Dear friends,

In the UK, many of us feel strongly that we don't want to be just another star on someone else's flag..

Things will have to change, as we feel like a prisoner locked in the boot of a car, going the wrong way...WE DEMAND OUR NATION BACK....Time for a change, with regards to the British "star" in Europe...Time for rebellion against the evil empire of the European Union.

The European Union is remote, in terms of caring about our national interests, yet highly intrusive and controlling, in so many areas of the national life...It can override our sovereign Parliament, in London....In terms of legislation created by the unelected Commission and in terms of the European Court rulings...Laws cannot be changed, legitimately....We cannot trade freely with the world, as we once did. We need INDEPENDENCE from the European Union, as so many countries have historically achieved, with regards to our former British Empire...Now it is our turn to fight for sovereignty and independence, the turn of Britons....We, as a nation represented on the European flag,  are becoming a restless REBEL STAR, which is not comfortable within the Euro-constellation....Now we must fall off that flag and rise in renewed sovereign independence, as a free United Kingdom, outside of Brussels diktats and rulings, that largely stunt our nation, rather than enhance it... 

We must vote to leave the EU on June 23rd and make that date, an historical date for UK independence...Our version of July 4th.....We need a new constellation to shine in. One we can shine brightly within and not suffer a lowered luminance, as forced upon us by Brussels...A one size fits all, in which we are simply another "small" European, among other little European nations....That can never be acceptable to us...We have a long and proud history. We must rebel against Brussels and regain the sovereignty of our United Kingdom...

That independence of the UK, will brighten our national sovereign star, taking us from one defunct Euro-constellation of stars, to a new and worldly constellation of stars, alongside Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth lands, under a British Trade Federation, free of tariffs and uniting all our peoples of these lands of common law, language and values...After independence, we could also join up again with EFTA and co-operate to the full with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland....We will be free to choose our national destiny.....

That can only be good and fair for our people and all those who respect national and individual sovereignty.

Vote to LEAVE the EU in June and make this dream of sovereignty and prosperity, manifest...

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

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  • The Australians are correct to note that their most reliable and trustworthy allies are always English speaking....Namely of the Anglosphere....Those nations of Great Britain and the United States, but also New Zealand and Canada....
    History demonstrates this, over and over and the 21st century is no different....
    France's treachery actually goes back many centuries, where England is concerned, so we are used to this.....
    The British focus and pivot away from Europe and towards the Indo-Pacific, is a godsend for the Aussies....Brexit Britain is fullfilling that Biblical role, as "King of the South," more and more...We are seeing it with AUKUS and CPTPP....At some stage we will get CANZUK together, too...
    And "Europe," which is mainly Germany and France, can cosy up with the beast, dragon and false prophet, in Rome.....Britain will have an alternative destiny...👏🏻
  • French President Macron's appeasment of Red China, is bad news for the western block, BUT, is good news for those of us who seek to replace the WEST with a united Anglospheric Union, which excludes Germany and France.....👏🏻

    As per usual, France is proving her treachery towards her so-called "allies," and now doing so in style....Macron kow towing to his Chinese imperial majesty....LOL

    The recent military pact between the UK--US--Australia, or AUKUS, consolidated true allies with shared military interests in the Indo-Pacific theatre....France could not compete, nor contribute, and this caused Macron to lose face...
    So he sought revenge against the Anglospheric nations, which France has always hated and feared.....
    But his recent actions, of kow tow to Beijing, has caused fury in the Anglosphere, if not the "WEST."
    The post WW2 "West" is no longer fit for purpose.....Instead, we should replace it with an Anglospheric Union, allied to the United States and operating within AUKUS, CANZUK and CPTPP....👏🏻
    NATO likewise is no longer useful, if it includes members such as France...

    Mark Levin dispises Biden, as do we all, but he dispises Macron even more....
    The latest French treachery will wake up the Anglospheric nations......We cannot trust France, or "Europe."
  • Amazing stats about the UK's free trade agreements now outnumbering the EU's...👏🏻
    Brexit Britain is surpassing the once mighty, EU beast power, by signing more free trade deals, around the world, than Brussels could ever dream of, let alone achieve...👏🏻
    Brussels is a sluggish behemoth....Slow and stupid, compared to the nimble and agile UK....Member states will notice this and want to leave the block....

    The figures are: UK-94 vs EU-79.........But see this video for more details....
    And you won't hear about this on MSM, as it breaks their woke narrative.....
    Great Britain is supposed to be a failed imperial state, in decline, BUT, is actually a rising star, as I predicted back in 2016......👏🏻

    Globalists in Washington, Brussels and Beijing, hate this....

    Frankly, who needs to be in an EU protectionist block, heavily regulated and controlled...?? These members would be better off like Brexit Britain....Free to trade globally, as both bi-lateral trading and within a superior block, such as CPTPP....

    "EU Struggles After Brexit As Britain WINS Again ."
  • "This is really exciting, and the chance for economic development is enormous."

    "Jacob Rees-Mogg hails the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership, saying it would not have been possible without Brexit."
  • "Experts agreed that membership of the £11 trillion Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership would not only boost the UK's economy but - more crucially - allow it to influence the global trading system, ensuring it does not fall prey to distorted Chinese practices. And one step to ensure this is for Britain to use its new-found clout as the bloc's first European member to keep China out, said former PM Liz Truss."

    Read more at this link:
    Boris hails 'global Britain in action' after UK secures membership to £11trn partnership
    Successful membership of the trans-Pacific trade bloc is "global Britain in action", Boris Johnson said.
  • Red China's communist corporatist model of trade, VS Brexit Britain's liberal economics and capitalist, free markets model, for free trade....
    A commentary on CPTPP by Shanker Singham....

    "The significant thing is the UK is the first accession country, so it really is demonstrating its global state leadership..this is the first time the actual execution matches the rhetoric.'
    Shanker Singham on Britain's Trans-Pacific Partnership."👏🏻
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership is a $10 TRILLION market, which Brexit Britain is about to join...This would not have been possible in the EU straight jacket.....So a great move away from "Europe," and out into the Pacific.
    Some more data anent CPTPP membership advantages to British businesses and consumers....This will counter China, as the UK will manufacture more at home, to sell abroad...Importing cheaply from other Pacific partners....."Pacific" in the commercial sense, rather than the geographical, for the UK....
    And unlike the EU single market, this trading block is about TRADE, not woke politix and big regulation.....👏🏻
  • "Fresh Brexit Victory To DESTROY EU Rejoin Campaign."

    "Pacific trade deal will mean Britain can never rejoin the EU. Partnering with the Pacific giants would be a huge win for post-Brexit Britain"👏🏻
  • Great Britain will soon join a vast trade block, worth trillions of dollars..CPTPP....

    "Brexit can no longer be reversed, a former trade adviser has warned as Britain becomes the first nation to join an Indo-Pacific trade block.."
    'Brexit could no longer be reversed' as UK to join Indo-Pacific trade bloc, says expert
    Britain is set to become the first nation to join the Indo-Pacific trade bloc since it was established five years ago.
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