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Presented in the Spirit of Forgiveness at the UN

Geneva, 10-11 October, 2011

The PLAN explained according to the Oneheart Teaching and the Last Message of the Hopi.

The age-old global problem is disunity, which consummates in debilitation and death.  The goal to which each heart intrinsically seeks is the joyousness of Oneness, this is synonymous with true life, which

has neither origin nor ending.  

What follows is based on the Self-evident and the very Principle of Creation, which is CHANGE. Change is the only FORCE that does not change. Change and unconditional Love are the same.  The aim of this presentation is the Essence of the Solution that every individual can independently apply in the interest of the whole. Each part affects the Total.

ALL IS ONE.  Any problem or conflict canONLY be when this Truth is denied. The system that WE have created and that profits from this massive denial, is known as Consumerism – based on artificially created laws which deny humanity to live under Creator’s Law.

President Obama’s “change-slogan” can be applicable alone to the attainment of a finite sense of justice, peace and freedom. 

It is essential that such be understood and applied as the absolute and eternal constant within the context of the Infinite Universe. This alone will solve humanity’s past and present dilemma. 

In other words, surrender to the Spirit of ONENESS which is present deeply within the hearts of all. 

 What follows is the introduction of the Practical Universal approach to establish “Heaven on

Earth”, WITHIN. The Return to the Oneness is INEVITABLE. The question is HOW will we return - will it be by wisdom (“369”) or animalism (“666”) along with massive destruction both by war and natural calamities?

The CHOICE is ours.

Creator gave us FREE WILL (His Will) that we must now utilise to get out of the TRAP. As it is within so it is without. Freedom begins from Within.

The world has come to the completion of a cycle of Consciousness. This required an entire Earth-evolution involving multiple civilizations, in preparation for the realisation of the PLAN.  We went through the seasons which put us through the trials which enabled the possibility that the Last Step be made, that is.... to make the Limit the Steppingstone. 

Prophecies of doom must be heeded.  Such are inevitable when nothing is done universally to bring forth the Power of FREE WILL in service of Creation. It is by this Power—which is Creator’s Will—that can flow through us when we subject ourselves to His One Law.  In this way alone will the PLAN be fulfilled to make Earth the PORTAL of Peace.  Hence Liberation is REALISED for all.

Therefore we need the two contrasting sides. We cannot make a portal with just one side. 

 The two sides are Creation and “anti-Creation”. This means that in order to create

“anti-Creation” we need to create secondary laws, which can also be arbitrarily

enforced. As such secondary laws can be used as weapons, which ultimately make

weapons the law. Consequently wars are waged to secure the interests of those

who need to secure their one-sided and exclusive interests, which are

completely different from that of the Creator of ALL.  Such interests can never be fulfilled,

because they do not serve the Oneness. 

 Up to the present MAN has succeeded alone with the creation of the extreme contrast or extreme illusory world.  Now

we need to UNIFY the two sides in order to come back to Reality with a new consciousness of Freedom.  The Great TEST is at hand! 

This requires the true Human to make a decided stand, causing the two sides to become One.  Such can be accomplished alone FROM WITHIN.

We are Creation in the Human form and thus have also the Power to open the Portal, because Creation and Creator are ONE. 


We were able to create the contrasting side, because Creator gave us a Mind.  The Mind enables us to deviate from the Centre of centres that eventually we would find, in our HEART, where all opposites meet as ONE.  It is the nature

of the brain-mind to seek the duality or external and entertain the illusion, wherein the conditions are established to grow in consciousness by looking into the MIRROR. Heart does the opposite. It always desires to Unify because it

beholds the true Observer who has the full-spectrum Vision. A Mind with its limited perception, can assume control over Heart only when the BLOOD that connects these two inner-polarities lacks the MEMORY whereby we are

conscious...  that all comes from the same Source or Centre of centres.  We, in the end, will find such alone Within. The global creation of many national borders and sub-borders, which divide humanity, are the result of the

outer-search. Consequently we have the UN, which has the responsibility to help with guiding humanity back to the true world and Principle of Universal Oneness. 

This world correlates with the biblical injunction: “Thy Kingdom Come”.

The distortion of blood, as part of the Plan in the creation of “anti-Creation”, came about by the infamous INQUISITION. It’s design was to change the inner-control of the individual into that of the outer-control.

Therefore WOMAN became the primary target because she is the one who naturally prepares the FOOD that upon the consumption becomes the blood whereby we can begin to manifest in her womb.  Then upon birth enables us

to function, feel, have emotions, think, discern, make a choice and finally identify ourselves by the God-given right to BE (I AM).

 Before the inquisition the KITCHEN was the true Centre of Government! It was the first church, hospital, laboratory, school and centre of economy.  Every home had its own bank where the whole cereal grain was stored, which is the universal money by which we can naturally and freely grow - having the Memory whereby we can be conscious of our true Self-worth. How are we identifying ourselves today? according to the laws which contrast the One Law and in which context? 

