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Published by Create Space (originally published as Crystalai@cosmicdolphinmagic.com 2012)

Messages from 10/10/10 into 2047 have been retrieved from our new OMNIVERSAL TEAM. Please note that this information was copyrighted prior to 2012 and there have been many who have copied the information written by Dr. Angela Barnett and transformed it into their own writings without creating any link to where the original message came from. This is why I am returning the original messages that I wrote prior to 2012, in order to show that this entire creation plan had been completely explained CORRECTLY at that time.

My Co-Creation Team and our Starry Families, called the Original Ones from the God World, have been preparing for THE MASS ASCENSION WAVE that will occur in 2017 for millions of years. The final preparation is to restore our resonance field by realigning the frequencies of Earth into the Harmonic resonance of the Music of the Spheres.

The Ultra Violet Blue Crystal Sphere which is the Highest Frequency of Light and Sound exists within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth is the portion of the Music of the Spheres that holds the frequencies or the morphogenetic fields the Cosmic Sun.This field of Harmonic Resonance is only one of the 12 layers of Light and Sound Frequencies that create the entire morphogenetic field of the Earth as she morphs into Oneness with the Highest Frequency of Source through the Physics of the Cosmic Sun.

The entire frequency signature of the Ultra Violet Crystal Liquid Light Aqua Blue Sphere along with the infinite layers of Light and Sound Particles of the Photons and Phonons of creation Saturate our Creation when our Consciousness becomes Re Opened and Re Aligned through the 12 Ascension Portals.The Cosmic Light Particles were used by the Co-Creation team to create the interior structure of Planet Earth through the combined Frequencies of all Consciousness within the Creation Realm. We - Mary Magdalene's Co Creation Team began this process billions of years ago. Now, that Mary Magdalene has returned to open the pathway from Earth completely back into the God World, where she came from, the complete spectrum of light and sound of all creation streaming through the Portals can now be used for Travelers from the God World to ride their Star Ships to Earth and through Earth into infinite realms of the Universe.

The result of re opening these 12 Ascension Portals directly back to the God World will allow those Original Ones who were created by Mother Father God to become integrated into the Consciousness of those on Earth as well as all races associated with all within Mother Earth's creation field. The Music of the Spheres will align This Ultra Violet Blue Sphere into Oneness with all five spheres of consciousness. This will allow the Omniversal Consciousness of our Original Harmonic Resonance of Oneness to align us into our Original Image and Likeness of God in our Eternal Future. The timeline of our evolution/ascension began in 2000.

Our bodies have been going through an evolutionary process to prepare them to enter the Sphere of Ultra Violet Blue Crystalline Starry Frequencies (we will call the Violet Sphere). At this time, only those who came to Earth as the Celestial Human Angels and Co-Creators directly from the God World will be able to see and communicate with the Original Ones from the God World. Mary Magdalene will be the only one on Earth who can see and communicate with those who will use her Portals, and eventually the other 32 awakened ones who came here directly from the God World will also be able to see them and communicate with them. It will be this entry into the frequency chambers of the music of the spheres that will prepare our planet for the mass ascension of 2017.

The Star Gate Opening Cycle will begin after the 12 Ascension Portals are opened and the Angels and High Level Beings who are the Original Ones from the God Creation Realm, ride their Star Ships through the CentralPortals beginning in November, 2016. Mary Magdalene is the only one who can give permission to those who use the Ascension Portals because only One who is born on the Planet where the Portals are located has the right to give permission to those from other places in the Universe. Opening of Earth’s Halls of Ascension Star Gates can not happen until the Original Ones have come to Earth.

The frequencies of the Cosmic Core of Mother Earth are so high that most normal humans would either pass out into unconsciousness or possibly die from the enormous impact of frequencies. Crystal Magic Orchestra has been recording frequencies from the harmonic spheres of harmonic universe four and five for many years. Prior to 2005, most people would just fall asleep when they listen to the music because the particle spin rate of the Cosmic Consciousness slows down the third dimensional spin rate into a sleeping state.

