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Pay It Forward By Doing The Right Thing! It feels So Good!

I was in the city today. I love the city. While in the metros, I always see people begging for money. You know, holding out the paper cup or hat to ask people for money. Mostly everyone don't even acknowledge the presence of these souls. Today I decided I was going to buy some fast food and give it to one of these beggers. I didn't know who, but I decided to let my inner feelings guide me. I did what I had to do, and on my return home, I went and got a burger, some fries, and a drink, and walked into the metro.

It was late, and many of the beggers were asleep, others were still there at the same place they were earlier that day. Particularly this one woman. I walked around a bit, trying to feel who I should give this food to. My inner feeling always fixed on this woman. I observed her for a bit. She would sit there, and watch the people go by, and kind of smile and laugh, a smile and laugh of disbelief and amazement that nobody would even so much as look at her. A smile and laugh that said ''I can't believe I'm in this situation''. She was laughing at herself, more or less. I knew this was the person.

I didn't even know how to present myself to her, or what I was going to say. I just started walking towards her, and suddenly it came to me. I got to her, stood there and looked at her until she looked at me. I then asked her ''Hello, ma'am, what is your name?'' ''Leslie'' she replied. I told her, ''Hi Leslie, my name is John Jancar. Can I ask you something? Do you believe in God?'' She kind of smiled and said ''Yes I do''. I told her ''That's good, because God told me to give this to you.'' And I handed her the bag of food and orange drink. Her eyes lit up and a smile came across her face. She told me ''Thank you! This helps a lot!'' I said ''I hope you don't mind eating hamburger and orange drink.'' and she replied ''Not at all, thank you very much!'' It was a rather brief encounter, didn't last more than 30 seconds, but during that 30 seconds, it was like our souls connected. I wanted to sit there and talk with her about her life, but I felt this might be an intrusion to her, so I didn't. I regret this now. I simply said ''God bless you Leslie'' and walked away.

Afterwards, I felt the most intense sense of pride, and joy, that I had helped that woman and saw her eyes lighten up like that. I was happy to show her that somebody out there does care about her, mainly, that GOD cares! I felt pride in knowing I had helped her, and had done right by God. I don't think I ever felt so proud in my life.

I began walking to the bus station outside, I had some time to kill so I walked around a bit. While I was walking, I saw these two guys talking and looking at me. They were obviously well to do guys, very handsome and well dressed. As I walked by them, one guy told the other ''There he is.'' They both looked at me, and smiled, and one of them nodded his head to me as I was walking passed him. At first I didn't understand, then it hit me, ''those guys must've seen me give the food to the woman..'' I felt even more proud. I also felt that they were inspired by it, and hopefully, would start doing the same.

It was a very great experience for me, one that has filled my soul to a degree that not much else has done. I always had the idea to do this, but never actually went for it, until now. I am proud I did. I hope that woman was moved, and feels that God cares for her, maybe this will motivate her to empower herself and change her life. I hope those well to do men were moved, and felt that ''Hey, maybe I should do something like that..'' and I hope they do. This type of pay it forward action is going to save our world, and bring love and goodness back again. I am just happy and proud to have contributed some small part of it.


With love, this is John Jancar saying God bless you, and pay it forward! It feels so good!




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