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I just wanted to write about a realization I had yesterday. It's not a novel or original thought. It's not the first time I've realized this but for some reason this time it really really sank in. I have somewhat of an obsessive personality so in some things in my life I tend to over do it. Be it reading, gaming etc. It seems that moderation is not easy in some cases for me. so I keep trying.

As with many of you, my eyes are open and I see the world for what it is and I see the ugly with the beauty. This to me is a constant source of frustration since I tend to fixate on the negative. Why do I choose to give energy to such things like chemtrails, the growing gap between the police and the citizens they are suposed to protect ... the typical stuff.

I supose it's the very reason that I can see it and soooooo many people out there don't see it or worse they deny it or don't care. I get depressed when I realize that I've wasted so much time with things that are futile and in the long run, won't matter anyway. They may well be desparate attempts made by the world's ruling elite in their last moments. An attempt to keep what it is they think they have. The truth is that they will not win and so my time is better spent bringing light into this world. Raise and keep a higher frequency as the Pleiadians so eloquently put it.

So, this is when I refocus myself and try to be a better person, one who is focused on the light and not the destraction of the things going on on a temporal/worldly stage. It's good to be informed but that's not the same thing as being acutely focused on them, so much so that you are not doing the light work you are here to do.

I am trying, but I am still just human. If you see me getting distracted ... just slap me with a smile :)


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Comment by Mac on June 24, 2009 at 3:43am
comic book slap would really be 2D :)
Comment by Me in 2D on June 24, 2009 at 1:53am
Ka-pow, pow.. pow, dook!

smackin you up like a mf'in comic book!


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