Who or what is controlling our food whereby our relationship with the Creator can be determined? Who or what has become the god who controls our bank and concept and perception of value? Why are laws created to make it illegal for humanity to grow the original food (non genetically manipulated food)?  What is keeping us from returning to the

control of our own blood-quality?  Why has it become illegal for the individual to present the Cure of cancer or any

other disease that the establishment can only deal with by offering harmful drugs and associated methods whereby the masses retain disease at the expense of life?

A massive EDUCATIONAL program is needed to restore the Kitchen as the Centre of Government! With this Centre we can restore the family-unit, so that the child can be raised with both parents under one roof. Not only was Woman persecuted (over ten million women were severely tortured and burned or boiled alive to instil the FEAR that’s needed for us to obey the secondary laws) but also the midwifes, alchemist (to establish chemistry and other forms of reactionary energies and conditions) and anyone who believes that the Creator is WITHIN.

Has the inquisition ended? It has NOT. FEAR has deepened. At first we feared to be tortured. Today most of humanity fear to loose the comfort that keeps us in the “Velvet Prison” where we must identify ourselves by who we are NOT. Now the people are torturing each other by way of consumerism. Do we realise that we are walking over dead bodies just by doing the regular shopping at the supermarket? Everyday at least one hundred thousand people die in conjunction with keeping up Consumerism. They die of starvation, massacre, war, suicide, experimentation and even ritual murder. Do we care? The policeman may say that he knows that a arrest is unjustified, but then justifies it by saying “I just do my job”. And this goes all along the line from bottom to top.

We must realise that the artificial order CANNOT maintain itself separate from Creation. It needs to be PARASITIC, so that the Creative Force can be channelled through the Human who has given up its Will to BE. Today’s world

represents a Great Harvest of Universal Wealth. We must know who we are serving. Today’s money (illusory concept of value that allows the user of it to survive within a world that is owned by those who print the money) can be of

value only so long as we get ourselves steadily deeper into the world of NO RETURN. The Truth is, we do not need money, money needs us.

Now we must heed the last Message of the Hopi: “tell the world the Truth about Creator’s Law”. 

This Law is CHANGE. Change is the absolute and eternal Constant of the infinite universe. And since we are in

truth Eternal, we can only be in our Power when we live by the same One Law.

This Law is Self-enforcing and thus does not need an army or police.  Creator’s One Law must be obeyed as the

Primary Constant and not the laws which forbid us to bring forth the POWER whereby we can make the choice to BE. Such is part of the oath of office: “Thy Will Be Done”.  HIS Will allows us to have FREE WILL. This Will is the unstoppable Law or Change. It is only by the FUTILE attempt to break this Constant that we break and limit ourselves.. This has already become evident by most of humanity who are prematurely dying in hospitals from multiple diseases or some form of conflict in the “pursuit of happiness”.    Practically all physicians endorse and promote this procedure of ignorance. We must be aware that the medical system is a product of the inquisition, hence it is symbolised with

Roma’s cross. Now we must change Roma into Amor!

The “Last Question” is now presented to Humanity: “to BE or not to BE?” The education that is herein advances the exposure of truth or the “to BE”- OPTION. The contrasting “no option-option” is the martial law of

which the “United Nations” is presently associated.“Making war for peace” is not the answer.  As it is, the “NOT TO

BE” system cannot exist without a  myriad of problems and it offers not one single true solution, not even for the

“common cold”. In fact the Solution has become illegal and the punishment by having a “mysterious death” will occur when the Solution can be globally presented. May it be favourably received when this statement comes to stage at

the UN!


 As the Hopi phrase it, “in the end we will

SEE”  Truth prevails. The restoration of

the control of Heart over mind correlates with the prophetic “union of the

Eagle (Mind) and the Condor (Heart).’’

As it is, Humanity is being systematically redesigned in the image of an inferior god. The creation of the artificial blood, womb, sperm, heart and brain speaks for itself. The Change that president Obama mentioned must be implemented FROM WITHIN. The Law of laws must be now applied to ourselves.


Firstly, by knowing how to again attain the mastery of changing the Food that contains the Total Memory

(foremost the whole cereal grain) in the blood whereby we can become Conscious of who we truly ARE.


This would be the conclusion of the grand experiment and the realisation of the PLAN to make Earth the PORTAL

of Peace and Liberation. Everyone, regardless whether we are wrong or right, good or bad, rich or poor, smart or ignorant, needs to be liberated from the global TRAP, and no institution or any form of treaty can do it. It is only by

the attainment of the Oneness that’s centred within Creator’s One Law, the only absolute common denominator, that the Circle of Hearts can be formed. This is not just a philosophy, theoretical notion or opinion. The truth is that the

circle is the expanded centre and the centre is the contracted circle. The seed is in the tree and the tree is in the seed.

How much more practical can we be in the common sense line of reasoning that ALL IS ONE?

The Oneheart Teaching concerns the practical daily application of this truth.

“Anti-Creation” can be easily identified, by its means to destroy the world, by

the enforcement of laws which forbid us to Live by the Law of laws. Its principle and doctrine is to divide and conquer.

