KNOW that there will be NO accidents from this point on. At this point in your ascension process everything that happens in your life is YOUR creation. Because your consciousness is now resonating to the threshold to the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will become manifest. Because you still hold a physical form, your manifestations will still appear to be bound by time...your 3D brain, which has been limping along at 3-5% efficiency...your multidimensional consciousness will no longer accept the obvious lies and illusions that were "normal" for your third dimensional consciousness

Saturday, JULY 21, 2012



Dear Ascending Ones,

Please KNOW that there will be NO accidents from this point on. At this point in your ascension process everything that happens in your life is YOUR creation. Because your consciousness is now resonating to the threshold to the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will become manifest. Because you still hold a physical form, your manifestations will still appear to be bound by time. However, the energy patterns of your consciousness will serve to either connect you to New Earth (or beyond) or confine you to the third/fourth dimensional version of Earth.

Because we can observe your thoughts and emotions, we can see the shifting energy patterns of your auras as you shift in and out of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we wish to assist you in leaning to perceive, and attend to, the higher perspective of every situation. As you are well aware, fear-based emotions lower your energy field. In order to rise above the fear, it is best to refuse to participate in any thought, emotion or situation that lowers your consciousness to the third/fourth dimensional concept of fear.

From the perspective of the fifth dimension and beyond, third dimensional Earth is a holographic projection, a virtual reality game. However, the copies of your Multidimensional SELF that logged into the 3D Matrix to assist Gaia, have become trapped in the appearance of what they have learned to believe is real. Therefore, in order to log out of this Matrix, you will need to:

Realize that the third dimension is NOT real.


Remember your Multidimensional SELF.


Download your Multidimensional SELF into your earth vessel.


Allow the Galactic Light to activate
your Multidimensional Operating System.


Connect and integrate that multidimensional system
into your physical computer brain.


Allow your Multidimensional SELF to take control
of the helm of your earth vessel.


Your new "Captain," who is your SELF, is newly arrived from the higher frequencies of reality. Therefore, this YOU cannot be trapped by the 3D illusions because that YOU is not separated, limited or indoctrinations of myriad third dimensional incarnations. This expression of your SELF is new to the 3D Game. Therefore, ALL of your multidimensional abilities are 100% operational.



At first, the integration of the multidimensional light, unity consciousness and unconditional love into your 3D brain, which has been limping along at 3-5% efficiency, causes great fatigue and confusion. But gradually, or suddenly, you are a different person, with different desires, choices, thoughts and emotions. Of course, this integration has been going on for quite some "time" for our ascending ones. However, with the Eclipse, the Venus Transit, the many Solar Flares and the latest full moon, more and more of you are completing, or have completed, your integration process.

With this process completed, your multidimensional consciousness will no longer accept the obvious lies and illusions that were "normal" for your third dimensional consciousness. You still have periods of falling into your 3D consciousness, which usually occur when your earth vessel has become fatigued. Fortunately, once the "habit" of being third dimensional is replaced by the habit of being multidimensional, the fatigue will greatly diminish.

When being multidimensional is normal, inter-dimensional communication is normal, inter-dimensional travel is normal and inter-dimensional thoughts and emotions are normal. Hence, perceiving reality from a higher perspective can become natural. One of the first things that occur when your multidimensional consciousness takes command is that you can instantly differentiate between fear-based and love-based energy patterns. These energy patterns can be within, or emanating from, yourself or others. You will, also, able to perceive the many energy patterns that are scattered about your reality.




The perception of these energy patterns will most likely be initially experienced via your clairsentience. Therefore, traveling through your world will be similar to swimming in the ocean or a lake, in that some areas will feel cold and uncomfortable and others will feel warm and cozy. At first, you may not be able to interact with or transmute these energy patterns. However, you will be conscious of these patterns, and very conscious of ALL your own thoughts and emotions. With your higher SELF in control, you can no longer hide in "its not my fault."

Of course, it is not your fault, as "fault" is a third dimensional concept. However, it is your choice. Hence, it is vital that you remember to love and forgive yourself unconditionally. You are making a huge perceptual shift within a very short amount of your "time." Never underestimate the power of habit. For myriad lifetimes you have judged and reprimanded yourself very harshly because that is what you learned from your family and your society.