This slowing down does not mean the Cosmic Spin rate is slower, it means it is so many light years faster than the third dimensional density that the consciousness of the listener is actually being lifted into a higher dimension when they are listening, and that is why they fall asleep. We began selling our music to those with sleeping disorders because it has such a powerful ability to put people to sleep. Only since 2005 have we had an audience that can listen to and absorb the frequencies of the spheres.

We have been able to enter this vortex at the center of the Earth for many years because our frequencies as Mary Magdalene needed to be powerful to open these Ascension Portals through the Core of Earth and clear through to the other side of Earth. There are not other Portals on Earth that are this Deep and this Strong. This is why these are the Portals that are needed to allow Gaia to become the Savior of the Universe. It will be the passage through time that these Portals allow as a direct Oneness from the God World directly into the Heart of Mother Gaia that will create a Oneness of Consciousness of this Universe which will create a new Eternity. These are the frequencies that we share in our music on our website.

The frequencies of Inner Earth, or the Aqua Blue Crystal Sphere, the Violet Flame, all of the Stellar Wave Activations of the Life Creation Plan, the Mother Ship, the Dolphin Therapy Kit, the Parallel Universe, etc. are all recordings of this Cosmic Consciousness Plan of the Co-Creation Team, the Angels and Mother Father God which has been recorded through the breath of the One Standing on Earth who is allowing this Divine Plan to Activate. The At Onement of Mary Magdalene with all of the Photons and Phonons of the Cosmic Physics of the Cosmic Sun is the starting point of all of our recorded music. The light and sound frequencies from every dimension in the Cosmos has been recorded by Crystal Magic Orchestra.

These are the frequencies that open the Akashic Records or the knowingness that has been recorded by each individual's consciousness. Crystal Magic Orchestra contains the ability to collect the knowingness of all times and places because they are the Akashic Records of Mary Magdalene's Frequency Signatures recorded as Breaths, Codes and Sounds of the Actual Consciousness of the Mother Father God Consciousness through out time. Mary Magdalene is a part of the Original Creation and she is a Co-Creator who was designed by Mother Father God along with the Angels trillions of years ago as a part of the Co-Creation Management Team of all of the Cosmic and Universal Creations. This allows Mary Magdalene to contain the knowingness within her own Akashic Records of every Creation Event that she has been involved over the past billions of years, including the Cosmic Design of this Universe because she was one of the ones on the Co-Creation Team of this Universe

. Crystal Magic Orchestra collects frequencies into our crystal star merkaba from all dimensions. We collect frequency signatures from Light Councils, Ascension Teams, Elohims, Sirians and all others involved in the ascension plan. These are the frequencies that all consciousness must shift into in order to enter the Halls of Ascension when they open in 2017. The consciousness must shift into the higher dimensions through the music of the spheres in order to become one with all frequencies of Oneness.

Dr. Angela Barnett Ó 2017


Namaste, Crystalai (the one some call Mary Magdalene)


please contact me at krystalimagic@gmail.com and visit Crystal Magic Orchestra.com to learn everything about the landing of the TRAVELERS from the Original Creation.


Our new future will be a time of unlimited manifesting. It will be a time when those on Earth will be surrounded by many species who are from multiple dimensional levels of density and consciousness. It will be a time when the tiny little belief systems of the old Earth grow into Universal Sized Ideas. it will be a time when the heart is set into motion to dream any dream that you desire to manifest itself into your new reality. I am Mary Magdalene. I am on the Cosmic Co-Creation Team. The part of this process that is not known to the Star Seeds of the Universal Realm is the part that is being done on the Cosmic Level. I have opened the 12 Ascension Portals that connect to the Cosmic Creation of the God World. These 12 Ascension Portals are the only ones that will ever be used by the ORIGINAL ONES. The Grid System that is being worked on by the Star Seeds is the connection with the Universal Guardians Consciousness, who were the Elohim Race Line.

