Pleiadian Council of Nine - Sept.5, 2011


The more depth of illusion a human BEing lives within the more they will be triggered by the higher vibrations around them. This will result in the human who is asleep becoming agitated or aggressive...It is not YOUr responsibility to educate those asleep, it is dicing with illusion to try to awaken a deeply asleep human.








Much is spoken of clearing and shielding YOUr energy system but many humans across the planet are unaware that this needs to be done regularly. We guide ALL to be mindful of their own energy systems and the need to clear and shield regularly. We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we come to guide and support ALL at this time.


It cannot be underestimated the need for the cleansing, clearing and shielding of the human energy system at this time. As more human BEings are awakening the human consciousness begins to rise and that which may be experienced by humans is expanding. It is this expansion that may cause many to fall back into illusion if they have not cleared, cleansed and shielded their energy system. While many are in awe of the “new” they are not yet fully conversant with how this impacts on their human life experience, we watch as many struggle to work out what is happening to them when they begin to experience the telepathy which is a normal way of BEing. Many are struggling with trying to sort out the emotions that seem to engulf them when they interact with those around them. We guide that this is a part of the process of expansion. That ALL human BEings are able to be telepathic, it is a way of BEing that will slowly come into BEing for many across the planet as many are now raising their vibration to the level needed. However many are then falling in vibration as the frustration and emotions swamp them.


We guide ALL to move through the process of ascension slowly, it serves no one to rush ahead as the “rushing” is the teaching of illusion. To progress at a pace that is comfortable with YOU is the key to absorbing and processing TRUTH. The telepathic state of BEing is one which many are now experiencing. This is where YOU can pick up the FEELings and emotions of those around YOU. Whilst this is an exciting step forward for many it also causes much frustration as many are oblivious to the need to shield and clear. It is vital that YOU understand when this happens to YOU so that YOU can separate the FEELings that YOU are picking up and the FEELings that belong to YOU. Many times this is not obvious and many are absorbing the FEELings of those around YOU, this serves no one and we guide ALL to be aware of this.


Places of high numbers of human BEings may see many fall into frustration or FEEL overwhelmed as the emotions of those who are still asleep may rush into YOUr BEing. Know that it is not YOUr emotions it is those around YOU that YOU pick up. Those asleep will have intense negative emotions that may swamp YOU when this happens. It is important that YOU clear YOUr energy when this happens or the residue from these FEELings may begin to seep into YOUr energy system. We do not guide this to instil FEAR but to make YOU aware so that steps can be taken. When venturing into areas of mass population it is advisable to shield YOUr energy system so that this does not happen. It is entirely possible to be able to FEEL the emotions of those around YOU and not absorb them. This takes practice. We guide ALL to be mindful when “new” ways of BEing present themselves.


The human life experience is about expansion and growth, when something occurs that is outside the “old” then please take time to absorb and accept TRUTH. It will become harder to disguise illusion as the telepathy increases over the planet earth as more and more will be able to tune into the FEELings that those they communicate and interactive with harbour. It will become easier for those of a higher vibration to FEEL TRUTH and illusion. Once more we guide ALL to have love and compassion when dealing with those of a lower vibration or those who are deeply asleep. Those deeply asleep are ruled by illusion, it is illusion that sways their actions and their words, realise this and absorb this TRUTH. It serves no one to dismiss those who are asleep or not to interact with them. To do this is to dance with illusion. Separation is the teaching of illusion and we guide ALL to be mindful of this.


Clearing and shielding of the human energy system should be akin to breathing and we guide ALL to practice this until they are fully comfortable with how it is done. Illusion uses various methods of teaching and much smoke and mirrors are used. When living from the heart the illusion is obvious but we realise and accept that many human BEings are struggling with heart centred life experience and more practice is required.


Illusion teaches that failure is the default setting for the human life experience and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. Many are beginning to move into the heart centred life experience but on experiencing some difficulty are resorting once more to mind centred life experience. We fully accept and acknowledge that practice is required and guide ALL to keep practicing BEing in heart centred life experience. YOU will know when YOU have moved between the two for life will present frustration, strain and stress when YOU move back in the mind. We guide that failure is a teaching of illusion and for ALL to detach from this teaching. There is no failure in this the human life experience, for it is experience and growth and expansion, there is no failure, only learning. Illusion teaches that learning is not the option and that failure is the result of not following rules that are created by illusion. Detach from this teaching as this will create spirals of negative emotions that keep YOU in illusion. It is what illusion uses to prevent TRUTH from being revealed.


If YOU find that the human life experience is a struggle then go within to the silence and ask the questions of the heart, for the heart knows TRUTH. Many are following rules created by illusion that have them turning in circles, know that this is done deliberately by illusion to lead YOU out of TRUTH and keep YOUr vibration low. We guide once more that the heart is the only place where TRUTH resides and is found. If YOU are unsure, if YOU experience vast frustrations then go within and reveal TRUTH to YOU. It is not found in the pages of books, it is not found by following others, for it was seeded within YOU on incarnation. It is WITHIN YOU. Many are still bound by the illusion of hierarchy and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching.


The expert in YOUr life experience is YOU, do not allow illusion to teach that another human knows more about YOU than YOU do. This is created by illusion to teach that power is something external and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching, the power is within and it is seeded within each human BEing alive across the planet earth. Personal power cannot be taken from YOU, illusion teaches that it can under the guise of YOU giving it away, be mindful of this teaching and detach where possible. Be aware of the scenarios that exist where YOU give the power that is YOU away to another human BEing. Illusion will teach that at every opportunity. For power is always given, illusion will teach that YOU are at the mercy of the life experience around YOU and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. Many humans across the planet give away their power as they are not connected from the heart, the heart knows TRUTH and knows the illusion and the teachings of illusion, only by being in the heart centred life experience and FEELing the world around YOU will regain the power that is YOU. Do our words resonate with YOU?


Many are still in the role of “victim”, fully immersed in the illusion of being powerless, allowing humans who are still asleep to show them the way forward and we guide ALL to be aware of this teaching and detach. Those who are asleep are guided at all times through illusion, illusion teaches from within them, be aware of this at all times. The more depth of illusion a human BEing lives within the more they will be triggered by the higher vibrations around them. This will result in the human who is asleep becoming agitated or aggressive, many will experience this as they move through the higher vibrations. Detach from this teaching and clear and shield YOUr energy. It is not YOUr responsibility to educate those asleep, it is dicing with illusion to try to awaken a deeply asleep human.


As the energies increase across the planet earth there will be those who are deeply asleep who will seek out those who are slightly awake and attempt to pull them back into the illusion that they live through, be aware of this and detach from this. This is important as we watch many who walk in a light worker role being sidetracked trying to wake up those who are sleepwalking. Many will sleep walk through this human life experience and it is not possible for another human to know whether they will awaken or not. Illusion will use those asleep to further teach and contain, be aware of this and detach from this.


We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we come to guide and support ALL at this time. Know that the walk into TRUTH is always led by the heart and never the head, it is not possible to merely think YOUr way to ascension for illusion will pull YOU from the path if the mind alone is used. We guide and support with ALL realms, for ALL ARE ONE.



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  • Thank you !! beautiful words !! Sending love to all
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