peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i totally believe in the law of attraction it works for me but for the one thing i truly need to happen i cannot get a gfl ship to fly by or pick me up or contact me in any way i have been trying since i came across them in early 2005 i have met dimensional beings of pure love and some of pure experience and even dimensional travelers like me so i am leaving this site i think its a tool of the global elite to bring about the nwo peace out ppl much love too you all! i will check back once in a while but not very often plus i am done watching yall fight


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  • Hey Hedo, the NWO could never truly make this site their tool....they try over and over, but fail to move the Light....We still stand and love and vibe with rainbow lights...  ;-)


    However I know how you feel and I've felt the same way, sometimes, on this site and others....but I know deep down that ACC is sound and is empowering all, including those of anger and hatred......


    It's not easy, I know for sure, but we must try to be detached from the low vibes, if we can...they can bring us down...but we must be in loving joy....then we can be of better service to others...


    If you do go, come back soon.....all sites have problems, but we do have many self-moderation tools, which other sites lack....


    Good luck bro......see you at the end of time....Drekx Omega


  • I love you, my brother and will miss your beautiful images and clever style.  Will see you on the other side, there is no such thing as good-bye :) 

    Namaste, may your path be joyous :)

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