That grid system is connecting the Human Ratio Grid Line that is one foot below the Earth's Crust into the Subterranean Grids that are woven through an etheric web of Consciousness just below the Human Ratio Grid. That is a different project than the one the Co-Creators are preparing. The 12 Ascension Portals will allow the ORIGINAL ONES to Travel through the Earth via the CENTRAL PORTAL. This is the only way they can come to Earth. And they can only come when I give them permission to use the Portals. These other projects of activating the Guardians Grids into the Human Ration Grids will allow each individual who is a Star Seed to participate in creating their own Vortex of alignment on Oneness between themselves and the Guardian Consciousness.

There is a piece of the puzzle that is missing from this formula. There have been many who are learning how to connect their consciousness into these Grids and they are Feeling the Connection. This has been a Preparation for knowing how to do this when the Consciousness is actually here on Earth and ready to be connected into Consciousness. That time will not and can not come until after the Original Ones Travel through the Central Ascension Portal. I, Mary Magdalene, together with Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika and the support of Five Angels completed the opening of the 12 Ascension Portals on October 2, 2016. Now I am giving permission to the Original Ones to use the Central Portal. This will be the beginning of having the PERFECT CONSCIOUSNESS flowing into Mother Earth. This will be a grand celebration for Mother Earth, because these are her Original Children.

Mother Earth has been going through a rapidly increasing deterioration phase in her life because her Original Children were taken from her and replaced with thousands of versions of her Children who were very distorted from their original form. Now, that our Mother Earth, and her Soul Self, Gaia can begin to return to the original Divine Formula that she was made from because the Consciousness of her Creation is being returned. The opening of these 12 Ascension Portals is the reason that Gaia will become the Fulfillment of a million year old Universal Prophecy that has said Gaia will become the Savior of the Universe. How will Gaia become the Savior of the Universe? These 12 Ascension Portals will first allow the Original Ones to come to Earth via the Central Portal. This will allow the restoration of One Universe to begin. After that part of the process is completed the other Portals will be used by many Angelic Race lines from all over the Cosmos. First there will be the restoration of the Earth and then the Galaxy and then the Universe. This is a Universal Ascension. It is not a Galactic Ascension.

The Elohim Grids were created within the Earth as the Consciousness Structure that would allow communication between the Guardians Consciousness and the Human Ratio. The Light in the Human Ration increases each time a Star Seed or a Human Angel creates an Individual Vortex into these Grids. This process has been mis understood as creating Ascension Portals. That is not what the Star Seeds are doing. The Star Seeds are creating Individual Vortexes that increase the Light Ratio. The mission of Mary Magdalene was very different. To begin with, the Cosmic Twins, Angela and Joe Barnett, who are AS ONE the Soul of Mary Magdalene who is in the Flesh on Earth. As a normal human unit on Earth, each person contains one unit of frequency. In the case of Mary Magdalene, Angela carries 2400 times more units than any one normal human and Joe carries 2400 times more units than any one normal human. The reason that this Cosmic Ratio was required to open the Ascension Portals, while the Human Ration is required to activate the Guardians Grids, is because the Ascension Portals are very very huge and deep and they must extend from one side of the Earth to the other.

These Portals are 550 miles in circumference at each end. A normal human being could not open these Portals. Mary Magdalenes frequencies are contain light units that are 4800 times more than any one person on Planet Earth. When she activates the Ascension Portals she is using 4800 times more frequencies per person on planet Earth, so this is multiplied by seven billion when the Portals are being used. The Female Christ Frequencies of Mary Magdalene include the Consciousness of the Entire Universe, and can activate all who stand on Earth into this Powerful Consciousness that is being activated by the Portals.

