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When people have out of body experiences, they feel like they are looking down at their body. When secondary consciousness is looking down at the body, and you have become so connected to this Host, you will be seeing through the eyes of the Host- secondary consciousness. When you hear your name being called in your dreams it is secondary consciousness speaking to you. Secondary consciousness is plugged into the hertzian body, once the path has been removed from the yellow brain reporting the reality.

Now reality is coming from the secondary consciousness into the violet brain and then being plugged into the blue brain. That reality is then transmitted to the yellow brain as the new reality. Secondary consciousness can be looking down at a group of people and it will be flashing its point of view.

So, the eyes are moving in synch with the secondary consciousness as it is looking down at its own body. The brain is recording secondary consciousness looking down at the body. Its eyes are moving and watching. But awareness is Not in the brain. Awareness is above the brain. Awareness is outside of the body and yet infinitely connected to it. The brain begins to record the facts that secondary consciousness has a 360 degree vision, and that the host is weightlessly hovering against the ceiling waiting to fly out of the window.

The only part of the brain that can tune into the secondary consciousness' 360 degree vision and anti gravity of no time and no space functionality is the blue brain, because it does not respond to space and time. When the neurons are activated in the blue brain, it only records and activates such activities as levitation and seeing 360 degrees at once. This is exactly what the yellow brain works against while maintaining the lie that space and time are real and that you cannot possibly levitate and read the back of a card. The blue brain has the neuro connectors that abolish time and space. When time, distance and space are abolished, you have a sense of floating or levitating.

This place in the brain that allows you to levitate has only been used by you when you were in RIM dream state. There is a part of the brain that fires and dispenses the reality as you know it. There is a part of the brain that removes gravity because gravity is totally unreal in the blue brain. The floating Buddha activated that part of the brain. A UFO will come to float you out the window or through the walls. That is not a dream. That is a true experience. The feeling of levitation is brought on through the blue brain. This is the place where no time and distance and space exist. So, when we are completely in this blue brain, we can travel any where instantly. http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/buy-music-mp3s When you are floating above your bed in your orb body, a UFO will float you in a blue white light orb out your window or through the walls. They do this at night because when you are dreaming in your blue brain, they can connect to the frequencies that are activated in the neuronet.

Once these frequencies are activated, it changes all molecular structures in the body and all they have to do is surround you with Blue White Light and then float you out the window. When they hit you with a blue white frequency, they can raise your entire body up and float you into a column of light and into their space ship. Many have had this dream. Few have believed it was a real event. It was a real event. We are now moving into a time when we can watch this event occur. It will occur more and more until it becomes an event that is no longer fantastic, but normal. I watched this event occur. It was a little early. I was early because I am a violet flame and we are supposed to prepare the way for everyone else. I watched my husband disappear before my eyes as he was escorted up into a pilar of light and onto a space ship. I could see these things because the Elohim Angels and Sirian Councils had been preparing both of us for this event for a long time before it happened.

They allowed me to see this reality as it was happening to my husband and then seeing him disappear was an arrangement exactly like the Elija and Elisha story. There needed to be a pair so one could watch the other ascend. This is what was called Ascension in the good old days. It is what we have turned into the belief called alien abductions. There have been a few alien abductions, but most of them were arrangements that were made by the soul before entering this density of consciousness where the arrangement had been forgotten. The event with my husband and I was a combination of a demonic alien abduction together with a retrieval by a spaceship which caused a change in history. My husband and I chose to remember and chose to be a part of the process that would pave the path for millions to follow. There have been billions who ascended from Earth in this fashion during the past 500 million years. This normal phenomena ended about 30,000 years ago.

I know this because Ramtha told the story of how he ascended about 35,000 years ago and then after he left the Earth none of his friends and family ever left the Earth. Finally, he returned to Earth to find out what happened. This is when the entire plan of this grand event of our re-designed ascension began. I have noticed that most channeled entities other than Ramtha do not call this ascension. Most of them claim that we are 4th density bodies who will die and ascend into 5th density bodies. So, I interviewed one of these other channeled entities and asked the question, "would I be able to ride on space ships in my life time?" His answer was yes.

So, what Ramtha calls ascension, other race lines might just call being orbed onto a space ship in the manner described above. The entity who told me this is Treb from Capella Star System, which is distant parallel universe. He said that I could ride in my orb body through the pillar into the space ships. So, this activity that we are now learning is to walk through the veil of Wa into the Aurora Earth with the help of our Host body and when we become so attuned to this frequency with our Host body through our Secondary Consciousness, our Blue Brain will actually allow us to ride our orb body out the window and get on space ships.

This will be a choice- not an abduction. This is how the idea of The Harvest was planned. We are being given the opportunity to ride on space ships so that we may expand our consciousness into a realm of no time and no space. We have been given the exact formulas for how this is done. What used to be called Ascension was performed by an entity who practiced the technique of spinning their spheres within spheres that are created by spinning the merkaba to create attunement of all fifteen spheres. Another way of doing this is walking into the spheres of light through the techniques such as the candle, the sun or the atomic mirror.

Each of these are techniques that are preparing us for being invited to ride on these spaceships. We can't do this until we can learn to see the things that are invisible to us now. We can't do this until we take enough rides through the universe in our secondary consciousness to make friends throughout the galaxy during our dream time. That is what we are supposed to be doing now. The space ship merkaba body of your over soul consciousness will activate your blue brain. It imobolizes you so that it can activate the Violet Brain. Now, instead of just secondary consciousness leaving the body, the body travels up the pillar, the entire body takes the ride on the orb and out to the spaceship. When you send your consciousness into the frequencies of the plasma Sun or the light of the candle you are receiving the blue white hue from the other side of the veil- the side that contains no time, distance or space.

You are moving into the trance state while you are awake. When you maintain that purity and turn on the violet brain in trance state, before moving into your dream, you are prepared to be moved into your orb body and onto a space ship. When your secondary consciousness and plasma body is having this journey, you are having this journey as well. Your body is traveling with the secondary consciousness. You move into your plasma orb body in your blue brain which has already disolved the illusion of time and space.

When you wake up from your journey of passing through walls, climbing the light pillars and riding on spaceships you can never break the connection between your orb body, your brain and your soul. You are always together. Your brain is always linked into oneness with the secondary consciousness that travels through the stars. When you come back to your body, the violet brain that stores the memory of the compelling experiences will move forward to re-program your yellow brain to the point that you live in the Nether world with one foot in heaven and the other foot on Earth. These magnificent enigmas change and alter your life into a more meaningful and more purposeful life.


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