takes with it all that we have been, all that we have done, and all that we have become, but we do not die because life continues on.
Rather than being something to fear, death can be viewed as merely another transformation for both ourselves and our loved ones.
Life is cyclical; death is cyclical. We are all one.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
The Death Of Your Ego Is Imminent
There are two main ways of living. One is to live in misery, and the other is to live in happiness. In misery, there is no freedom, no freshness, no lightness, no possibility of dancing, singing, or being creative. Misery makes you heavy; it makes you dark. You are like a rock that has been covered by darkness.
Misery is always within you—every moment of your life can arise as a barrier. When you are in love, and suddenly a shadow of fear arises in your mind, then that shadow is not coming from outside; it has arisen within you because the very nature of love starts threatening the ego.
The ego cannot bear any threat whatsoever, so it starts finding ways and means to defend itself, and it creates misery around itself. It will bring problems from the past so that you can be continuously miserable, continuously sad and gloomy, and worried about things that have already happened and which cannot be changed at all.
Trying to remain the center, trying to live independently, and maintaining yourself as an island of aloneness in a vast ocean of existence is not only impossible but also suicidal because, even if you succeed in becoming an island, you will have achieved nothing. You will have succeeded only in cutting yourself off from life, making yourself dead; you will not have lived at all.
The ego lives in misery because it wants to remain separate so that it can be happy, fulfilled, and secure in its own glory. But this security and happiness are illusory because they are based on the illusion of separateness.
Thoughts are like waves – sometimes they engulf you, and sometimes they seem to disappear. Thought is just a wave of the mind, so what is important is not to be caught in it; otherwise, you will create misery for yourself.
Happiness arises when intelligence becomes enlightened, and you start to become aware of what is going on inside yourself. Then time disappears, and space disappears. Your whole being turned into a timeless phenomenon. Then there is no fear because fear comes from time.
Ego gets destroyed in love; only then does happiness arrive because it is the fruit of love. Love and ego are completely opposite, enemies. If you know how to be in love and destroy the ego, if you know how to love, your life becomes blissful. It becomes a dance, a celebration. Useless tears drop away, sorrow dries up, frustrations disappear. Your life glows with the glory that happiness gives it. It becomes such a treasure, such a beautiful gift of God that it is worth living a single moment of it -- more than enough.
Be happy, be blissful. Happiness is an inner gift, a divine gift. It is not your enemy. But the ego feels threatened by it. The ego starts finding reasons for misery and unhappiness because misery is safe for the ego.
Happiness and ego are incompatible. Misery and ego get along swimmingly, but happiness and ego don't get along at all. They are unable to keep company. They're like darkness and light: if there's light, there can't be darkness. Darkness can exist only if there is no light. If there is no happiness, the ego can exist; if there is love, the ego cannot exist. If you let go of your ego, happiness will come from all directions. It just starts pouring in from all sides.
The greatest blessing is to be unburdened of your ego. To know yourself means knowing your ego. To go beyond that knowing, immediately a song arises, spontaneously. All the birds are chirping, and a fragrance is arising around you. You will be the fragrance, and the birds will be the song that arises within you. And anybody who comes close to you will just start drinking their heart's desire, just kissing their existence.
In the fifth dimension, there is no ego as we know it. In the fifth dimension, you see every human being as a divine phenomenon. You are so transformed that your vision has become very clear and transparent. You can see through people because their egos are no more.
There is no one to attack you. There is no enemy anymore; there is no conflict anymore. There is no confrontation anymore because you have come to the point of knowing that existence is one. You are not separate from anything – not even from your so-called enemies. You have no enemies in the fifth dimension because you know everybody belongs to you, and you belong to everybody.
In order to ascend to the fifth dimension, you must traverse 4D. This is the beginning of timeless dimensions and it is vast. It is the meeting point of light and shadow, science and superstition, and the pit of man's fears and the pinnacle of his knowledge. This is where your imagination comes into play. It's a place we refer to as the Twilight Zone.
You are here now.
And as you proceed on your journey to higher consciousness and life in heaven on Earth, choose love. Every single time you choose love over fear you move closer to 5D and the full embodiment of your god powers.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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