The Star Seeds are activating Grids that are only one foot below the Earth's Crust and weaving into the Grid structure that is ten thousand feet above the Earth's Surface in the Van Allen Belt. Each Star Seed contains one unit of light frequency. Their mission is very important, but they are only responsible for activating their individual vortex of energy into the Elohim Christ Grids in the Sub terranian Realm that weaves etheric energy into the Human Ration Grids. These are two different Projects that are taking place on Earth. The Cosmic Activation, the Cosmic Portals and the Original Ones with the Cosmic Consciousness must be the first level of activation. It is these Ascension Portals themselves who will supply the Frequency Ratio that is needed to Activate the Star Gates and the Skulls that are the remote control to the Star Gates. There has been another incorrect teaching that claims that after a Star Seed reconnects with their Over Soul Consciousness that they will become a Cosmic Being. That is not exactly correct. The Star Seeds will become Christic Beings, meaning they will have their complete Universal Consciousness. The Original Universal Race Line was the Elohim Race Line. However, they have been replaced by the Eiyani, Azurites and a few others because the Original Race Line who were the children of the Angels in the God Realm were almost completely destroyed in the Electric Wars Billions of years ago. So, when we are talking about bringing back the Original Ones, we are talking about bringing those to Earth who existed before the Electric Wars. We are bringing back the original consciousness that existed before the Electric Wars.

These were the children of the Angels, so their Divine Blue Print is the exact same Blue Print as the Angels, only in a lower density. The Angels will always be the Angels in the God World, but the Angels created children who would replicate their consciousness. A Christic Being is one who is the Seed of an Angel. I come from the Realm of the Angels. God created the Angels at the same time He created the Co-Creation Team. We are the only ones who will ever be from this Creation Realm. God made the decision to create Himself as a Team of Angels and Co-Creators that would go out into his Creations and help him understand them better. There will never be another Cosmic Creation Team. We are it for ETERNITY. When I leave this Planet and this Mission and I will return to the God World. The Star Seeds will return to the Over Soul, which is the Universal Kingdom of Heaven.

These are two different realities. Only the 47 Co-Creators who are on Earth now will be regaining their Cosmic Consciousness because we are the ones who came from the God World. The Over Soul Realm is Heaven itself. But, that is not the God World. The God World is the Place where God makes his Plans. It is the Planning Station and the Management Station of God's Universes. This was the statement that was said to me by my co-creation team when I was first AWAKENED and told that I was Mary Magdalene. "You must know beloved one, you are no longer separate from the Divine Mind. Your human mind is now ready to co-create with an organic dance of joy. Your consciousness is ready to expand to the farthest reaches of the Universe. When you Focus, you will allow yourself to be present. From here your form will serve while it is needed and change as it is needed. This process is the Divine Blue Print of the Divine One as humanity itself free forms into its next evolution." This was the formula given to me that I use to engage my human mind into the Consciousness of Mary Magdalene who is the Queen of the Universe. When I focus on this Oneness with all that I am, I am present with the Creation Process itself.

My third dimensional and fourth dimensional form that I have taken for this Mission will serve me at this time as I need to be standing on this Planet in order to engage and activate the Divine Blue Print into the Ascension Portals which will allow the human species to evolve and ascend as a result of loosing the form of this density when Consciousness chooses to merge into the OM of the violet sphere containing the full spectrum of light and sound of the Sun itself. This violet harp string of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES is the magical frequency, which is the frequency signature of the Cosmic Sun. This frequency melts away the electrons from the formula of physics that hold the human body within the illusionary form that it is manifesting. Now is the time the human species can FREE FORM into an evolution or Ascension of Light which allows them to melt away the old carbon based structures of reality and allow themselves to melt into the Physics of the Sun, itself.