It is very important that you are kind to your newly developing SELF. You are similar to a small chick just out of its shell. However, your "mother" is invisible to your 3D perceptions. Thus, the first part of your new SELF that you want to fully activate is your multidimensional perceptions:


With your clairaudience, you can easily hear your/our (we are all ONE) voice.

With your clairvoyance, you can see your/our multidimensional forms and worlds.

With your clairsentience, you sense when you are being over-lit and guided.

With your telekinesis you are learning to manipulate your reality with your mind.

With your telepathy, you are communicating with your thoughts and emotions.

You are, also, releasing your attachment to time and the separation/limitation that time creates. Hence, your higher senses are revealing the many possible and probable realities that float through your multidimensional world. Which of these realities will you choose to perceive? Would you like to choose the highest frequency of each possible reality? Or do you feel your Mission still lies with ascending Earth? In fact, because you are now multidimensional, you can do both.



You can actively participate in the ascension process, which feels much like "going to work," and go Home to the higher frequencies of reality when you are complete with that experience. In other words, you can serve the process of ascension and simultaneously BE ascended.

The problem that many of you are having is that you get stuck in the habit of third dimensional thought while you are choosing to participate in the physical, ascending reality. You are forgetting that you are no longer trapped in that world. You are not a victim to that world in any way, except habit. If you always put your left shoe on first, then suddenly had to put your right shoe on first, you would constantly start with your left foot, then have to change that habit.

For myriad incarnation you have been suffering what "they" did to you. You were correct, as they did do many horrible things. In fact, you all have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the myriad "past" life memories. Of course, these lives are only in the past in your time-bound third dimensional world. However, as time is collapsing into the NOW, all the many memories of being third dimensional are coming into this NOW. Fortunately, your higher expression of your SELF, who is now in charge of your life on planet Earth, is here to heal and release these old memories.

Also, since you are all just learning your new operating system, you may not yet be able to always be conscious of your every thought and emotion. However, once you have rested, eaten, meditated, exercised, seen a friend, and/or had some hugs and kisses to regenerate, you will be able to clearly understand why you were using your old 3D Operating System. Unfortunately, if your behavior stems from your unconscious, you cannot change it, as you don't know the source of that behavior.

On the other hand, your Multidimensional SELF is not fooled by the illusions and lies of the 3D Game. Once these illusions are lifted from your conscious and unconscious mind, you can decide to step out of the illusion and into the Truth. This is where your attachment to 3D dramas becomes apparent. Since you volunteered to stay with the Star Ship Earth as She takes Her maiden voyage to her fifth dimensional Home, you will remain in the world of illusions while they are transformed into Truths.

Fortunately, your SELF is guiding your way. Just as your multidimensional SELF can perceive the third dimensional reality through the perceptions of your earth vessel, you can perceive the third dimensional world through the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF. It is through this higher perception that you become an Ascended Master visiting the reality that you have volunteered to assist with the process of Planetary Ascension. One of the ways that you will assist will be to refuse to feed the illusions and lies with your attention and, especially, with your fear.


Those who have ruled your world are not of our Ancestry. We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, have long ascended beyond the need to dominate others. However, the clones that are the Soul-less ones of those were created them, only have the power that you give them. They derive actual substance and sustenance from your fear and from all fear-based energy patterns. On the other hand, they starve under the power of your unconditional love. When you perceive the actions of these ones from the perspective of your physical self, it is almost impossible to not react in an angry, fearful or sorrowful manner.

However, when you perceive these ones as we see them, you see dark astral parasites that can only survive by the fear-based energy that you send them. We recommend that you only perceive them in this fashion from your fifth dimensional perspective, as their energy patterns are quite disruptive to your earth vessel. Therefore, please protect your earth vessel from this perception by engaging in this vision only from your higher perspective. Furthermore, your Multidimensional SELF holds no judgment or fear towards these lost ones. Also, they see them not as an enemy, but as an empty shell that is filled only by the fear of others.

Through the perspective of your SELF, you can think of your visit to this physical life as a final chapter in your journey into third/fourth dimensional form. Your thoughts are based, not on fear or being a victim, but on the multidimensional love that you have gained during your amazing experience of life on Earth. You are grateful for the many lessons you have learned and experiences you have had while you played this Game. When your thoughts are free of judgment towards yourself, others, or even the lost ones, your memory of your myriad multidimensional lives returns.