In whose interest is it to create more laws, medicine, weapons, money and research to have more corruption, disease, war, poverty and ignorance? Now is the time for all beings to muster the COURAGE to accept the Creator as the ONLY Owner of the world and beyond.

Creator’s One Law must be implemented as the Primary Constant. Humanity needs to enter the Decisive battle within and it includes the TOTAL Revolution/Restitution of body, mind and soul.  The recent “Spanish/Madrid revolution” could

be the beginning of a Process, when after looking into the “Mirror”, seeing how corrupt the world has become… we must do the Self-examination in order to discover that the enemy is within our own selves—even a mind that has sold out to the deplorable system or philosophy of “NOT TO BE”, rather than to just BE. 

This means we can be in Control of the enemy, because it has no where else to go.... “Got cha!”


This adversary we can thus negate with the God-given Power for us to BE and it requires the application of

Creator’s One Law. CHANGE, in daily life. Firstly by changing the quality of

our blood by way of food. “Bad blood” is the breeding-ground of the enemy.


 To demonstrate and protest within the arena of politics and economy are merely free advertisements for a system that can only work as long as we remain focussed on the boundaries of the TRAP. What would be the sense of blaming the

“scorpion for being a scorpion” to obscure our own incompetence to be a true Human? Let it be. It may sting itself when it has no way out from the circle of small-mindedness. The attainment of Liberation requires us to see and know

ourselves as an Eternal Being and Creation in the Human form. The time is upon us to make the Choice to BE. As such we can negate the “evil” which thrives where good people do nothing”. Consumerism is coming to its end and so is the grand experiment.

The Return to the true world requires us to make Creator’s One Law the Primary Constant.


So far...  what has been said here must give a clue as how the true democracy can be established and how any form of terrorism can END. Countless casualties and destruction have been inflicted by the ENFORCEMENT of so-called “democracy” - more than what the “small fry” terrorists have caused. In either case it is the enforcement of the FEAR- based laws. In fact terrorism is the asset to the needed FEAR to maintain the TRAP, whether it is the big or small terrorist who does the damage.  The more means one has to enforce secondary laws the more violence can be used to make terrorism legal. It all began with the deviation from Creator’s One Law. Anyone who can THINK beyond the context of the political and economic order can come to the conclusion that unless humanity undergoes the basic UNIVERSAL REORIENTATION,

the solution WILL come about by the same Force that we have NOT used by making the CHOICE to BE.  In our case on Earth, it will be Nature who will do the Enforcement of Creator’s One Law.  As prophecies stated, “there will not be one stone left unturned”. This building we are in now would be flat in a second.

Anti-Creation welcomes this “solution”, because its nature is to have a backwards evolution, towards the “big bang”. Therefore it emphasises the most primitive forms of life, such as the seedless food, virus, chemicals,

microwaves, chemistry over alchemy, survival over fulfilment, competition over union, consumerism over creation, and any form of reaction.

 Robotisation is on its agenda. Therefore anti-change is needed, to FIX the world within an illusory realm that will violently end, when we do not Wake Up in time and SEE who we truly ARE, because Truth is the ANSWER.



emphases on the Inquisition


In Australia there was a Rabbit epidemic and no matter how many rabbits were gunned down, its

population increased. Then the ÏNQUISITION-method” was applied. Instead of just

killing the rabbits, only the FEMALE rabbits were killed. Consequently the

family structure got out of balance, because it is the female who has the Power

to Create. The male-rabbits began to kill their young. It worked.


Final note.


 The time is upon us to take advantage of the COSMIC OPPORTUNITY to attain Self-mastery, for it is

certain that the political/economic system has, on a major level, been instrumental in assisting us to graduate from Mystery School Earth. The Diploma is attained when we can truly say “money needs us” instead of “we need money”.

Therefore, no longer remain side-tracked by those who are corrupt and misuse money and political power.

Some-”body” has to be “devil’s advocate.  Forgive, ALL IS ONE.   True Wealth and Power we already have,

WITHIN. Therefore our BLOOD must carry the MEMORY to be attained from the FOOD that we must master at the Original Centre of Government, the KITCHEN.

As such the basis is set for the true Democracy, where we can truly say “Government of, by and for the people”. Then the infamous inquisition will END. We must remain focussed on the Realisation of the PLAN. WE can do it NOW, for the Infinite Universe is guiding us to this Joyous Goal!


WE managed to create a massive poison on Earth. The plus of this “accomplishment” is that out of it

WE can create a most Powerful Medicine! In other words, by making Creator’s

Law, The Law, we can CHANGE that what needs to be changed. What we need now is

the RETURN of the Alchemist, foremost WOMAN and her KITCHEN!


Further information about food preparations for normal daily life and healing can be acquired under

the name of MACROBIOTICS (books, internet) which’s principle was prevalent throughout the world until the inquisition made an end to it. And that is how it is today.


 This Message was conceived at the last enclave of Hopiland (“Titus Farm”, Third Mesa/Arizona) that has been declared Sovereign Under Creator’s Law.                                                                   

Thank you for this opportunity to be heard,                                                              

Roy Littlesun - Hopi elder in spirit                            


Remember you are love, you are loved 


Ananta Anandini


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