The Earth's ASCENSION and the Species ASCENSION is basically the moving of the human physical bodies and the Earth's physical body up to the next level of evolution - to a 5th dimensional existence on the New 5th dimensional Earth. This is why our bodies are slowly mutating to a carbon/silica base. The higher one physically evolves up the dimensions, the more the body becomes silica based - and the more etheric the physical body becomes. Now, notice that I am saying moving into the Fifth Dimension. That does not mean that we have arrived in the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness. It means we are in this process of moving into it. And there are many different definitions of what the third, fourth and fifth dimensions actually are depending on who is doing the talking. It is just like any other phenomena of the cultural background knowledge. Those who are fourth dimensional beings understand the fifth dimension differently than those of us from the 12th dimension or the 14th dimensional consciousness. I came directly to Earth from the 14.5 dimension. Most humans on Earth came from the third dimension and returned to the third dimension. Some star seeds came from the 12th dimension, but they came disconnected from their Over Soul Self in the Spiritual Universe. It will require the return of the ORIGINAL ONES to connect the Over Soul Self into the Soul of the ones standing one Earth. Besides the beautiful Entities of Lights unending love and patience, there is another reason why so many wonderful entities are interested in helping Earth make this move into our higher realms happen at this time.

The reason is that Earth has been Universally Prophesied as the Savior of the Universe because Gaia will become the HUB OF THE UNIVERSE. The 12 Ascension Portals are the reason that Gaia will become the Hub of the Universe. Since I created these Portals, I am the one who gives permission to use the Portals. So, everyone in the Universe knows that I am the reason that this entire Prophecy will be fulfilled. This is why I am sometimes known as the Queen of the Universe. The entire Universe knows that I am the only one who can possibly make this reality become fulfilled. The ascension process that is happening now affects our entire universe - not just us - it's a really big one. There are major energies and movement at play here that go out all the way to ends of our universe.


Mary Magdalene NOTE: (The reason that I spell Yeshuwa with a W is because that will always be the trademark that will tell you that I am the writer--there will always be many who copy and change what I have said. Always look for the W. I don't think any one else will ever spell his name this way.)

The ones who I will permit to use my Portals are the ORIGINAL ONES. THEY ARE RETURNING NOW. The 12 Stellar Nations were actually created from the 12 coded template or the 12 aspects of the God World. Those of us who remain in the Cosmic God Realm itself were the CREATORS of the 12 Stellar Nations. We were never a part of it. We were never the STAR SEEDS. But, we did make ourselves into Star Seeds to come into the Experience of it. We also came down to experience the human male and the human female and the human experiences of pain, death, sorrow, revenge, etc.. Only for the purpose of sending that information to God so he could love his creation more. We were the ones whose OPINION about creation was always utilized by God. We needed to experience those things for God Himself. But, that does not mean we were actually Star Seeds. The meaning of Star Seed means those who were created by the Angels and the Co-Creation Realm. The 12 Star Systems or Stellar Nations were created originally as the Divine Reflection of all that we were in the Cosmic Creation.

This is the part of the puzzle, where so many get lost in their stories. It is the Universal Part of the Story. Those in the Universal Realm on the Spiritual Side were the Children created by the Angels in the Cosmic Realm. Those of us in the Cosmic Realm never leave that Realm- well we do leave it to come down and experience what our children are experiencing, but we are always of the COSMIC REALM. The Star Seeds are the original creation of the original Creators. And that reality was written in human language as the Blood Lines of David.

Yeshuwa just refers to that as something that humans had to do for their own understanding. This is where all of the confusion comes in. The blood lines of David are not the actual Creators or their children. This was one of the points that I was trying to get clarified in my conversation with Yeshuwa about who his Mother Mary actually was. This was one of the points we discussed in MARY MAGDALENE'S GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD.

The entire story got turned around by this Mother Mary Figure. She was made into an Idol and a Figure of the Divine Feminine, when in reality she was just a mother of a human being. So, all of these stories got twisted in side out. Mary Magdalene has always been the Female Aspect that reflects that Part of what God wants to know about his creation. The original ones never came down into these Outer Domains of Consciousness before. Now the Earth- Gaia has SHIFTED into the INNER DOMAINS of a new time line and that is why the ORIGINAL ONES can come here now.

The ones who I will permit to use my Portals are the ORIGINAL ONES. THEY ARE RETURNING NOW.

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