Then you will have dreams, visions and experiences of other lives on other frequencies of realities and other worlds. These experiences become stronger and stronger, as you become more and more emotionally content with your daily life. Eventually you begin to feel like you are living in two, or more, world within the NOW of your Being. At this point, an important choice must be made. If you engage too much of your attention on your Multidimensional SELF, you will lift off and ascend Home. In other words, you will log out of the 3D Game. Some of you will happily make this choice.



On the other hand, some of you want to remain on ascending Gaia for the photo finish. If you make that choice will have to carefully balance your multidimensional experiences/perceptions with your third dimensional experiences/perceptions, so that you do no lift-off and go Home-yet. Some of you want to assist Gaia in preparing for the "final act" of Planetary Ascension by raising your frequency and contributing that expansion of SELF to your Mother Earth. This is also a choice.

In fact, many of the grounded expressions of our Galactic and Celestial Family have made that choice. We, your Family, have chosen to inhabit an earth vessel specifically to help our dear sister Gaia "cross the finish line" with ALL of Her inhabitants. We see that She has long served many galactic civilizations that once came to Her schoolroom Earth. Now, we wish to serve Her in return. That is a choice too.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Families support you in whatever choice you make.











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A postscript note from Suzan

Dear Internet friends.
I will be on retreat until the first week in August. I am going on a Quest, so to speak. We are going into the Lemurian lands from Mt Shasta and into Washington.
In the form of a true Quest, we have made no reservations and do no know exactly where we are going. In other words, we (my husband an myself) are going into Nature to BE with the Mother. We will simply BE where we ARE and follow the NOW of where we are going.
Much like our ascension process, we will only know what to do next by tuning in to what we are doing right NOW. We will only DO what we LOVE to DO and stay where it is beautiful and filled with love. At least that is our plan. As you all know by now, ascension is also filled with many surprises. We will meet those surprised within the NOW.
In closing my brief message (as you know, brief messages from me are very rare), I will now share a message I got from the Arcturians on 7-6-12:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Beloved Arcturians,
Thank you for assisting me. I am honored to be led by you, and at the same time, I am hearing that I am leading WITH you. Can you assist me to understand that message?

Dear Suzille,
We are here with "in" you NOW. We realize what a leap of faith it is for our ascending ones to believe that we are real. At the same time, we realize that many of you have ALWAYS known that we are real, but are comforted to find whatever serves you as proof.

Fortunately, now there are so many ascending ones receiving and sharing our messages that are saying similar things at the same "time." This, also, serves as proof.  You all know that you got your information, not from another, but from within.

Furthermore, so many of you do no not know each other and have very little in common except that you are all receiving the same messages. This synchronicity is because you are all connection with the ONE. Therefore, the hearts of your messages are the same, but the manners in which the messages are presented have myriad versions.

Glorious Gaia has given refuge to many different signature frequencies of human expression. And, just as Gaia has many different expression of Nature on Her Earth body, humans have many different expressions of creativity within the ONE of humanity.

We congratulate our humans for finding and developing such a vast array of personal, familial, social and planetary creative expression.

As you continue to understand and express your creative force, you will connect with your Elohim Ancestry.  Elohim are the builders and holders of form. As Elohim, such as we Arcturians are, you will manage the process of creating your new reality by the "chain of materialization" of:

Elohim - Deva-Elemental-Elements-Etheric Form-Thoughts/Emotions

The Elohim collects the Divine Ideal from the ONE

And sends it to a Deva who maintains the Divine Blueprint

For the Elementals to pass on to

The four elements to create the

Etheric Format upon which your

Thoughts and Emotions are adhered to

Create form within the reality of your choice

It does not matter what others know, say or teach. What is important is your own ability to go inside to hear and listen to the Voice of the ONE. This Voice is beyond words, tones or even sound. The Voice of the ONE is the pure potential that offers you the ability to open the 2-way Portal of communication with the ONE.

As you return into the higher expressions of your SELF, your Multidimensional SELF extends more and more of its beingness into the higher dimensions that were formerly lost to you in the illusions of time and space.

The time of your Return is NOW

The space from which you will Return is HERE

If you can calibrate your thoughts and emotions into the NOW...

If you can connect with the Earth HERE...

You will step out of time and into the NOW
where everything happens at ONCE

Without sequence

Without hierarchy

Without polarity

Without fear

This HERE and NOW is to be created in the light of day for all to see!

That, which is important is not ruled by "others" or even by your self.

Unconditional LOVE is that which is important and LOVE has NO ruler.
The Arcturians



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